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Nazi History

6 months ago
WRONG! it was the Russian Imperialist (Capitalist) Tsarist Monarchy dynastic families who created the secret police (partly state police but over half were private domestic mercenary army & militias) in the 18th century!
Lenin borrowed the idea from the Russian nobles & Slavic aristocrats & used it against them.

7 months ago
Nazis primarily banned firearms few years to disarm Leftists, Organized Labor, immigrants, Jews & any lingering dissenters "verraten" (traitors) to Reich. that's historical fact taught universally mainstream,
the last 74 years, in all public & private schools & all university academia & it wasnt Liberal or Leftist propaganda/bias. Historians take accurate history deadly seriously without agenda. cant afford political biased. they take fact as seriously as scientists take experiments.

6 months ago
i dont see Lenin or Bolsheviks as heroes, dvorshka glupova! i'm not a Communist or a Socialist!
yes there is a correlation between Communists and Nazis.
Nazis were reactionary Far Right (Fascist) Conservative Authoritarian Capitalist resistance to potential collectivist seizing of property, wealth & luxury of the anti-Semitic Jew-hating "pure Aryan" white Prussian-German racist wealthiest Aristocratic landowners and business tycoons who didnt want their wealth taken away. go away!

7 months ago
yes but those "enemies" disarmed (Jews, Socialists, Labor Unions, Communists, immigrants, etc.) were only 22% of the population. the rest who were "pure" Aryan Germans were allowed to own guns freely again after 1936.

Former African American Mayor speaks about Planned Parenthood’s black genocide


Barros Serrano wrote:
Your CAPITALISM you claim gives everyone opportunity. Nope, it gives the powerful the opportunity to exploit the workers and keep them down. This is clear from observing the trends in the USA since Reaganomics took hold.
Capitalists run those sweatshops. Capitalists support the deathsquads. Capitalists install fascist dictators whenever the POPULAR WILL puts a leftist into power (Arbenz, Allende, Mossedegh, etc., etc.). Capitalists supported Franco, Mussolini and Hitler. Capitalists would have private armies if they were allowed (that is coming) and that means FEUDALISM, and now the feudal manor has a corporate logo on it instead of a heraldic flag.
Capitalism is rooted in the royal charter companies who ran slaves and abused the colonies under the gun. Hudson Bay Co., East India Co. That is the legacy of what you claim brings us freedom! LOL!!!
Jefferson warned against them... and you ignore his warning while pretending you support his democratic ideals. This is a twisted confusion in your mind.

I often remind my students that the title "Doctor" was not assigned to Martin Luther King for no reason. Dr. King studied Sociology at Morehouse College, and he studied Philosophy and Theology at Crozier Seminary and Boston University,

Imagine one of the major freedom movements of the 20th Century led by a PHILOSOPHER.

Education can be LIBERATING. After all, why else would slaveholders in days of yore FORBID slaves the right to become literate?

EDUCATE YOUR MINDS, and you will be further along in the quest to free your entire existence.



Barros Serrano wrote:

Why else would the rulers after the liberation movements of the 60's make sure that education was dumbed down and ignorance glorified?
When Bob Moese vistied Bmore 2007, he was speaking on behalf of the ALGEBRA PROJECT which he helped to found, and which is fighting for QUALITY EDUCATION as a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.
While chair of SNCC during the 60s campaign in Mississippi, he noted that in those days lack of education was used as a pretext (with Literacy requirements) to exclude Blacks from the right to vote. And, of course, the racist authorities had taken careful measures to insure that most Black Mississippians would be just barely literate.
Now the rulers use poor education to dupe people into movmements (like Tea Party) which are harmful to themselves and mainly sureve the interests of the privileged classes.
Also, people are just easier to control if they're ignorant. Even though Blacks mainly have the NATIVE INTELLIGENCE to avoid the Tea Party charade, many are still dispirited rather than energized. Even if they can smell a rat when some very right wing movment comes at them, that doesn't mean they can easily visuallize a positive alternative. Hence many--not just blacks--become demoralized or cynical. It requires VISION to be able to imagine a better future for which one is willing to sacrifice.
I fear that the dumbing down of education has largely dulled our vision, and the Machiavellian machinations and propaganda of the Right has eroded the healthy idealism of many.

During Bob Moses' visit, one high school taacher noted that about 65 per cent of all the available jobs in Baltimore were low pay, with little or no benefits or job security.
Then he posed the question: "Could it be that those in power WANT to keep people ignorant since they know they're going to keep them poor? If I were a member of the ruling elite, I doubt that I would find it in my interest to have WELL EDUCATED people whom I'm keeping poor and exploited. They simply wouldn't put up with it, and they'd be sophisticated enough to take effective action."


In the public schools, however, there IS a reluctance to teach a lot of history.

Examples: I taught in an inner-city school. I was teaching the Latino and black students about this very topic, the uprisings and various other forms of struggles of slaves in the USA, as well as tracing them back to Africa and teaching about those cultures.

The principal was black and liked what I was doing. One white teacher, however, advised me not to teach about any of that material, because "they'll end up hating us". I said wouldn't they hate us worse for withholding information? But, of course, people are thinking immediately that this is an "agenda" and I should concentrate on math and reading, right?

Another time I was teaching a class about the Iroquois Peacemaker, the history of the Iroquois League, and its influence on USA government structure and the founding fathers, and teachers in a VERY liberal school were getting upset. They were standing in the doorway spying on me as I taught. They were very NERVOUS about this lesson, based on Native culture and history. They liked a patronizing approach to Natives which lamented their treatment and paid some token acknowledgement to their culture (look at the pretty beadwork!), but this historical lesson and my subsequent use of it as an anti-violence teaching tool (bury the hatchet and all that), SCARED them.

I think the mainstream media also has a fear of presenting history other than USA military victories, or the usual hackneyed "multicultural" stuff (Underground RR, etc.).

But the material is all there in the universities and needs to be more widely disseminated to lay people.

-Barros Serrano



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