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Thanksgiving 2005

"In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God ..."(1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Glorious is the feeling that I receive when I’m about to go and write and act. This is one of my best works that I wrote honestly. I’ve been through a lot of turns. There are a lot of shills out there and we must disagree with them and makes our rebuttals known. On the other hand, we must not be obsessive over them like a sicko, but mindful and logical in our approach to display evidence and information. Samuel Alito is the new Supreme Court justice that George W. Bush had proposed. Many conservatives love him for they feel that he's authentically Pro-Life. On at least 3 court cases, Alito voted on the Pro-Choice side whether it's partial birth abortion, notification, or a wrongful death suit in NJ. I want someone Pro-Life as well, but his view on criminal justice concerns me. The reason is that I want justice, but not at the expense of denying American citizens their inherent civil liberties. I abhor the Big Brother agenda with RFID chips and the increasingly surveillance system globally as well. I want to know more about his views on free speech, civil rights, and other things. Joel Garrett mentioned that Bush betrayed Evangelical Christians by electing Alito, who is Roman Catholic. More than 3 people in the Supreme Court follow Vatican canon law. People know what I feel about Roman Catholicism.

While I disagree with Roman Catholicism for many reasons, I thing we also need to equally oppose Reconstructionism and Dominionism (since many of these guys want a bonafide theocracy in society that Protestants/Baptists historically opposed for centuries). Dr. Kamau Kambon’s statement to kill all white people was wrong, but also the 13 year old twin singers’ Lamb and Lynx Gaede racist rhetoric as well. They have songs like “Sacrifice” praising the Nazi Rudolf Hess and one of their relatives branded their cattle with a Nazi swastika. These girls are known as Prussian Blue and they promote white supremacy. I’m a warrior and I know self-defense, so I have no fear but God. On the other hand, many people of my race might be intimidated by these brainwashed souls. It’s apparent that the Elite class allows racism to spread so the middle class of any color are divided and desensitized to not do any radical solutions. They also want people to hate cultures and hate the diversity of mankind. Your culture and your color is God-given and should be cherished, regardless of skin color, therefore we must unite under God to fight against evil tyrants and tyranny in the world. Also, as human beings, we must expand our minds to expose other crisis occurring in the world as well. David J. Stewart from made an interesting point on how we need to focus on helping the poor and decrying the starvation taking place in Afghanistan and India. India has tons of grain stored away (David proved this form a 2002 article in the New York Times) that can feed millions of starving Indians, yet nothing is done to send the grain to those experiencing terrible circumstances. The transgenic or animal/human hybrid agenda is not something that I’m for. That screws around with nature of the beauty of God’s creations. I’m all in favor of organic foods since they are beneficial to human beings and they are all natural. Human trafficking is not only in foreign countries (that’s been exposed in a Lifetime cable channel movie), but here in America. Therefore, all slavery hasn’t been eliminated in the U.S. despite it being immoral and unconstitutional. For example, DynCorp have been exposed for having numerous sex slaves. Some of these girls are as early as 12 or 15 years old.

Insight Magazine proves this. I knew about the benefits of Hemp, but I never knew that it can be used as a good alternative fuel replacing petroleum oil. Hemp is justified for usage and has nothing to do with smoking marijuana (which can cause problems for any human using it). According to David Stewart, Diesel engines can actually run just fine on straight vegetable oil (SVO). Randolph Hearst and Pierre DuPont (both globalist industrialists) help banned Hemp in the market on a global scale. Hemp and other alternative resources can end our reliance on foreign sources of oil indeed. Genetically modified foods are a curse in this wood, which can disrupt crops and can cause problems for humans and animals. The overpopulation lie is still promoted by Ted Turner (who wanted billions of people to die), Warren Buffett (friend of the Rothschilds, funded the son of a Nazi Roman Catholic Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Warren is one of the richest men on Earth), and even Bill Gates. Dr. Jacqueline R. Kasun refuted the lie over overpopulation. The overall world population growth between decades continue to decline, population growth in Europe is almost 0, and you can fit all humans on Earth in the state of Texas given 1,000 square feet each give or take a couple of thousand square miles.

