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“The Assassination of JFK”
Handout #7 // February 5, 2006

Here are some facts about the JFK assassination that generally are not included in many history textbooks or encyclopedias here in America: (NOTE: JFK = John F. Kennedy)

· Just about everyone can agree that President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) was shot at 12:30 P.M. on November 22, 1963 while traveling in a motorcade on Elm Street at Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas.

· Reasons for assassinating JFK included: (1) His brother Robert was cracking down on some mobsters; (2) JFK was curtailing CIA “black operations”; (3) JFK had threatened to dismantle the CIA; (4) JFK had printed up money outside of the Federal Reserve; and (5) JFK was preparing to bring the Vietnam War to an early end.

· Thanks to clips from the “Zapruder Film” and the movie “JFK” by Oliver Stone, most people have dismissed the “lone-nut assassin” theory (i.e., the patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald) put forth by the “Warren [Whitewash] Commission”. From the film clips, bullet trajectories, etc., it is quite apparent that there were at least three shooters, firing from at least two (and probably three) locations. In other words, we clearly have a conspiracy!

· Most researchers who have studied the JFK assassination have correctly noted the numerous Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and mob connections to this assassination.

· What most researchers have missed – or deliberately ignored – have been the Jesuit-controlled Knights of Malta connections to the JFK assassination and subsequent cover-up. ((The Knights of Malta is a Roman Catholic religious-military order headquartered in Rome with the Jesuit Order, and controlled by the Jesuit Superior General.))

· According to Eric Jon Phelps, author of the book Vatican Assassins, here are some of the Knights of Malta who were involved in the actual JFK assassination and/or the subsequent cover-up (positions listed are those held at that time): (1) James Jesus Angleton (CIA Counterintelligence chief, head of the CIA’s Vatican Desk & Israel Desk, and CIA liaison to the Warren Commission); (2) Clay Shaw (CIA contract agent and international industrialist); (3) Cartha DeLoach (Assistant Director, FBI, and FBI liaison to the Warren Commission); (4) Lee Iacocca (Director of the Dearborn Division of Ford Motor Company – who “took care of” the presidential limousine evidence); and (5) John McCone (Director, CIA). (The CIA was one of the biggest players in the assassination.)

· A number of high-level Freemasons were also involved in the JFK assassination and/or subsequent cover-up: (1) Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren (who headed the Warren [Whitewash] Commission); (2) J. Edger Hoover (Director, FBI); (3) Gerald Ford (Congressman and member of the Warren Commission); and (4) Allen Dulles (a member of the Warren Commission). (JFK had fired Dulles when he was Director, CIA!)

· If (as author John Daniel exposes in his book The Grand Design Exposed) the Jesuit Order controls the higher levels of Freemasonry (as well as controlling the Knights of Malta), then what can we surmise from finding so many high-level Freemasons and Knights of Malta all around and about the assassination of JFK and the subsequent cover-up? What organization had the most “players” involved in this vile assassination? Might it be this Jesuit Order that controls the Knights of Malta and Freemasonry?

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“Expendable Elite”

Comments by Darryl Eberhart, Editor of “Tackling the Tough Topics (TTT)” and
“Examining the Tough Issues (ETI)” (Web site:
Concerning the book, “EXPENDABLE ELITE: One Soldier’s Journey into Covert Warfare”, by Lieutenant Colonel (USASF, Ret.) Daniel Marvin (

(All emphasis is by Editor of TTT & ETI unless otherwise stated.)

February 28, 2008

A 502-page paperback “Victory (2nd) edition” of Lieutenant Colonel (U.S. Army Special Forces, Retired) Daniel Marvin’s outstanding book, “EXPENDABLE ELITE: One Soldier’s Journey into Covert Warfare”, was published in 2006 by TrineDay. This expanded version of the first edition contains the same numerous black & white photos that were included in that first edition; however, this 2nd edition contains additional documentation concerning the lawsuit brought against Daniel Marvin and his publisher by some of the Special Forces personnel who had served with Marvin in Vietnam. It includes articles from various newspapers that covered both the trial and Marvin’s efforts to get his story out to the American people. It also includes copies of written exchanges between Marvin and the Special Forces Association (SFA). The SFA suspended Marvin’s membership in that organization, and accused him of writing a book of “fiction” – made up of “100% lies”. This editor of the TTT and ETI newsletters highly suspects that certain elements within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have tried mightily to “suppress” Marvin’s story concerning covert operations and unconventional warfare while he was serving in the An Phu District in South Vietnam (December 1965 – August 1966), and that this lawsuit was clearly intended to “financially break” both Marvin and his book publisher! Despite the fact that some key evidence from the defense team was not allowed to be submitted, the jury deliberated only about two hours in rendering a verdict that denied all the plaintiffs’ claims!

