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Some facts about the Jewish creation of Communism. And a whole load more links and topics.

Joseph Stalin, S.J.

Key Facts:

Other names: Joseph Stalin
Иосиф Сталин (Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili)
Born: 1878
Location: Gori, Georgia, Russian Empire
Married: Yes
Position: General Secretary, Communist Party of the Soviet Union's Central Committee (1922-1953)
Died March 5, 1953


Josef Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, Ioseb Besarionis Dze Jughashvili; Russian: Ио́сиф Виссарио́нович Джугашви́ли Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili) (December 18 1878 – March 5, 1953), better known by his adopted name, Joseph Stalin (Иосиф Сталин, Iosif Stalin; stalin meaning "made of steel".

Josef was born to influential Catholic parents Vissarion "Beso" Dzhugashvili and Ekaterina "Keke" Geladze. His father Beso was a successful and relatively wealthy local businessman. However, in later biographies, he is variously described as poor, dirt poor and a violent alcoholic.

Whatever the real truth, Josef was accepted into the Catholic Cappuchin run school at Gori. He graduated in 1892 first in his class and at the age of 14 he was accepted to enter the "Orthodox" Seminary of Tiflis (Tbilisi, Georgia), a Jesuit institution to be trained as a Jesuit priest.

In spite of contrary history written about the Jesuit run Seminary, the Jesuits remained in Russian territory after the order was banned by Alexander I in 1820, maintaining control of several institutions, including the Seminary of Tiflis.

Stalin himself openly admitted the Jesuit control of the institution in his famous interview with Jewish Journalist Emil Ludwig (Cohen):

Ludwig: What impelled you to become an oppositionist? Was it, perhaps, bad treatment by your parents?

Stalin: No. My parents were uneducated, but they did not treat me badly by any means. But it was a different matter at the Orthodox theological seminary which I was then attending. In protest against the outrageous regime and the Jesuitical methods prevalent at the seminary, I was ready to become, and actually did become, a revolutionary, a believer in Marxism as a really revolutionary teaching.

Ludwig: But do you not admit that the Jesuits have good points?

Stalin: Yes, they are systematic and persevering in working to achieve sordid ends. Hut their principal method is spying, prying, worming their way into people's souls and outraging their feelings. What good can there be in that? For instance, the spying in the hostel. At nine o'clock the bell rings for morning tea, we go to the dining-room, and when we return to our rooms we find that meantime a search has been made and all our chests have been ransacked.... What good point can there be in that?

At Tiflis, Stalin's closest friend was fellow classmate Krikor Bedros Aghajanian, the future Grégoire-Pierre Cardinal Agagianian, a powerful and ruthless Catholic Cardinal who went on to control the death camps in Siberia under Stalin's rule.

While accounts of his time at Tiflis have been changed many times, it is universally accepted that Stalin was the star pupils of the Seminary. As a result, the events of 1899 remain shrouded in mystery.

In the final week of his studies, having completed seven (7) years as the star pupil of the Jesuits, Stalin is variously claimed to have quit or been expelled. Neither account, adequately explains how a seminary student of seven years, suddenly appeared influential and active in coordinating the Georgian Social-Democratic movement less than 12 months later - an achievement that could not possibly have happened without substantial support.

The more credible and controversial conclusion is that Stalin did graduate from the Jesuit Seminary as a proper Jesuit priest, with his first assignment being to infiltrate and manage the Georgian underground against the Russian Tsarist Government.

Again, the fact that Stalin was awarded an academic position at the Tiflis Observatory gives credence to his Jesuit credentials and completed study. His double life as a secret leader of the May day uprising of 1901 less than 2 years from graduating from the Jesuit seminary attests to his skill as a key Jesuit agent.

After avoiding capture by the Tsarist Secret Police (Okhrana), Stalin fled to Batumi where he was hidden in safety by the Rothschild's via one of their oil refineries located there. In 1902, when authorities learnt of his hiding place, the local Cossacks were ordered to capture him. However, the oil workers rallied behind Stalin with a number killed and arrested along with Stalin. Later this whole event was turned into Stalin rather than remaining in hiding, organizing a strike and arson against the oil refinery- all of which defies common sense of his circumstances.

In 1903, Stalin was exiled to Siberia for three years. However, a few months later the Jesuits managed to get false papers to the prison camp and free Stalin, who returned to Tiflis on January 4, 1904.

His new orders from the Jesuits was to start an underground paper called Credo, denouncing international Marxist ideology of Lenin in favour of the Facist Social-Democratic model of Roman Catholicism. Once the Russo-Japanese War started in February 1904, Stalin was active across Georgia in organizing resistance and focused attacks against the Mensheivik breakaway faction of the communists.

In January 9 1905, Stalin succeeded in starting the spark his masters had requested by successfully arranging a mass demonstration of workers with communist and anti-Tsarist banners in Baku. He then secretly alerted the Cossacks that the demonstration was an armed rebellion. The Cossacks reacted as expected and killed several hundred demonstrators thus sparking the Russian Revolution of 1905.

During the following months, Stalin excelled as guerilla leader in maintaining the rebellion across Georgia. Yet the movement never gained critical mass and Stalin was ordered to redirect his efforts to infiltrating the top echelon of the Bolsheviks. In December 1905, Stalin secured a meeting with Lenin, but failed to gain his trust and endorsement and returned to Tiflis, effectively a free agent.

In February 1906, to prove his credentials to the Bolsheviks, Stalin arranged for the assassination of General Fyodo Griiazanov. He also continued to stage bank robberies and extortions, sending the money through to the Bolsheviks as proof of his trustworthiness.

