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Official Story

John Hinckley Jr., in a deranged attempt to impress an actress that he was infatuated with, attempted to kill Ronald Reagan. An armed Hinckley took his chance when Reagan was leaving his hotel. He had a .22 loaded with devastator bullets. He fired six bullets. The first hit James Brady, the Press Secretary. The second hit a police officer. The third missed. The fourth hit a secret service agent. The fifth hit the glass of Reagan's limo. The sixth bullet bounced off the limo, hit Reagan's left armpit, and went into his lung.

What Really Happened?

George H.W Bush (Knight of Malta, Freemason, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Club, CFR, Trilateral Commission) was the main opponent of Ronald Reagan (Knight of Malta, Freemason, Bohemian Club) in both the game of staged politics and the game of real politics. The ones that go on behind the scenes. His main opponent for the 1980 GOP nomination was Ronald Reagan, and wanted to get into the public office faster.

Before becoming Vice President, Bush had been the CIA director under Gerald Ford (Knight of Malta, Freemason, Bohemian Club). He was already a high-ranking CIA official at the time of the Kennedy Assassination and was deeply involved. He was an enemy of Ronald Reagan and belonged to the Order of Skull and Bones, a powerful secret society that is known for it's impressive member list.

The family that provided the patsy (A mentally ill man named John Hinckley) had close links to the Bush family and had given large contributions to the Bush campaign. In addition, one of Bush's sons, Neil, was scheduled to dine with Hinckley's older brother the night after the shooting. His father was a director of World Vision, a CIA-linked "evangelical organization" that also had ties to John Lennon's supposed killer and the notorious "suicide cult" leader Jim Jones (a Jesuit).

The method used to control the patsy was "Project MKULTRA", which has been linked to the RFK assassination, the JFK Jr. 'crash', the Dunblane/Port-Arthur Massacres, the Columbine/Virginia-Tech massacres, and countless other shootings used to restrict freedoms. George H.W Bush, being a high-ranking CIA official involved in the CIA's darkest areas, was definitely familiar with the MKULTRA project.

Had the assassination been successful, everything would have already been set up for George H.W Bush to take presidency, due to a drill called Nine Lives that was scheduled to run the day after the shooting. The drill was based on the scenario of presidential succession.

Five hours after the shooting, before any real investigation could be done and before Hinckley had even been questioned, the "No Conspiracy" verdict was already given by a cabinet investigation controlled by George H.W Bush.

The law firm that defended Hinckley was run by Edward Bennett Williams, a member of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board under Gerald Ford and Reagan. Williams was trained by Jesuits at the College of the Holy Cross and Georgetown University. Both of these Jesuit institutions now have parts of their buildings named in his honor. He was also the national president of the Knights of Malta.

The Real Killers

John Hinckley was a distraction. This is just like the RFK assassination and the Bhutto assassination. With the RFK assassination, Sirhan got everyone's attention while the real shooters killed RFK. With the Bhutto assassination, a man with a handgun acted as the distraction while professional ISI/CIA snipers took out Bhutto.

Hinckley did not shoot Reagan. Not only was a crowd in his way, but secret service agents were wrestling him down as he fired. The bizarre trajectory of the bullet and the wound would make much more sense had the shot been fired from the "Bushy Knoll", an overhang above Reagan's limo. In fact, an initial report stated that at least one shot had been fired from the Bushy Knoll by a secret service agent.

However, Reagan's description of events seems to indicate that he was shot inside the limo. Reagan didn't know that he was hit when he was outside of the limo. He stated that the paralyzing pain hit him when he was inside the car. He described the pain as "I must say, it was the most paralyzing pain. I've described it as if someone had hit you with a hammer. But that sensation, it seemed to me, came after I was in the car,". He assumed that he was hurt by a secret service agent, Jerry Parr, landing on top of him. However, it seems unlikely that he didn't feel a bullet hit him, yet felt a man land on top of him.

The man known to be in the car with Reagan, who landed on top of him, was Jerry Parr. Some researchers have suggested that Parr was the true shooter. Parr joined the secret service in 1962, so he was an agent when Kennedy was killed. He was trained by Jesuits at Loyola University, where he received his master's degree in Pastoral Counseling.

The obvious question raised is.. "If the shooter was inside the limo, then why did witnesses not report a gunshot within the limo? Wouldn't everyone have noticed?". Well, first consider that Hinckley was acting as the distraction. There was total confusion. The following quote helps to answer this question:

"The shot that hit Reagan flattened against the limousine and struck Reagan under the left armpit, leaving a puncture wound so small that neither Reagan nor his doctors knew he had been hit...".

QUESTION: What kind of gun leaves a puncture wound so small that medical professionals miss it?

ANSWER: A gun that is designed to not attract attention.

The Main Suspect

George H.W Bush had a clear motive for wanting Reagan dead. It has already been established that they were enemies and that if the hit was successful, Bush presidency would have started in 1981.

George H.W Bush was deeply involved in the JFK assassination and was the director of the CIA under Gerald Ford. This gave him strong links to the MKULTRA project, which was the method used to control the patsy. Bush has been linked to Nazis, Watergate, Iran-Contra, Drugs, CIA Covert Ops, etc.

The family that provided the patsy had close links with the Bush family and had given large contributions to the Bush Campaign. Bush's son, Neil, was scheduled to meet with the patsy's older brother the day after the shooting.

The initial investigation, which suspiciously concluded "No Conspiracy" hours after the shooting, before any detailed investigation could be done and before Hinckley had been properly questioned, was headed by Bush.

The day after the shooting, a presidential succession exercise called "Nine Lives" was scheduled to run, which would have conveniently set up everything for Bush presidency.

So, George H.W Bush had a clear motive (Power grab, Taking out an enemy), a suspicious opportunity (The "Nine Lives" drill that simulated a presidential succession), a suspicious background (Prior involvement in covert ops, including another Presidential Assassination op known as the JFK assassination), the right connections (He was connected to the method used to control the patsy, MKULTRA, through his deep CIA background and it's already been established that he had close ties to the Hinckley family), and control over the initial investigation (Giving him the ability to exonerate himself through his own investigation).

Unlike Ronald Reagan, George H.W Bush is more than a simple stoogeaucrat. He is the Vatican-led NWO's dictator in the United States.

In 1993, George H.W Bush's term publicly ended but went on behind the scenes. Bill Clinton, a Jesuit-trained Freemason, was a fake President. George H.W Bush continued his term. Photographic evidence proves that Bill Clinton and George H.W Bush are close friends.

In 2001, Bill Clinton's term as fake President ended and George H.W Bush's son's began. On November 4, a new fake President will be chosen.







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