Thursday, February 23, 2006


Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I lay in Zion for a
foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone,
a sure foundation: he that believeth shall
not make haste. (Isaiah 28:16)

Vying for truth is our goal in our lives. Unlike the many criticisms coming at me, I do cite sources. I call out names as well like Daryl Bradford Smith and Art Bell. There have been so many changes in my life. There are new people that I know of. New information about life and reality keep on coming and it must be discussed. A righteous life must possess a firm foundation. Foundations are good for perserving concepts and other things. A robust, righteous foundation is our aim. Years ago, I didn't know or care about many of the strange, yet true facts occuring the world. Now, things are different. I realize that conspiracies (i.e. simply 2 or more people planning an action to carry it out) existed throughout human history. I will show many basic facts that will show the evil in the world. This alone is justification for us to protest, act, and help improve the world. The First Amendment from the Bill of Rights cites the freedom of religion, not the freedom from religion. A lot of medicines and chemicals are dangerous for human beings. For example, aluminum is dangerous for people to use, yet it does exist in antiperspirants and shampoos. Flouride is a known poison that is found in our water supply. Flouride can cause cancer, bone damage, and mental retardation. A 1992 New Jersey Department of Health Study proved the dangers of flouridation. Aspartame is a poison found in sodas and many other foods. Much of our freedoms are lost through Patriot Act I, RFID chips, National ID cards, and the Office of Homeland Security (once called the Information Awarenes Organization with the All Seeing Eye logo). John Pointdexter heads the group.

Although, John was convicted of conspiracy, lying to Congress, and destroyed evidence in the Iran Contra scandal. He was pardoned by the President. Why is a convicted criminal given a high post in government when many innocent people are convicted for crimes that they didn't commit? The Central Intelligence Agency (headed by at least one Freemason and Knights of Malta for decades) have been caught in drug smuggling. The late Gary Webb is one author that has proven that. Even CIA pilot Barry Seal shipped drugs from Colombia to America. He died under questionable circumstances. It's interesting to note that George W. Bush owned Seal's plane after he died.

Voting fraud is choatic in America and the 2006 Congressional Election is coming up. "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" by Greg Palast records the voting problems in Florida during the 2000 election. This battle extends beyond voting rights, but unto eugenics and the evil of the population control agenda. You have Margaret Sanger, who is the founder of Planned Parenthood, into the mix. Sanger used the Negro Project by using birth control as an excuse to intentionally decrease the black population in America. Additionally, authors like George Grant have wrote about the sinister history of Planned Parenthood. Grant wrote of her quotes being in favor of eugenics and hating charity. The evil one child policy in China forces women to have forced sterilization and abortion if a second child exists. To this day, China still has death execution vans, torture, religious persecution, and political persuection. David J. Rothman and Bernard Schoenberg Professor of Social Medicine and History at Columbia University wrote of organ transplantation and harvesting as real inside of China. This dehumanization is just wrong and evil. Eugenics is still promoted today and overpopulation is proven to be a lie over and over again. In fact, Russia and Japan is decreasing their populations rapidly. The world's population can fit in the state of Texas if given 1,000 sqaure feet each. The Club of Rome and many in the radical Green Movement promote depopulation.

Sex trafficking is unjustified. Even though I disagree with her on some political issues, but Georgia Congresswomen Cynthia McKinney rightfully expose DynCorp's involvement in sex trafficking along with many United Nations officals. Kelly Patricia O Meara wrote of DynCorp's criminal activities in her article called "DynCorp Disgarce" This work was written in August 19, 2003. "Sex and Drugs at the UN" is an article written by the New York Post in June 1, 2004. It discussed about how U.N. fieldworkers were talking about corruption was present in U.N. field missions. The economy still have terrible problems. Enron is the perfect example of how money was laundered from citizens, then the executives tried to withdraw any responsibility from it. The Federal Reserve was invented in the early 1900's and it consolodated America's wealth into central banks based in foreign countries. That doesn't benefit most people, because the wealth is concentrated into the hands of the few.