These event were enough to force Lenin to permit Stalin to attend the Socialist Democratic Party meeting in London in 1907. After returning to Georgia, Stalin was again arrested in March 25, 1908. He was sentenced to two years in exile in Siberia, but after seven months, the Jesuit influence within the Tsarist Government enabled his escape by February 1909.

Around the exact same time, the Bolsheiviks were on the verge of extinction in account of their leaders in prison or exile and a lack of new recuits and funds. Stalin called for a reconciliation with the Menshevik faction, which Lenin opposed. Stalin then called for a major witchunt to weed out alleged double-agents. A number of key Lenin supporters and intelligensia were hounded out and some murdered - later records revealing none were traitors. Stalin was again arrest in 1910 and again in 1913 for four years.

In the wake of the February Revolution in 1917, Stalin was released from prison and moved to Saint Petersburg and promptly founded the Pravda, the official Bolshevik newspaper with substantial finances and equipment that arrived virtually overnight, while Lenin and the rest of the leadership were still in exile.

The Pravda became a major tool of the revolution and Lenin was forced to include Stalin in senior committees on account of the power and influence of Pravda.

Lenin like most of the Bolsheviks regarded Stalin as a double agent of the Jesuits. Their most visible proof was the fact that Stalin had escaped death in prison and the extraordinary and unprecedented leniency given to him by the Tsarist Government - when agitators found guilty of a fraction of the actions of Stalin had been brutally tortured and killed. While the escapes and "near misses" are recorded about the life of Stalin, the fact that he was apparently the "luckiest revolutionary" of the 20th Century is not discussed.

By 1922, the Bolsheviks had won the Civil War, but left the whole country broke. The Rothschilds and the American Jesuit Bankers on Wall Street made a simple offer - they would help fund and bail out new new Soviet Union, providing Stalin was given a key role. Thus on April 3, 1922, Stalin was made General Secretary of the Central Commitee, a post hew subsequently grew to become the most powerful.

In spite of his position, Lenin still sought to thwart the influence of Stalin and in December 1923 it came to a head with Lenin planning to have Stalin finally eliminated. In January 1924, Jesuit Superior General Wlodimir Ledochowski gave the order to Stalin allowing him to kill Lenin and on January 21, 1924, Lenin was poisoned to death at the age of 53.

To quell any rumours of foul play, Stalin published retractions in Pravda against "allegations" that never existed such as Lenin had been mentally unwell and that he even died from Syphilis.

From this point on, Stalin was the most powerful and undisputed ruler of the Soviet Union.

One of the earliest acts of Stalin was to begin the outlawing of the Russian Orthodox Church, allowing seized thousands of churches and schools to be handed over to the Catholic Church- a highly controversal program that has largely been unreported even to this day. By 1939, the Russian Orthodox Church was all but extinct.

Of the other persecutions, the Ukraine and deportation of Jews is also infamous under his reign in which tens of millions perished. But what is rarely if ever published is that the Head of the Death Camps of Siberia was none other than Catholic Cardinal Gregory Agagianian, his former classmate at the Jesuit Seminary of Tiflis.

There is a further and most disturbing note to this Catholic connection concerning the nature of the atrocities of Siberia. While it has been admitted by some historians that a number of concentration camps in Siberia had ovens to burn dead bodies, the lack of sufficient mass graves, even with the use of quick lime to destroy evidence has been found.

This implies that the use of ovens for body disposal must have been in frequent use across the thousands of camps. Furthermore, that people were not dead when fed into the furnaces. Unlike the Nazis who at least used a nerve agent to render people unconscious but living before being fed into the furnaces of the death camps, it appears Stalin and Catholic Cardinal Agagianian had no need for such sensitivity.

Tens of millions of people burnt alive under Satanic Vatican rituals in Siberia - at least three times those of Catholic Dictator Hitler, and not a single book accounting for these major anomolies has made the light of day.

Towards the end of his life, there appears a major falling out between Stalin and the Catholic Church, with Stalin ordering extraordinary suppression orders against the Catholic Church in his final year, including the execution of Lubyanka General Alexander Poskrebyshev---who oversaw the hanging of Vlasov in the Lubyanka---and NKVD General Nicolai Vlasik.

Shortly thereafter, Stalin was poisoned and died on March 5, 1953.


Of publishing a false statement for the purpose of concealment of status: (1900 to present day)

That the Catholic Church, more specifically the Jesuit Order has maintained countless false statements and documents pertaining to the status of Joseph Stalin. That Fr. Joseph Stalin S.J. was a trained, dedicated and fully ordained Catholic priest of the Jesuit order, who was recruited for a historic mission in his final year at the seminary in 1899. That in addition to failing to recognize Fr Joseph Stalin S. J. Furthermore, that the Jesuit Order did permit Fr Stalin to marry not once but twice, while remaining a fully ordained priest. That for his entire life until his death, there is no indication that Fr Joseph Stalin S. J. was ever defrocked as a priest.

Of Murder (political assassination) (1924):

That Jesuit Superior General Wlodimir Ledochowski did order Fr. Joseph Stalin S. murder the leader of Communist Russia on January 21, 1924, aged 53. That Fr. Stalin did act to protect his position and mission as General Secretary of the Communist Party upon the insistence of Lenin that he be removed. That not only did Stalin have Lenin poisioned, but that he did spread rumours upon his ascendancy to absolute power that Lenin has been mentally unwell for the last few years of his reign and had even died from Syphilis.

Of one of the greatest crimes against humanity: (1939-1945)

That the Catholic Church through its deliberate placement of key figures including loyal Catholics Mussolini, Hitler, Franco and Fr Stalin S,J. and through its financing of a second European arms race including the deliberate extension of the war is directly and ultimately responsible for the deaths of in excess of 63,000,000 people between 1939 and 1945. What is of supreme depravity and inhumanity is that this was done by an organization that maintains the façade of being a “good” religion headed by a position known as “his holiness”. Furthermore, that the Catholic Church did profit on this terrible act of evil.

