Saturday, April 26, 2008

Old Encouragement to me by Pam Schuffert

Pam Schuffert
Thanks, Timothy...GOd's TRUTH and LOVE Never Fails
Wed Sep 28, 2005 15:36

I too know this disgusting kind of hatred on APFN. I pray for them. And I continue to love WITH GOD'S LOVE FOR ALL WHO NEED SALVATION, the Jews He sends my way.

Such a love for the Jews is NOT FOR their sins, NOT for the obvious crimes of Zionism, NOT FOR their unbelief, NOT FOR the many things that even my Jewish contacts admit are WRONG IN THE JEWISH COMMUNITY.

But it is A DIVINE LOVE from the heart of HIM WHO DIED ON TEH CROSS for ALL MANKIND TO BE SAVED...regardless of whether they refer to themselves as JEW or GENTILE.

SUch people prove by their LACK OF LOVE and understanding of HOW GOD'S LOVE WORKS SCRIPTURALLY, that they are NOT of God but deceived deceivers. "HE TAHT LOVETH NOT KNOWETH NOT GOD, FOR GOD IS LOVE"

When Jesus said to LOVE OUR ENEMIES AND PRAY FOR THEM AND FORGIVE THEM, that includes ALL including JEWS that some may feel are "THE ENEMY."

When I see peole who CALL themselves JEWS, I see no enemy: I only see PEOPLE FOR WHOM CHRIST THEIR MESSIAH DIED. THE BIBEL STATES HE DIED FOR ALL.

And many of those who call themselves Jews through such love have finally turned to JESUS CHRIST FOR SALVATION ADN REDEMPTION. God's love NEVER FAILS.

The BIBLE clearly states "FAITH WORKS BY LOVE" and NOT the kind of hatred for "THE JEWS" that I frequently see posted here.

-Pam Schuffert


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