The militarization of the police is all around, though it violates the 1878 law of Posse Comitatus. Recently, I just figured out about straight vegetable oil, hemp, solar energy, and other alternative energy can replace oil period. We must embrace that. A lot of diseases like SARS, bird flu, etc. are exaggerated by the media in their strength. A newer threat is the danger of genetically modified foods. For example, Monsanto's Bovine Growth Hormone tries to produce more milk, but puss forms as well that can kill cows. The mainstream media is blatantly owned by big corporations (like Viacom, AOL Time Warner, and others. Peter Phillips' article entitled "Big Media Interlocks with Corporate America" [which was published in June 24, 2005 by] mentioned the corporation link to the mainstream media also.) Many of the media send out a pro-Bush message. Even decades ago, a CIA program called Operation Mockingbird existed to control the U.S. media. Many media big wigs are in the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and other elite groups. So, it is a lie that big corporations have no sway in the presentation of the mainstream news. That's why the Big Media won't discuss the above information that I'm showing you. That's why many people are rightfully embacing Blogs and the alternative media through the Internet and other sources.

I will never forget the Katrina disaster as long as I live. FEMA restricted communication lines and much of the relief that should of been sent to people. Even Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard admitted to this on the Meet the Press show. New Orleans was a federal city and FEMA forced people into interment camps. Foreign mercancies from Mexico and Israel were there. Gun confiscation occured. Cynthia McKinney said these comments about Hurricane Katrina that I agree with it (on 2006):

"...The American people were once again abandoned, they were abandoned by their own government and Secretary Michael Chertoff has gotten off scott free on this...They needed food and water and instead they were sent men with guns and Blackwater mercenaries were hired to patrol the streets of New Orleans. This is criminal! How can we have mercenaries patrolling the streets of America?..."

It's interesting to note the esoteric, occult aspect of the event. Barbara Aho cited many of the Hurricanes in America possessing Merovingian (a prominent bloodline based in France during the early Middle Ages) related names. Cutting Edge Ministries cited Hurricane Katrina occuring with numerical, occult symbolism. It doesn't take rocket science to figure out the Masonic influences in New Orleans. Even Louisiana's State Capitol building looks like an obelisk. New Orleans itself was named after the city of Orleans, France and Philippe Duc d’Orleans. Philippe was a French Grand Orient Lodge Freemason who had involvement in the French Revolution. Louisiana has a long history with Freemasonry indeed as Barbara Aho mentioned that in her controversial work "Death of the Phoenix." I agree with some of the things that she says and disagree with her on other points. New Orleans had its mostly black and Roman Catholic population suffering the most in that city. The Pro-Life, Roman Catholic Governor Kathleen Blanco (Watch Unto Prayer Ministries claims that she is an Merovingian) and the Black American Mayor Ray Nagin recieved tons of criticism. On the otherhand, 2 people can't be blamed for the destruction of a whole region. In the final analysis, not just the local level, but the state and federal level ought to recieve blame. I want to point out also that Alabama and Mississippi suffered damages, not just Louisiania. So, this isn't a one state deal. As human beings, we need to oppose all persecutions regardless of color, creed, or religion. I don't have fear. Though, the truth must be shown to inspire people have indignant anger and ACT. Well, if we place our foundation in the Lord, then we will preserve our integrity forever.

Judeo-Christian Foundations of America

This is one of most disputed and controversial points of history. Regardless of the spin from certain people, there was a firm Christian influence in early America. Yes, there were also Masonic, occultic, and pagan influences in America as well (I will show that later), but Christians did live and die in early America. Not all of early America was evil. A lot of these people rightfully expose the mistakes of many Americans as an excuse to deny any Christian influence in early America. That is wrong. Many of them hate nationalism, but the love of nation is one of the greatest love a man can have. First, let's show the Christian contributions to early America.

"Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all inhabitants thereof." (Leviticus 25:10)

Many Christians came to America like the Pilgrims (I disagree with some of them oppressing Native Americans) to support religious freedom and escape religious persecution. Many Christians praticipated in the Great Awakening. There was definitely a Christian influence in the Revolutionary War. Many of the Pastors were Christians during that time like Jonas Clark (who led and trained the militia at Lexington) and John Peter Gabriel Muhlenburg (who, as a colonel in the militia, led his Virginia regiment off to fight the British). One of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, Rev. John Witherspoon, was a Presbyterian minister. Witherspoon was James Madison's teacher. John Leland was a Baptist minister who influence the creation of the Bill of Rights, which encorporate many biblical principles like self-defense, freedom of religion, and national sovereignty. It's a fact that without the Baptists' support, the Bill of Rights wouldn't of have been created. Many early Baptists were lovers of God and Patriots like Obadiah Holmes. Holmes was whipped, because he disagreed with infant baptism. Although, it is true that a high number of the Founders were Freemasons and Diests.

Freemasonry is a famous organization whose members claim to solely want brotherhood of men and to improve society. On the other hand, underlining the majority of Masons (who are decieved according to Albert Pike), Freemasonry readily accepts esoteric information, occult symbols, death oaths, pagan rituals, and other concepts. For example, even many 33rd Degree Freemasons admit that Freemasonry is from the Ancient Mystery Religions and relates to the Kabbala. Albert Pike wrote in his Albert Morals and Dogma book on pg. 741 that "...Freemasonry is a search for Light. That search leads us directly back, as you see, to the Kabalah..." 33rd Degree Freemason Foster Bailey wrote that "...Study of spiritual realities found in Masonry reveals that we have perpetuated and increasingly activated the essential principals of the ancient Mystery Schools which have existed from the very earliest times..."

The accusations against early Americans and the Founding Fathers about slavery has been overexaggerated. I don't agree with slavery obviously, but the vast majority of early Americans and the Founders didn't own slaves. Many of the Founding Fathers are quoted as disagreeing with slavery. For example, John Jay didn't agree with slavery along with New Jersey Governor William Livingstone. James Otis of Massachusetts said in 1764 that “The colonists are by the law of nature freeborn, as indeed all men are, white or black.” Benjamin Rush and even pro-Jesuit James Carrol (though I oppose the Jesuit Order) opposed slavery. The great Noah Webster disagreed with slavery and said that: "...Let every benevolent . . . pray for the glorious period when the last slave who fights for freedom shall be restored to the possession of that inestimable right..." (Noah Webster, Effect of Slavery on Morals and Industry (Hartford: Hudson and Goodwin, 1793), p. 48. In Barton, p. 4.) What does the Bible say about slavery? The Bible forbids the American form of slavery since the Bible forbids kidnapping another human being to enslave them. That's mentioned in the OT and NT.

Like 2 sides of a coin, Cutting Edge Ministries rightfully tells us that just as there was Christian heritage in early America, there was Masonic, pagan, and occult influence in early America. That's why it isn't a uncommon to witness many of the Presidents of the United States being members of Freemasonry and being closely related to one another (like in the Merovingian family tree and other bloodlines according to Fritz Springmeier. I know that not all Merovingians are evil for any Merovingian that is saved is not evil). First, it's time to go back centuries ago. Many explorers investigated America like rumored Jewish person Christopher Columbus and Henry St. Clair in 1398.