The site outlines that internal memos from Big Oil companies of Mobil, Texaco, and Chevron shown efforts they made to reduce refining capability of limiting refineries to drive up oil prices. Even MSNBC's Joe Scracborough is exposing that the oil companies are gouching profits from consumers. The Club of Rome, the CFR, The Bilderberg Group, and other globalist organizations are actively promoting peak oil along with "alternative media" folks like Michael Ruppert and Oil Empire. The truth is also that America always had good and evil people in it. The evil occult people planned America as a “New Atlantis” to fulfill their agenda to create a “new order of the ages” or the “New World Order.” One of the men who mapped out the America that you see today was Francis Bacon, a Rosicrucian and occultist who wrote the book "The New Atlantis." It not only talked about America being a commonwealth, but it discussed about how America will have skyscrapers, underground vehicles, and other events. This was back in the late 1500's. Freemason Manly P. Hall envisioned America as having to arise a global democratic commonwealth and a shrine to Universal Truth in his book called "The Secret Destiny of America." So, many occultists and Masons have utilized America as a puppet so to speak to carry forth their agenda. God fearing men, women, and children have existed in early America and today fighting for truth like John Wesley, Daniel Webster, Cotton Matter, John Jay, Christopher Gadshen, Henry Laurens, David Rice, John Quincy Adams, John Dickinson, Zephaniah Swift, Benjamin Rush, Jonathan Edwards, John Witherspoon, John Leland, and others in the Great Awakening, opposing slavery, preaching the gospel, opposing Occult Secret Societies, etc. There have been riots in France, Denmark, and other places of Europe for days now. In France, it’s especially worse with North African Muslims and some West Africans rioting.

This is wrong obviously and unfortunately racists are using this tragedy as an excuse to bash all Arabs and blacks. We must condemn the riots as evil criminal behavior and the wrong way in trying to solve the economic plight among North Africans plus West Africans, while at the same time not to demonize all people of Arabic descent. Now, an Atzan member Ernesto Cienfuegos questioned whether riots can come around here in America. These groups are extremist and are funded by the banking elite like the Ford Foundation, yet they claim they want to promote Hispanic interests. How hypocritical. The French neo-con Interior Minister Nicolas Sarzoky intentionally used defamatory language of the immigrants calling them “scum” and “riff-raff.” Wayne Madsen called the riots as an organized event used to not only promote xenophobia (or hate of immigrants. I have no problem with hating illegal immigration, but not hating the concept of immigration in general), but lead Europe in a more cooperative manner in this “war on terror.” Sarkozy, according to Madsen, has ties to the Likud party in Israel and the Bush/Blair administrations. I just saw Matrix Reloaded and it just gives me a lesson in that we should reject the matrix of evil in our lives. As long as I have breath and forever, I will be Pro-Life. A lot of Pro-Choice people don't realize that their hero Margaret Sanger not only had pro-Nazis on her early staff, but she was in the New Age. For example, Sanger was into Rosiscrucianism, she was in the New Age group called "Unity," she loved numerology, she like astrology, she consulted mediums, and she was a drug addict.

Planned Parenthood is a criminal group and others like N.A.R.A.L. and N.O.W. are just brainwashed. The world has gotten so sick that London Observer May 3, 2005 reported that aborted fetuses are used in beauty salons. It's also a carefully guarded Secret that Hitler himself was Pro-Choice. The Alex Jones situation (i.e. loving the Passion film, censorship, etc.) is sad since he's wrong on a host of issues. I like a lot of Alex's deeds, but he must change. On the other hand, WINGTV have sad a host of subliminal cheapshots against Bible Believing Christians who believe in prophecy. It's ironic, but I'm not intimidated by WINGTV or anyone. WINGTV, just because we accept the End Times (really it's not the end, but the end of this present age), doesn't mean we accept fear mongering. Without people like us, the one world government system would be heer since End Time people like Meyer, Lisa Gary, Cutting Edge, etc. have put out some of the most hard hitting info talking about the New World Order. I'm a Virginian, so I have to talk about Kilgore and Kaine. To me, I don't agree with both of them on a number of issues. Both have strengths and weakenesses. I voted in Virginia and it's strange that the nation is talking about our election like this. Tim Kaine won the Election.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

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