Of open contempt for church law for the purpose of promoting crimes against humanity: (1953 to present)

That the Catholic Church has well established laws and cases of excommunicating individuals after their death from actions considered heretical. That these laws enabling a dead person to be excommunicated have been available for use for over three hundred years. That at the death of Fr. Joseph Stalin S. J. the leader of the Soviet Union in 1953, there was sufficient evidence both that Fr. Stalin was Catholic and had ordered some of the greatest atrocities of human history including reputedly the death of over 60,000,000 innocent people. That at no time since the end of Word War II until the present day has any Pope ever sought to excommunicate Fr. Stalin S. J. That such inaction, and deliberate concealement of his status even until his death of being a fully empowered Catholic priest and of even being Catholic by itself implies the tacit support of Stalin’s actions, regardless of any public statement by the Vatican to the contrary. Furthermore, such inaction voids any legality, or credibility of the excommunication and heresy investigation process of the Catholic Church as such inaction by the Vatican is in open contempt for church law. That all excommunications since 1953 are to be considered suspect and potentially invalid due to the nullification of the credibility of such law.

One correction: Stalin's parents were Orthodox, not Roman Catholic.

Great article!

Brother Eric

GSS: One may as well condemn Judaism because many Jews were communists.

TS: [Heretical, anti-Judaism, Masonic & Sabbatean, racial Jews]

GSS: The Church cannot be responsible for the fact that some of its members are sinners. Stalin had entered a seminary (at the urging of his devout mother, to study as an orthodox priest, but soon left and spent 30 years persecuting the Church.

TS: [Among his prime & achieved goals was the wiping out of Russian Orthodox Christians & Jews. It is notable to that in 1922 he readmitted the Jesuits to Russia for the first time in a century, while appearing to be anti-aristocracy by expelling the Knights of Malta five years earlier]

GSS: Trotsky and many other Bolshevik leaders were Jews.

TS: [Heretical, anti-Judaism, Masonic & Sabbatean, racial Jews]

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"Every Reformer, without exception, spoke of the papacy as Antichrist" - R. Allen Anderson, Unfolding the Revelation, p.137

The Roman Catholic church has always 'claimed' to be walking "with" Christ. Just as Judas "kissed" Christ, so has Rome "kissed" His Truth. They "softly and gently" send their wolves forward wearing the clothing of a little lamb so as to gentle draw the masses away from Christ. They betray Christ as soft as the kiss of JUDAS!

Arnulf Bishop of Orleans (Roman Catholic)

"deplored the roman popes as "monsters of guilt" and declared in a council called by the King of France in 991ad that the pontiff, clad in purple and gold, was, "Antichrist, sitting in the temple of God, and showing himself as God" - Phillip Schaff, History of the Christian church, 8 vols., reprint of the 3d (1910)ed. (Grand Rapids Mich.: Wm. B Eerdmans Publishing Co., n.d.)

Eberhard II, archbishop of Salzburg (Roman Catholic)

"stated at a synod of bishops held at Regensburg in 1240 (some scholars say 1241) that the people of his day were "accustomed" to calling the pope antichrist." -LeRoy Edwin Froom, The Prophetic Faith of our Fathers, 4 vols. (Wash DC: Review and Herald publishing assc, 1950-1954)

John Wycliffe

"When the western church was divided for about 40 years between two rival popes, one in Rome and the other in Avigon, France, each pope called the other pope antichrist - and John Wycliffe is reputed to have regarded them as both being right: "two halves of Antichrist, making up the perfect Man of Sin between them." -Ibid

Martin Luther (Lutheran)

"We here are of the conviction that the papacy is the seat of the true and real Antichrist...personally I declare that I owe the Pope no other obedience than that to Antichrist." (Aug. 18, 1520) Taken from The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers, Vol. 2., pg. 121 by Froom. (In response to a papal bull [official decree]): "I despise and attack it, as impious, false... It is Christ Himself who is condemned therein... I rejoice in having to bear such ills for the best of causes. Already I feel greater liberty in my heart; for at last I know that the pope is antichrist, and that his throne is that of Satan himself." --D'Aubigné, b.6, ch. 9.

Cotton Mather (Congregational Theologian)

"The oracles of God foretold the rising of an Antichrist in the Christian Church: and in the Pope of Rome, all the characteristics of that Antichrist are so marvelously answered that if any who read the Scriptures do not see it, there is a marvelous blindness upon them." Taken from The Fall of Babylon by Cotton Mather in Froom's book, The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers, Vol. 3, pg. 113.

John Wesley (Methodist)

Speaking of the Papacy he said, "He is in an emphatical sense, the Man of Sin, as he increases all manner of sin above measure. And he is, too, properly styled the Son of Perdition, as he has caused the death of numberless multitudes, both of his opposers and followers... He it is...that exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped...claiming the highest power, and highest honour...claiming the prerogatives which belong to God alone." Taken from Antichrist and His Ten Kingdoms by John Wesley, pg. 110.

Ellen G. White (Seven Day Adventists)

"This compromise between paganism and Christianity resulted in the development of "the man of sin" foretold in prophecy as opposing and exalting himself above God. That gigantic system of false religion is a masterpiece of Satan's power--a monument of his efforts to seat himself upon the throne to rule the earth according to his will.

