Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Responses to a hater of Africa

There is nothing wrong with condons if it's biblically done. Yet, I reject population control. Also, tons of sub-Saharan Africans (who include whites, blacks, Asians, etc.) possess a high level of self control in terms of their sexuality whether you believe that or not. It's funny that many folks want to harbor hatred (especially against people of color) by using slick, condensending stereotypes, but rarely offer real solutions to help people the world over.

I've over stupid stereotypes and dehumanization. I'm all for solutions.

By Timothy


I knew that is what you really want.

No sane persons denies that self control is one specific solution to solve the AIDS problem in Africa. Sterilization and forced birth control are key tenets that globalists and the new world order really want. Also, many people of wide spectrum of races have displayed a great deal of intellect. Real solutions are modernization in a wide spread fashion in Africa, the ending of forced sterilization (which have occured in Africa for decades, but problems still remain), real fair trade, and other things. AIDS is a worldwide disease.

It isn't just based in Africa at all. You know it and I know it. You really don't need to bulldoze any location since they violates national sovereignity and other freedoms. It's ironic that you cite anti-Protestant tenets (like your hypothetical of destroying sub-Saharan African lands that originally belonged to people) in your stereotypical and dehumanization classification of human beings. Yet, I don't follow that route. Also, no real intelligent person of color classify white men as some devil (or an evil beast) as at all. There are cultures in the world. Your characterization of sub-Saharian Africans with bellies of babies popping up is false since many sub-Saharian Africans own businesses and are trying their best to build up the conditions of their respective nations.

Yet, you don't seem to believe that people worldwide can improve themselves grealty. I believe in improvement and others don't. I believe in resilience of the human being. Others refuse to believe in it. You know it and I know it.

By Timothy


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