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Members of the Divine Nine have often been heard making this statement regarding their organizations: “It’s not for everybody,” and they are right; IT’S CERTAINLY NOT FOR CHRISTIANS! No I am not saying that the Divine Nine is THEE Anti-Christ, but I am saying that it is being empowered by the spirit of anti-Christ, for the Bible tells us that it [the anti-Christ spirit] is already in the world (I John 4:3).
Would you go to the doctor every week with an illness and refuse the cure? The Church is for the saved and sinners who want to be saved, not sinners who want to stay sinners. The modern day church is in terrible condition; it is in a state of apostasy, as the Bible says it would be in the last days. The apostle Paul spoke against allowing sinners who don’t want to change to stay in the church because if they are allowed to stay, they will defile and corrupt the church.

The reason that I have been called to this particular ministry is because the Lord wants this deception to stop being promoted and supported by His Church. The devil already has the world, so the LORD is not overly concerned about them. He knows that it’s in a sinner’s nature to pledge, but when Christians start being misled into pledging, then the church has a problem. My pastor has a great quote: “Have you ever seen a cat bark and a dog meow? I don’t expect sinners to act like Christians, but I do expect for the Christians NOT to act like sinners.”

I urge every Christian across this nation to be sure to show this website to anyone who is interested in joining a Divine Nine organization; anyone that’s going through the pledge process presently; or those who are already members. Please read the material in its ENTIRETY in order to get a clear and concise understanding of the spiritual powers at work within the Divine Nine. The best way to do this is to print the information and take it back to your dorms and apartments. Take your time and take it all in. I guarantee that once you do this, it will be completely clear that the Divine Nine is not of God, and Christians will be able to see that it does not line up with the word of God.

Current members do not be afraid of conviction. If it were not for the conviction of the Holy Spirit causing me to turn from a sinful lifestyle, I would not be saved today. I did not call a carnal pastor, a carnal ministry, or carnal and/or unsaved friend to make me feel better about my sinful condition. No, I fell to my knees and called on the blood of Jesus Christ for deliverance.

People always ask me, “So are you saying that I am going to hell because I am a part of the Divine Nine?” Allow me to rephrase this question. What makes you think that you can promote, support, or involve yourself in the works of the devil and still inherit the kingdom of God? Furthermore, I am calling for Christians all across the United States to take a stand against the active and overt promotion of Divine Nine membership right inside the house of God. In addition, concerning college campuses ALL campus ministries need to take a stand against it - that this is not of God therefore not for Christians.

The devil already has the world (the unsaved), so they can join if they want. He wants the church (the saved). In addition, ALL Christians need to stop supporting their events, especially the probate shows and the parties, which I should not even have to mention. This includes ALL events, no matter what it is, unless you are going in there to minister to them. The reason for this is because if you support their stuff, you make them think that they are okay when they are not. I also would like to urge all pastors to take a stand against the promotion and support of the Divine Nine in your churches. If anyone does not understand the stance that’s been made herein, I truly believe that you will once you’ve read the contents of this site in its entirety.

I find it funny what so called Christians will defend these days. For example, at my job, a so called Christian said he was uncomfortable because I turned off sinful, foul, not-of-God Hip Hop. What’s ironic is that the man who professes to be a Satanist at my job said that if any music he played caused me to be uncomfortable, that he would turn it off, and even asked me if I wanted to play some gospel music. So called Christians will not contend for the gospel of Jesus Christ but will contend for worldly music, worldly organizations, and defend worldly people.

Well here we are in 2006, and Christians are once again worshipping and exalting false gods, as they once did all throughout the Old Testament. The entire Old Testament leads up to the first coming of Christ when he died on the cross. We are simply moving back through the Old Testament and leading up to when Christ will return for his church. History always repeats itself. The Lord always had to send messengers to go and tell his people to stop exalting and worshipping false gods and now at the present time, He’s doing that very same thing all over again.

The goal of this website is not to speak out against hazing but to expose the Divine Nine as an anti-Christ system that is drawing Christians and endangering their souls. The “enablers section” proves why it does not matter whether an organization is one that hazes or not, because the entire system is not of God; it is of the world. Therefore a Christian cannot be a part of it in either way. Satan is a deceiver and an imitator of God, and he is the spirit behind the Divine Nine. If Christians still read and diligently study the Bible, they would understand how the enemy works but unfortunately, they don’t.

The Bible is a Spiritual book, therefore you must become a spiritual being in order to understand the Bible. The only way that you can do that is to be Born Again of the Spirit of God. Many wonder why they cannot understand the Bible: It’s because you are not spiritual! Satan is a fallen angel and knows the Bible. Therefore, he deceives Christians into thinking that they can embrace things and partake of things that are of him. He also knows that if he can get them to do that, then they will never be Born Again of God. The enemy is well aware that the Spirit of Christ will not connect with a person whose body is full of anti-Christ spirits, which are oftentimes unclean spirits that are the result of music and/or organizations that they have allowed to minister/affect to their minds and hearts. God is holy and His Spirit will only dwell in holy atmospheres.

Please understand that there is no way that I could have discovered all of these things on my own. I give God all the glory for this, for it is only with the guidance of the Holy Spirit that I have been able to put this together so quickly. When the Lord first called me to do this, He told me to act right away-- that He has raised me up for a specific time, place, and purpose. The time is obviously now; the place is Bowling Green State University; and the purpose is to expose the truth about the Divine Nine. Why just the Divine Nine? The Lord has not led me to deal with any of the other councils of “Greek” life. I will only do what he leads me to do regarding this


Have you ever known a medical doctor who’s never studied medicine? Similarly, there is no such thing as a Christian who does not want to read and study the Word. The Bible calls Christians disciples. In fact, the term “Christian” is rarely mentioned, but Jesus said IF you continue in my word THEN you are my disciples indeed. If you don’t like the Word, then you don’t like God, because He is the Word made flesh! Therefore, I will prove with the Word why the Divine Nine is not an original creation from the Mind of God, but is in fact, empowered by the spirit of anti-Christ. I need the saints to pray without ceasing for the hearts of the members of these organizations, and for those interested and/or going through the pledge process right now. Most of all, I need the Saints to spread this site all across the nation by any means necessary, use the “facebook” e-mail, call people, pass out flyers, or whatever. We are the laborers and the harvest is ripe. Let’s clean up the church!


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