Thomas Cranmer (Anglican)

"Whereof it followeth Rome to be the seat of antichrist, and the pope to be very antichrist himself. I could prove the same by many other scriptures, old writers, and strong reasons." (Referring to prophecies in Revelation and Daniel.) Taken from Works by Cranmer, Vol. 1, pp. 6-7.

Roger Williams (First Baptist Pastor in America)

He spoke of the Pope as "the pretended Vicar of Christ on earth, who sits as God over the Temple of God, exalting himself not only above all that is called God, but over the souls and consciences of all his vassals, yea over the Spirit of Christ, over the Holy Spirit, yea, and God himself...speaking against the God of heaven, thinking to change times and laws; but he is the son of perdition (II Thess. 2)." Taken from The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers by Froom, Vol. 3, pg. 52.

1689 London Baptist Confession

Chapter 26: Of the Church. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Head of the church, in whom, by the appointment of the Father, all power for the calling, institution, order or government of the church, is invested in a supreme and sovereign manner; neither can the Pope of Rome in any sense be head thereof, but is that antichrist, that man of sin, and son of perdition, that exalteth himself in the church against Christ, and all that is called God; whom the Lord shall destroy with the brightness of his coming. ( Colossians 1:18; Matthew 28:18-20; Ephesians 4:11, 12; 2 Thessalonians 2:2-9 )

John Knox (Scotch Presbyterian)

Knox wrote to abolish "that tyranny which the pope himself has for so many ages exercised over the church" and that the pope should be recognized as "the very antichrist, and son of perdition, of whom Paul speaks." Taken from The Zurich Letters, pg. 199 by John Knox.

John Calvin (Presbyterian)

"Some persons think us too severe and censorious when we call the Roman pontiff Antichrist. But those who are of this opinion do not consider that they bring the same charge of presumption against Paul himself, after whom we speak and whose language we adopt... I shall briefly show that (Paul's words in II Thess. 2) are not capable of any other interpretation than that which applies them to the Papacy." Taken from Institutes by John Calvin.


Whereas: The mass media has captivated the world with the activities of Pope John Paul II during his visit to the Holy Land in March 2000; and

Whereas: The Vatican and the Lutheran World Federation have signed, in October, 1999 a joint declaration of accord on the doctrine of justification (only the synods of Wisconsin and Missouri dissented); and

Whereas: In the middle of February, 200, PLO chairman Yasser Arafat met with Pope John Paul II at the vatican to sign an agreement regarding the future of Jerusalem that warned Israel against any unilateral decision affecting Jerusalem; and

Whereas: Bob Jones University has been unjustly slandered for anti-catholic bias by Senators McCain, Torricelli, Hollings and the liberal mass media; and

Whereas: The House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress has just appointed a Roman Catholic priest as its chaplain for the first time, March 23, 2000; and

Whereas: Pope John Paul II has declared the year 2000 a "Great Jubilee Year" for Roman Catholics that establishes the restoration of indulgences, THE VERY ISSUE THAT PROMPTED MARTIN LUTHER TO DRAFT THE 95 THESES IN OCTOBER OF 1517: papal spokesman Timothy Shugrue states, "The indulgence is one of the spiritual privleges extended during Jubilee. It is a way of applying the merits of the good deeds of the saints and the Virgin Mary and Christ Himself to the rest of us.";

Therefore: ... the Roman Catholic Church, Mystery, Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots and abominations of the earth (Rev 17:5) constitutes the greatest threat to fundamental Christianity in the 21st century! The Roman Catholic Church has long since forsaken the Bible alone, Grace alone, faith alone, and Christ alone. There should be no confraternity with this apostate church in ministerial associations...

Rev. 18:4, "And I heard a another voice from heaven, saying, come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sin, and that ye recieve not her plagues."



The Noahide Laws of Orthodox Judaism are merely a portion of codified Canon Law of Rome under a Jewish Orthodox garb. The Babylonian Talmud is a work of the priests of Rome using certain of their Jewish rabbis. Today, the high Orthodox Rabbis are the masonic servants of the Pope of Rome controlled by the Black Pope. In 1946 the Jesuit Order lifted its ban on racial Jews becoming Jesuits.

The ADL is an arm of Rome as it had worked with Freemasonic Jesuit Augustin Cardinal Bea. The pope's ADL gives out its "Cardinal Bea Interfaith Award." We are in "the times of the Gentiles" when Gentiles rule Jerusalem and thus the world. Jewish leaders have no king but Caesar---the Papal Caesar in Rome.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric






Q: Hi Eric,

I have a question regarding Revelations (well actually I have alot of questions but don’t know where to get answers).

I was reading chapter 17 of Revelations. I know there are some who claim it is a reference to the Vatican and Roman Catholic Church, but I don’t see why the chapter was written in the style it was, and what does alot of it mean.

EJP: It is indeed Rome as per 17:18. The woman is a city that sits on seven mountains/hills and politically rules over the kings of the earth. This is the pope’s temporal power controlling the governments of all nations.

Q: 17.2 with whom the kings of the earth commited fornication??? If that is supposed to refer to the Pope, why was the word “fornication” used, I will assume the kings is intended to mean political leaders, or does it merely mean royal kings, and I will also assume the leaders or kings haven’t been fornicating with the Pope. This would suggest that the quote doesn’t really mean anything if they haven’t been fornicating with each other.

EJP: It is an unclean political union that violates the Lord’s creation of individual sovereign nations. The woman is the city; the fornication is the unclean union, and the kings are the political leaders committing this unclean political union of their nations with the city of Rome.

Q: More specifically I am thinking about the next lines

17.3 So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. 17:4 And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour,

EJP: Purple is the color worn by all Bishops and Archbisops, and Red is the color worn by all the Cardinals.

Q: and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls,

EJP: Rome parades her gold and precious stones throughout the Vatican.

