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DawnIsMyGoddess wrote:
Wow. That was an earful.

Anyway, looks like EJP is ex-military, just like Texx M. :lol:

I don't have a problem with people having been in the military, especially NCO's.

It is basic logical deduction that there are a large amount of true US patriots in the military - consider the generals that Bush removed or who quit over Iraq for example. Many military & ex-military believe in the defence of the Constitution & Bill of Rights, but are as in as much position as we are to change things. Those who demonstrate that there hearts are in the right place should be supported, not attacked or rejected. Why risk their necks for a bunch of people who have demonstrated that they'd never have their backs covered (to say the least)?

How betrayed would YOU feel if you found out the truth about your country being run by a bunch of traitorous pawns from across the ocean (whether you believed them to be based in Rome, London or Jerusalem or even all of the above?

Get real, friends - that must be a bitter pill to swallow indeed.

Texe Marrs though I have no support for though. In fact, quite the opposite.

See his disgraceful (unnamed) verbal attack on ERic Phelps & the Rome-exposing research group. This was full of out & out lies & total deliberate distortions about Eric & was a pathetic attempt to regain credibility with his CIA henchman Alex "Project Mockingbird" Jones.

These are the guys that the likes of "Azad" & "splintercell9" are in agreement with. Which speaks volumes:



Posted to an old sparring partner (albeit mostly good-natured on the whole):

Here is a user-friendly starting place to Jones's Jesuit connections:

Believe me, there is much other stuff that I could extrapolate on but there is more than enough there to make him guilty by multiple association:

This article, with relevant sections highlighted in red to bring out hat is hidden in plain sight at one of Jones' sites:


Alex Jones could aptly be described as a brash, young Patrol Torpedo boat commander. As the leader of a small band of fearless dedicated sailors ... John McManus, the President of the John Birch Society, could just as aptly be described as a battle hardened Fleet Admiral, in command of a flotilla of dedicated sailors, cautiously planning and executing long term battle plans ... On April 27th [2006], via “The Alex Jones Show”, the PT Boat Commander and the Fleet Admiral finally met, and discovered that they are in the same Navy, taking orders from the same God ... reach out to allies such as Alex Jones ... Jones was obviously excited about what McManus said about the changes that are taking place within the Society, especially the news of the big tent approach the JBS is now taking. Jones said, “I want to work with you guys, to see you grow”, and McManus replied that he was “looking foreward to seeing the relationship continue”. If the crafty old Admiral now intends to acknowlege and appreciate the aid of an allied PT boat fleet, and if PT boat Commanders such as Alex Jones are willing to reciprocate…if the two types of warrior can now work together ...

This is the Jesuit-trained John F. McManus of the False Patriot John Birch Society that he is deferring to.


Yup, see:

"John F. McManus was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1935. At graduation from Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts ... Jack left the engineering field in 1966 to accept a full-time position with our organization. Working closely with Founder Robert Welch for many years, he was named the Society’s Public Relations Director and its official spokesman. In 1991, he was appointed President. ...

The College of the Holy Cross is an exclusively undergraduate Roman Catholic liberal arts college located in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. Holy Cross is the oldest Roman Catholic college in New England and one of the oldest in the United States.
Opened as a school for boys under the auspices of the Society of Jesus, it was the first Jesuit college in New England. Today, Holy Cross is one of 28 member institutions of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities."

Need more on the False Patriot John Birch Society& its CFR, Masonic, SMOM & Jesuit links? We got plenty.


This anthology of devastating info for these Jesuit-loyal Masons with covert CFR & SMOM Knights of Malta connections is essential reading:

It's almost like - besides being an internal intelligence-gathering operation (like that of Jonesco) - the JBS was always intended to be a central forum in the US for all of these groups both directly & via their assets.