One of the men who mapped out the America that you see today was Francis Bacon, a Rosicrucian (a group with an obession of the Holy Grail) and occultist who wrote the book "The New Atlantis." It not only talked about America being a commonwealth, but it discussed about how America will have skyscrapers, underground vehicles, and other events. This was back in the early 1600's. Freemason Manly P. Hall envisioned America as having to arise a global democratic commonwealth and a shrine to Universal Truth in his book called "The Secret Destiny of America." Manly P. Hall wrote over 200 books and he knew about ancient philosophy and the occult. The Scottish Rite Journal praised him grealty. Many occultists came to America to enacted a New "Altantis" as America. As for more information about the Rosicrucians, William Schnoebelen's book called "Masonry: Beyond The Light" on Page 258 wrote that the Rosicrucians had a colony in Pennslyvannia years before 1776. One of the easiest ways to see the occultism in early America was the design of Washington D.C. Pierre L'Enfant was one of the many planners of D.C. D.C. does have a pattern of an inverted Pentagram, a Square and Compass, and other occult symbols in it. David Ovason, a noted astrologer, has written a book publised in 1999 called "The Secret Architecture of our Nation's Capital: The Masons and the Building of Washington, D.C." This book is not an anti-Mason book, because the book was praised by none other than 33rd Degree Freemason and Sovereign Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite in America supported the book. The book talks about how D.C. had designs related to the stars and other esoteric information. Ovason wrote that when the Declaration of Independence was signed in July 4, 1776 (the 66th day after Beltaine) that the Sun was in the star Sirius. Albert Pike called Sirius as the Bright Star. According to occult writer, occult writer M. Temple Richmond's book "Sirius" on p. 29, Sirius is the Keeper of Hell. That is a known code name for Satan. The Washington Monument looks exactly like the obelisk found in Ancient Egypt, the Vatican, and other locations. According to historians, theologians, and the obelisk represents the false sun god of Ra. To this day, Freemasonry accepts this symbols and places it on its gravestone.

The Statue of Liberty is one pagan statue sent from French Grand Orient Freemasons in France to America in the late 1800's. The image from above is another image of the pagan Goddess that the ancients worshipped. It has been called the Goddess Isis and Semiramis in Egypt and Babylon. This looks strikely similar to the statue of Liberty, which was modeled after an actual French widow woman and she was married to an American industralist. The Statue of Liberty was designed by French Orient Lodge Freemasons Bartholdi (a French sculptor who designed it) and Gustave Eiffel (the French engineer plus actual builder of it). The Statue of Liberty also has a likeness to the Colussus of Rhodes from the time of ancient Greece. The All Seeing Eye refers to the Egyptian god of Horus and is a Masonic symbol. It appears on the back on the One Dollar bill. David Allen Rivera's book talk about how many Freemasons were involved in the Great Seal's creation like Benjamin Franklin and Charles Thompson. It was placed in the One Dollar Bill in the 1930's. The word E Pluribus Unum on the Great Seal is a word of 13 letters, which is Latin for One out of many. Novus Ordo Seculorum appears on it meaning "new order of the ages" in Latin. is link explaining so much more symbolism surrounding the One Dollar Bill. Even the Jefferson Memorial was formed after the old Roman building of the Panthenon.

The image above is an early American medal from 1775. The women is from the Roman Goddess of Liberty. On top of the Capitol Building is not Mary, but the statue of the Goddess Persephone of the Underworld. Before closing on this subject, I want to say this. I disagree with Dominionism (and Reconstruction theology). The Dominion theology believes that the Church ought to dominate the government to herald in the coming of Christ. I don't agree with that, because I don't agree with forming a theocracy in America and Bible prophecy says that Christ will come after the Tribulation without anything that a person can do about it. Many people fear that the 5 Roman Catholics on the Supreme Court might go into a theocracy. Opus Dei (a Catholic secret order that performs bondage rituals and it was founded in the 1920's by a Spanish man) definitely has some influence with many of Justices. For example, According to
Wikipedia, John Roberts was educated in a private Catholic school controlled by Opus Dei. Samuel Alito and other Justices are rumored of being members of the group. Alito is a member of the Federalist Society (a think than funded by multi-millionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, who funds liberal causes as well.) As must as we must oppose secular humanists in trying to eliminate religious expression from the public, we must equally oppose theocratic Dominionists as well. Kelly Mckinney even questioned Roy Moore as being inflitrated by saying that:

"“I ran his campaign in Mobile and have worked tirelessly for years for his cause. My talk show and web page have dedicated much time and space for this issue... In the past six years of knowing and supporting Roy Moore, I have seen and visited with the big guns that are behind him. I have come to learn who they represent. What I have found is shocking. There are connections to the Council for National Policy, Dominionists, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Masons.”

What's the truth? The Christian heritage issue is a very controversial issue, even to this day. The truth is that there was a conflict between the occult and Christianity in early America. Therefore, America was founded with Christian and occult/pagan/Masonic infuences. There were Judeo-Christian foundations in America though.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)


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