Q: having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:

EJP: That golden cup is the cup the pope uses to celebrate the unbloody sacrifice of the mass. This is the satanic, entrancing religion that entices the kings of the earth to unite with her political power.


Ok, I have seen it suggested the seven heads can refer to the seven hills around Rome, but what is the ten horns???

EJP: That answer is found in Rev.17:10. The ten horns are ten kings that will give their governmental power to the Beast, the coming risen pope.

Q: It says they are kings without kingdoms, but who does it mean, is it a reference to Cardinals in Rome, or people of other religions, or who exactly, and it is precise about 10 of them.

EJP: They are yet future, yet to come.

Q: It says the 10 horns or kings will hate the woman? I don’t quite follow, as I understand it the 10 kings were with the “whore”, but then at the same time they devoured her, so what exactly is the book trying to say.

EJP: The ten kings will give their power to the Beast, the risen pope. The ten kings will then be used by the Beast to destroy the city in which houses the Vatican. It is the Beast and his ten kings that will destroy Roman Catholicism. Until that time, it will never cease to exist although its power may be dimished as it was during the Reformation.

Q: 17.16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

And why does it say it will be written “mystery babylon the great the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth”. I can’t imagine anyone openly writing those words on their forhead in the Vatican.

EJP: The Woman is the city of Rome. Rome is identified as Mystery Babyon as per that name written on the forehead of the woman symbolizing Rome.

Q: And why Babylon the great, if the Revelation is supposed to refer to Rome, then why not say Rome instead of Babylon, unless the Vatican was to move to Babylon or Rome was to be renamed Babylon.

EJP: Rome is a literal city as per 17:18, and yet serves as a spiritual, religious Babylon in Rev.17. A literal city of policial, commercial Babylon is the Babylon of Rev. 18. Thus you are right. After the dead pope is risen from the dead and becomes the Beast, the devil’s world capital will be moved from Rome—then destroyed by the ten kings—to a literal rebuilt city of Babylon in the land of Shinar (Zechariah 5:5-11) which is also called Chaldea at that time of the end (Isa. 13:19), which we call Iraq today, in which will be the capital of the future King of Babylon (Isa. 14:4). That coming King of Babylon will be indwelt by Lucifer (Isa. 14:12-17), the devil who was cast out of heaven at mid-trib (Rev. 12:9, 13), who will then possess the body of the dead pope becoming the Beast (Rev. 13:3-5), who will then be that man of sin, the son of perdition (II Thess. 2:3) to rule the entire world for 42 months (Rev. 11:2) with the international city of Jerusalem serving as the religious capital of the world hosting a Third Hebrew Temple in its midst (Dan. 9:27; 12:11).

Q: How can we assume that Revelation 17 is refering to the Vatican, considering Babylon is mentioned?

EJP: Addressed above.

Q: Do you interpret the beast power of Revelation 13:11 as the United States?

EJP: No. Revelation 13:1-2 refer to the Fourth World Empire (called a beast) as revealed in Daniel 7:7. “The little horn” of Daniel 8:9-14 refers to Antiochus Epiphanes, who was a type of the coming Roman antichrist, he also being described as “the little horn” of Daniel 7:8. Revelation 13:3-18 refers to a man (who is also called a beast). That man-beast has a number, 666 (Rev. 13:18). That man-beast is also “the little horn” of Daniel 7:8. That little horn is a man with eyes and a mouth of a man. That man, yet to be revealed, is the final pope, murdered and risen from the dead, inhabited by the devil for 42 months. This man will be son of perdition of II Thess, 2:3, the antichrist of I John 2:18.

Q: How long will it be until they reveal the AntiChrist? Who do you think the AntiChrist is?

EJP: I believe that the Lord will appear for the physical bodies of his believers which compose His Church which is his Body, called the Body of Christ. The dead bodies will rise first, and those who have not physically died will be changed and caught up to be with the Lord and so shall we ever be with the Lord. (I Thess 4:13-18). Sometime thereafter the Roman pope will make a covenant or treaty with many nations including Israel for seven years. This will begin the Seventieth Week of Daniel. At mid trib the pope will be killed with a mortal wound while at that moment the devil will be cast out of heaven to the earth. He will indwell the pope’s dead body and the pope will be brought back to life to be the Beast of Rev. 13:3-18.

Best Regards

Brother Eric


Q: Dear Brother Eric,

I believe that Revelation 17:10-11 describes a risen pope.

EJP: Excellent.

Q: You talk about a risen pope too, and I suspect that our beliefs are very similar. My question to you is, are the coffin rituals used by Freemasonry and Skull and Bones initiation ceremonies a ritual enactment of this soon coming risen pope?

EJP: Absolutely.

Q: Is encoded into these coffin rituals a demonstration of esoteric demonic prophecy? Do they actually ritually foretell the story of what is actually about to transpire?

EJP: Absolutely. The devil has sought to be worshipped through a man by all peoples since the fall of Adam. The story of the Phoenix, the dying unclean bird rising from the dead out his own ashes, is a universal allegory of the devil’s plan for the future risen Papal Caesar. The same is true for the Christ-mass tree. It is cut down, and then symbolically brought back to life when placed in water inside the house with a “star” placed on top of the tree. That star is Satan, once Lucifer when he was the covering cherub over the throne of God, now giving life to the cut-down tree and illuminating the house. Both the Phoenix and the Christmass tree are perfect illustrations of the coming seventh king/Caesar/Pope of Revelation 17:10.

Q: Has this possibility ever occurred to you? This came to me while prayerfully meditating on the scriptures last night.