“EXPENDABLE ELITE” is the STORY of the personal experiences of then-Captain (U.S. Army Special Forces) “Dangerous Dan” Marvin in the An Phu District of South Vietnam from December 1965 to 2 August 1966. It is also the STORY of the following:

1. Tremendous courage on the part of “Dangerous Dan” Marvin, South Vietnamese Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel Phoi Van Le (who held the rank of major when serving with Marvin), the men of Marvin’s Special Forces “A Team”, their South Vietnamese Special Forces counterparts, regional forces, and the irregular forces composed of the Hoa Hao (a Buddhist sect) whom they commanded – tremendous courage exhibited often in the face of a vastly numerically superior enemy with much greater fire power.

2. The author’s deep respect and admiration for South Vietnamese Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel Phoi Van Le – a warrior whom “Dangerous Dan” Marvin considers “the most courageous, honorable and compassionate military leader” that he has ever known.

3. The author’s deep respect and admiration for the courage, honor, and strong family ties of the Hoa Hao people – and for their great ability to withstand and endure hardship.

4. Tremendous frustration on the part of the defenders of the An Phu District (from then-Captain Daniel Marvin and then-Major Phoi Van Le to the junior officers and the noncommissioned officers) concerning the free movement of arms and ammunition destined for the enemy along the river on the Cambodian-South Vietnamese border, and concerning the enemy’s sanctuaries several kilometers inside the Cambodian border – sanctuaries that the top levels of both the U.S. government and U.S. Army allowed to exist.

5. Horrific betrayal of America’s fighting men, their South Vietnamese counterparts, regional forces, and the Hoa Hao irregular forces by the politicians in Washington, D.C. – forcing them to fight a war with “one hand tied behind their backs”.

6. The “good, bad and ugly” (as “Dangerous Dan” Marvin describes it) of covert warfare.

7. The request of the “Company” man (i.e., a CIA agent) to then-Captain Marvin to assassinate Cambodian Crown Prince Sihanouk and Marvin’s later refusal (when his and then-Major Phoi Van Le’s request for ending the enemy’s sanctuaries in Cambodia was denied).

8. The attempted “extermination” of Daniel Marvin and the men of his Special Forces “A Team”, then-Major Phoi Van Le, and the other defenders in the An Phu District by a South Vietnamese armored regiment – retribution for refusing the Sihanouk assassination mission from the CIA.

Here are some great quotes from Lieutenant Colonel (USASF, Ret.) Daniel Marvin’s book:

“When a 32 year-old Green Beret Captain refuses to abandon his friends and principles, he and his men become the enemy. An armored regiment of ARVN [Ed. Note: the Army of the Republic of Vietnam – the South Vietnamese Army] soldiers along with US advisors is dispatched to…‘take control’.
A story suppressed for years, ‘Expendable Elite’ gives unique insights into the use of Special Forces in unconventional warfare, something that has become commonplace in today’s conflicts.
As the first Special Forces Commander given the TOP SECRET assignment to take the war to neutral Cambodia, ‘Dangerous Dan’ Marvin gives you an insider’s view into that world where ‘independent operations’ mix with shadowy intrigue.” – Back Cover of the book “EXPENDABLE ELITE”

“Isn’t it a sad state of affairs when so many walk in fear of the CIA?”
Lieutenant Colonel (USASF, Ret.) Daniel Marvin (“EXPENDABLE ELITE”; 2006; Page 397)

“My primary goal in revealing all of what we did in An Phu under the umbrella of an ‘Independent Operation’ was to motivate people within the Special Warfare Center, the CIA, and DOD [Ed. Note: the Department of Defense] to develop and establish a control system that would preclude other Special Forces personnel from being placed in the same precarious operational circumstance that came close to bringing about the massacre of my men and those South Vietnamese under my control.” – Lieutenant Colonel (USASF, Ret.) Daniel Marvin (“EXPENDABLE ELITE”; 2006; Page 397)

“The betrayal of South Vietnam was the bitterest and most traumatic experience of my life.” – Thomas Polgar (CIA’s last Chief of Station in South Vietnam) (“EXPENDABLE ELITE”; 2006; Page 398)

This book provides a fascinating look into the role of the U.S. Army Special Forces in Vietnam, as well as into the world of covert warfare. Every American should become aware of the unconscionable betrayal of our U.S. fighting men in Vietnam by the U.S. government and the top brass of the U.S. Army. The cost of this betrayal was great: an unnecessary increase in U.S. and South Vietnamese casualties, and the abandonment of the people of South Vietnam!

A SIGNED copy of this 502-page paperback book can be obtained from Lieutenant Colonel (USASF, Ret.) Daniel Marvin for $25.00 (priority mail – includes S&H), or for $23.50 (media mail – includes S&H). To order a SIGNED copy, please make check or money order payable to “Daniel Marvin”, and mail it to: LTC (Ret.) Daniel Marvin // P.O. Box 538 // Cazenovia, NY 13035-0538. You can also order a copy (unsigned) from, or you can purchase a copy at your local Barnes & Noble bookstore.


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