As I put in the prefaces to several of the articles that I bring to people's attention:

"On Alex Jones’ Infowars website there is an article where he is saying that - as close to outright as possible - he’s a JBSer: John Birch Society member. Consider his deferential position to Jesuit-trained JBS President John F. McManus. Now consider pro-Vatican Ron Paul’s endorsement of his “many friends” that are members of the highly Catholic John Birch Society (an organisation with many high-level Masons & long links to Knights of Malta) & read the articles “the John Birch Society” & “the Belmont Brotherhood” ... Jones & his old friend Jesuit-trained Pat Buchanan of the American branch of the Pope’s religious-military order the Knights of Malta, are Ron Paul’s staunchest supporters. Jones refuses to seriously examine the extent of the covert global manipulation of the Papacy, the Jesuits & the Knights of Malta, while Paul sang the praises of the previous pontiff & Buchanan is the uber-Catholic."

Check all of the above links. How many Jesuit connections does Jones need? Check the c. 1994/95 American Who's Who to confirm Buchanan's SMOM Maltese Knighthood.

Jones & Marrs lied outright & made gross distortions with everything they said about Eric - why do that unless they can't get him with the truth? Even Eric's solar harmonic-dependant, groundburst atomic detonation info was referred to as him believing that nukes were exploded via black magic. His geocentricity contention was described as him believing that the other dangles from a bouncing string or somesuch rubbish.

Eric's quite open diamond-importing business via which him & his wife have sold a grand total of about half a dozen gemstones is hardly being in the pocket of the Israeli government. The same Israeli political elites that Eric's pulled no punches in critiquing with a force that is simply beyond Jones.

Marrs is a Jewbaiter plain & simple & has exposed himself through his attack on Jesuit/Vatican/Catholic Knighthhood Exposers as a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor & I suspect a high-level Masonic one, just like Billy Graham & Pat Robertson, those other False Protestants who have done as much as, if not more to destroy anti-Vatican, anti-Jesuit, Protest-ant Christianity both in the US & worldwide than anyone else. Marrs will never expose that the Torah-faithful Jews (& I'm not talking about those Naturei Karta Jesuit coadjutors either) are the victims of the Sabbataian, Masonic Labor Zionists loyal to their king, the Roman Papal Caesar.

Texe made one good movie exposing Rome years ago & now he says nothing & he has never done anything of note to expose the Jesuits or the Catholic & Papal Knighthood Orders. Jones only paid lip-service to the Jesuits in an attempt to keep the heat off him a few months back. Desperate measures by a desperate Agent.

John F. McManus head of the JBS is Jesuit-trained at Holy Cross & Knight of Malta Pat Buchanan (who is one of the staunchest US Catholics) is Jesuit-trained at Gonzaga College High & Georgetown Uni. Jones is on record as having deferred to McManus & is a supporter of Buchanan. Both Jones & Buchanan were two of false electoral campaign option, fellow JBS endorser, Masonic Ron Paul's strongest campaign supporters.

Is it any surprise that the JBS, Jones & Paul will not look into the Jesuits, the Vatican & the Catholic Knighthood Orders' unparallelled influence of global affairs. Bush kisses the Pope's ring for God's sake & McCain & Obama have both been filmed attending the National Catholic Prayer breakfast, surrounded by Jesuits & then filmed sitting on either side of their true master, Edward Cardinal Egan, the Archbishop of New York (who is a US Knight of Malta, French-Neapolitan Constantinian Knight & a Knight of the Duke of Savoy-led Order of Sts Maurice & Lazarus. The Duke of Savoy, Victor Emmanuel is a P2 Mason.

The history of the JBS is riddled with CFR & Knights of Malta connections. They are a complete fraud & an internal intelligence gathering & diversion operation. It's all in the links that I provided.

Jones' CIA connections? Again: Pat Buchanan & mass-media social-engineering Operation Mockingbird. Buchanan & Braden were/are working for the CIA in this.


& Thomas Richards' excellent analysis here:

I'm getting serious Deja Vu here. I was pushing this info hard on Myspace over a year ago & with Thomas managed to wake a few people up. Not enough people though, for sure.

Take a long hard second look at Jones & realize what a bad actor this guy is. I can only conclude that Jones has got away with his schtick for so long due to the pitifully poor quality of Hollywood films having lowered expectations & dimmed perceptions of what is real & what is false. Honestly I can barely muster up words describing how much Jones apalls me.

I will have to let the stated connections do the talking.







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