While meditating on Revelation 17:10-11, suddenly it occurred to me that, in the Freemasonic ritual, the candidate is accosted by “3 ruffians”, the last of which strikes a mortal blow ritually killing the candidate who plays the role of the Masonic Messiah Hiram Abiff who supposedly built Solomon’s Temple. He is lowered into a casket and ritually buried. Then the candidate is raised by “the Lion’s grip” (lion/Babylon/RCC) back to life and illuminated.

EJP: The lion is in this context, the devil. The devil is likened to a lion in I Peter 5:8. At the middle of the Seventieth Week of years as spoken of by Gabriel to the prophet Daniel, the King/Caesar/pope is killed. This is the mortal sword wound of the man who will become “the beast” of Revelation 13:3 and 12. At the time the pope rises from the dead becoming the beast, the devil is cast out of heaven and confined to the earth (Rev. 12:9). He then indwells the body of the pope and is given power to bring the dead pope back to life. The human spirit and soul of the man is brought back into the body of the dead pope and Satan also indwells that same body. As Satan entered Judas (John 13:27), even so will Satan enter the body of the risen pope. Both Judas and the Antichrist/Beast/Risen Pope are called sons of perdition (John 17:12; II Thess. 2:3). The “beast” of Revelation 13:1-2 is the fourth world kingdom; the “beast” of Revelation 13:3-18 is the man illustrated as the wounded head of 13:3. Further, the number of the beast, 666 (seen throughout the Vatican), is the number, not of a kingdom but of “a man” (13:18). As you know, the universal product code is based on 666 so that during the Great Tribulation (the last half of the 70th Week) no one will be able to buy or sell without the use of that number as well as the mark or the name of the beast. I am guessing that the name of the risen pope turned Antichrist will be “SET” and his mark may well be either the six-pointed hexagram, erroneously called “the star of David,” or “IHS. The scriptures are not specific as to this speculation, however.

Q: Is this the risen pope? Is the candidate, playing the role of Hiram Abiff who the Masons believe “built Solomon’s Temple” really none other than the coming risen pope who will rebuild Solomon’s Temple?

EJP: Yes. The risen pope, via his Masonic Knights Templars (Templars referring to the Temple, i.e., Knights of the Temple of Solomon) will have already built the Third Hebrew Temple. (Every Masonic temple is patterned after Solomon’s temple.)It will be in use during the first 3 1/2 years of the Seventieth Week. For at mid-week, for the sacrifice and oblation to cease, there must be a Temple and a Hebrew priesthood in Jerusalem.

Q: The Skull and Bones ritual is very similar, but it contains an advanced development. The candidate is presented before “3 statues”. One is a likeness of the pope. The candidate must kiss his toe. The second is a likeness of Hiram Abiff, the “builder of Solomon’s Temple”. And the third is a likeness of Don Quixote, who is actually none other than Ignatius Loyola, whose real first name was Don. Don Quixote (the Jesuit General) strikes the candidate with a SWORD and makes him a “Knight of Eulogia”. Eulogia is an ancient term used to describe what is now known as the Eucharist.

EJP: GREAT FIND! This makes total sense now! Further, I just ordered a book on how the first Taft who was in Skull and Bones did all that he could to benefit the Papacy. Further, the Knights of Columbus also employ the skull and bones symbol with black and silver—the uniform color of the Nazi SS. I have the symbol in VAIII. Skull and Bones–the Knights of the Eucharist!!!!!! This perfectly explains the domestic and foreign policies of Knight George Bush.

Q: I found this fact on the New Advent website, an official website of the RCC. Then the candidate is lowered nude into a casket and must reveal all his sexual indiscretions and fantasies thereby swearing himself to secrecy on pain of blackmail. Then he is raised or “born again” in illumination. Is this a detailed foretelling of the soon to be resurrected pope as you and I believe?

EJP: Correct!

Q: Has the greatest Satanic deception ever to be perpetrated upon mankind been for centuries foretold and ritually rehearsed in all these esoteric Masonic burial and resurrection rituals?

EJP: Yes.

Q: In these regards, JPII was buried in a wood coffin engraven with an esoteric cross and letter M (Masonic).

EJP: The M stands for Melchisedec, the Priest-King of Salem—Jerusalem.

Q: That wooden coffin was placed in a leaden coffin with a skull and crossbones (Jesuit trademark) engraven on it. Then that leaden coffin was solder sealed (for which purpose seems blatantly obvious to me NOW), and then placed in another coffin before burial. Despite the usual and historical secrecy maintained by the Vatican surrounding the burial of popes, the Vatican actually published pictures of all this stuff. I saw them on Thomas Richard’s site. I find these startling revelations almost as a theatrical set up for what is about to literally happen.

EJP: Agreed. They are looking for the coming risen pope. But that is years in the future. By that time JPII’s body will be dust. The murdered pope will be brought back to life within days of his murder.

Q: Now rumors are floating that the Vatican can’t detect a body in JPII’s grave. Obviously they have used some sort of ground penetrating radar to examine the grave. Why do all of this if they didn’t have something well up their sleeve?

I’m telling you, Eric. The Vatican is preparing the world for the greatest deception ever known to man! And I now believe that this has not only been known, but has been ritually rehearsed by Satan’s minions for thousands of years.

EJP: Agreed, and with the aid of the Black Pope’s International Intelligence Community perfected during the pope’s Cold War.

Q: Many condemn me for giving credit to Satan as having the ability to “give life” or “raise the dead” as though it were some kind of apostasy crept into my beliefs. But everybody has forgotten the example set forth in II Samuel of the Witch at Endor who raised a demon impersonating Samuel.

EJP: That was Samuel in fact. That is why the witch screamed; he was not her typical demon.

Q: And our Witch at Rome is about to do the very same thing!

God said, “thou shalt not suffer a WITCH to live”. We are supposed to starve that witch, and all her harlot daughters pursuant to Revelation 18:4. But we’ve not only fed her, but we’ve gotten back in bed with her, and now she’s going to raise up JPII to deceive the whole world.

EJP: Agreed, but the risen pope will be another, final pope to the exclusion of Benedict XVI also.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric


Q: Hi Eric

I have also researched the issue of the Vatican and Jesuits and have found it to be as you say, that they are the ones causing all the wars and suffering on the planet and have been doing so for hundreds of years as described in the Bible. I do however have a few issues to bring up about your message.

You seem to imply that the Jews are still God’s chosen people. I disagree with this and the Bible makes this issue very clear. I’d like to refer to some texts from the Bible. Luke 13: 34-35. The Jews rejected Jesus and the prophets. This was also prophesied in Daniel 9, in the 70 week prophecy. It was when the Jews stoned Stephen that the message went to the Gentiles because the Jews had rejected the message. I was listening to one of your interviews with Greg Szymansnki and you said that Jesus cannot return until the Jews have been fully reinsated in Israel. Matthew 24:14 says, And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

EJP: It is clear. The nation of Israel composed of the racial descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (and thus Jacob’s twelve sons who fathered the twelve tribes of Israel spoken of by Christ in Matt. 19:28) has been “blinded” (II Corinthians 3:14-16) and set aside according to Romans 11:25. That blindness will continue until “the fulness of the Gentiles” is completed (Rom.11:25). Presently, the nation of Israel, is spiritually “not my people.” (Hosea 1:9). Physically, the nation is still bound by the unconditional promise given to Abraham in Genesis 15:7-21. Therefore, when I say that the Jews/Hebrews are still God’s chosen people, I mean this physically at present according to the Abrahamic covenant. There are racial Jews who are also spiritual Jews in Christ with circumcised hearts (Romans 2:29) and they are referred to as “the Israel of God.” Galatians 6:16 . The “elect” Jews have obtained salvation “in Christ” during this “dispensation of the grace of God” (Eph. 3:2), but the rest of the nation has been blinded (Rom. 11:7). That national blindness will continue until the nation is granted repentence at the second coming of Messiah to the Mt. of Olives (Zechariah 12:9-10).

Q: The coming of Christ is dependent on the preaching of the Gospel, not the Jews.

EJP: Disagreed. The coming of Christ is according to the day which God the Father has pre-ordained, not any other human act or work. The gospel will be preached until the predetermined “fulness of the Gentiles” is come in, but that fulness will coincide with the “times and the seasons” God the Father has put in his own power (Acts 1:7). The decree of God and not the will of man has determined the second coming of Christ as well as the appearing of Christ for the bodies of his church prior to the Seventieth Week of Daniel.

Q: You say yourself that the Jesuits have been instrumental in brining the Jews back to Israel for the purposes of making them fight with the Moslems so that ultimatley the Pope gets Jerusalem. I agree with this, but it is not God who’s sending them back, it’s the Jesuits.

EJP: No, God is bringing them back to their land according to Ezekiel 38:8, Zech. 12:6-8; Isa. 28:14-18, etc. They must be in the land of Israel and a third temple must be built if the words of Jesus Christ will be literally fulfilled in Matt. 24:15. But the devil is also bringing them back via his Jesuits for the purpose of attempting their final annihilation in one geographic location (Rev. 12:5-6, 14-15). If the devil has his way, Israel will be the graveyard for the world’s Jews. But the risen Son of God who is a Jew by race will save his people as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah—a most racial term. Genesis 49:10-12.

Q: Jesus is not dependent on a people who have rejected him.

EJP: Of course not! All power or authority in heaven and earth has been given to the risen Lord Jesus Christ (Matt.28:18).

Q: The Jews thought they were superior to everyone else, but God showed that they were not.

EJP: Then, they were superior as per the Abrahamic Covenant and the Mosaic Law. The spiritual supremacy of the racial Jew/Hebrew over the racial Gentile is evident in Romans 3:1-2 and Ephesians 2:11-12. But “in Christ” is that “middle wall of partition” broken down and now racial Jew and racial Gentile are one, spiritually and postionally, “in Christ.” But our racial, cultural and even sexual differences are not to be done away with simply because we are all one “in Christ.” Christ will maintain our racial and national differences in heaven as evident in Revelaiton 5:8-9 and 21:24. Those differences are to the glory of God the Father.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric




[1] Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
[2] Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:
[3] And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.


[18] Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.
[19] They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.
[20] But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things.
[21] I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth.
[22] Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

We are in the midst of many False Prophets as spoken of in 1 John 4:1. Whether or not either of them are THE False Prophet of Revelation 16:13 - 20:10 is another matter. THE Antichrist of 1 John 2:18 (that some refer to as the False Messiah), is the same as the Beast (666) of Revelation 13:1 - 20:10.

Regardless of the identities of the Antichrist (False Messiah) & the False Prophet (& any forerunner False Prophets), the (Great Red) Dragon of Revelation 12:2 - 20:2 is Satan (Lucifer), the Devil (Revelation 20:2 & 20:10), his spirit dwelling within the King of [a literal, rebuilt] Babylon (Isaiah 14, Revelation 18), also known as the Beast (666) (Revelation 13), from the moment that he is healed after "one of his heads" is wounded to death.

Revelation 13:3 "And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast..."

The Pope gives power unto all Kings & the US President is the American King, but Satan, the Devil gives power unto all Popes (who wear Red over the White). Thus I deduce that the Beast (666) is either the Presidency or the Papacy & the "wounded head" is either the last US President or the last Pope.

Now consider "the great whore that sitteth upon many waters", the Woman (Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots & Abominations of the Earth) arrayed in purple & scarlet colour & the Scarlet Coloured Beast with Seven Heads that are the seven mountains that she "sits" upon. This "woman" of Revelation 17:1-18 is Rome ("that great city which reigneth over the kings of the earth" - Revelation 17:18). Thus she is the Roman Catholic Church's upper hierarchy referred to as "Rome." She is the embodiment of the Vatican Cardinals & Archbishops who dress in purple & scarlet & the seven "mountains" are the renowned Seven Hills of Rome (For more on Rome's Seven Hill see: Note that Rome is the spiritual Babylon of Revelation 17, while the Babylon of Revelation 18 is temporal (physical & to be rebuilt) is to be ruled by THE Beast.

The Scarlet Coloured Beast is the Vatican College of Cardinals, clothed in scarlet red. (For more on the Cardinals attire see: This Scarlet Coloured Beast not the same as THE Beast (666) though, which is THE Antichrist. The latter is an individual & may well be the Final Pope.

Note too that both Revelation 16:13 & 20:10 clearly refer to the Dragon/Devil, the Beast & the False Prophet as three distinct entities.

- TS



Re: Can you clear up the case of Leo Taxil?‏
From: Eric Phelps
Sent: 24 October 2007 16:24:14
To: Daniël Muller
Dear Daniel,

You need to consult Craig Heimbichner's Blood on the Altar, (2005). Therein he proves that Leo Taxil was privy to high Masonic rites and secrets. You must also read Leo Lehman's Behind the Dictators (1942). Therein he reveals the Jesuit connection to Taxil. Backed by the Jesuits and given secrets of the Craft which he openly revealed, Taxil then "admits" his claims were all a lie and deception. I wonder where he received his secret knowlege of the Craft? Could it have been from Pope Leo XIII's Cardinal Secretary of State, Mariano Rampolla del Tindaro (1843-1913) who was a member of the highest Masonic brotherhood of the day, the Order of Oriental Templars (OTO)?

The purpose of the Order in using Taxil was to bring disbelief among the peoples that Freemasonry was evil. (Remember that the Black Pope's International Invisible Empire of Freemasonry was his vehicle in subduing all nations to the Temporal Power of the pope.) Taxil was used to discredit those who were exposing the occult, Satanic religion of Freemasonry, which included the great the learned and godly ex-Worshippful Master and ex-Romanist, Edmond Ronayne who wrote The Master's Carpet: Masonry and Baal-Worship Identical; Reviewing the Similarity Between Masonry, Romanism and "The Mysteries," and Comparing the Whole with the Bible, (1887).

What Taxil attributed to Pike, was absolutely true. I use the quote frequently.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric

----- Original Message -----
From: Daniël Muller
To: Eric Phelps
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 11:35 AM
Subject: Can you clear up the case of Leo Taxil?

I have a question about Gabriel Antoine Jogand-Pages (Leo Taxil). Is this quote from Albert Pike or not? So not, it's a very interesting case knowing that the Jesuits control Freemasonry and Leo Taxil was educated by the Jesuits. Leo Taxil ''suddenly converted to Catholicism in the 1885'' In 1887 Taxil even had an audience with Pope Leo XIII, who subsequently sanctioned his anti-Masonic campaign. Quote:

Albert Pike, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish-Rite, Southern Jurisdiction

'That which we must say to the crowd is -- We worship a God, but it is the God that one adores without superstition.

'To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees -- The Masonic religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the of purity of the Luciferian doctrine.

'If Lucifer were not God, would Adonay whose deeds prove his cruelty, perfidy, and hatred of man, barbarism and repulsion for science, would Adonay and his priests, calumniate him?

'Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also God. For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, for the absolute can only exist as two Gods: darkness being necessary to light to serve as its foil as the pedestal is necessary to the statue, and the brake to the locomotive.

'In analogical and universal dynamics one can only lean on that which will resist. Thus the universe is balanced by two forces which maintain its equilibrium: the force of attraction and that of repulsion. These two forces exist in physics, philosophy and religion. And the scientific reality of the divine dualism is demonstrated by the phenomena of polarity and by the universal law of sympathies and antipathies. That is why the intelligent disciples of Zoroaster, as well as, after them, the Gnostics, the Manicheans and the Templars have admitted, as the only logical metaphysical conception, the system of the two divine principles fighting eternally, and one cannot believe the one inferior in power to the other.

'Thus, the doctrine of Satanism is a heresy; and the true and pure philosophic religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of Adonay; but Lucifer, God of Light and God of Good, is struggling for humanity against Adonay, the God of Darkness and Evil.'"

A. C. De La Rive in La Femme et l'Enfant dans la Franc-Maconnerie Universelle (page 588).

This is Abbe Clarin de la Rive footnote in his book La Fernroe et L'Enfant dans la Franc-Maconnerie Universelle (Woman and Child in Universal Freemasonry). It refers to Diana Vaughan, the so called ''creation of Leo Taxil''.

The footnote:

It was the Sister Diana Vaughan that Albert Pike,--in order to give her the greatest mark of confidence, charged to carry his luciferian encyclical, to Paris, during the Universal Exposition." [i]
[i] Abbe Clarin de la Rive, La Fernroe et L'Enfant dans la Franc-Maconnerie Universelle. Paris: Delhomme & Briquet, Editeurs, 1894, p. 589.

The quote above doesn't contradict Pike his other writings (like Morals and Dogma), so i find it very interesting all these Masons say Pike didn't say these things, they say Leo Taxil wrote it. it's a stinkin' case..

Thank you for your work






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