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The left right paradigm


Caught in the Crossfire: The False Left-Right Paradigm and the Deception of the American People

By Kevin Newsom

For the past several months we have been besieged by politicians, demagogues, and media pundits alike concerning the trials our nation faces post September 11. From the talking heads of television towers to the cut-and-paste political hacks of mainstream newspapers, every authority figure in American culture is crying out, warning us of the new social and political realities that lie ahead,

and assuring us that terrorism isn�t just a problem that dwells �over there� anymore. What these fools and liars fail to mention, however, is that terrorism is only a symptom of an even more deadly and insidious import: tyranny. More specifically, the tyranny of the mind.

Famous evil geniuses like Julius Caesar and Adolph Hitler understood that the easiest way to win a war was not to fight one - not physically, anyway. These men understood that the most efficient way to dominate a people is to make them believe there are no other realistic alternatives, or, better yet, to define what is reality itself. Caesar captured Gaul (roughly modern France) by inciting civil war between the Celtic tribes who inhabited the area, encouraging them to attack and annihilate one another to the point of total exhaustion. This allowed the future Dictator For Life to march in to (and out of) Gaul not only a hero, but a savior as well. Through his divide and conquer techniques, Caesar portrayed himself to be the only assurance of peace, and through this campaign of propaganda, controlled much of the world. An aspiring 20th century dictator named Adolph Hitler patterned his future empire along similar lines. Hitler obsessed on the idea of racial purity, and inspired racial and religious hatred to such a degree that an estimated 6 million people were murdered in concentration camps, many from the hands of their fellow countrymen. While isolating Jews, Communists, and �enemies of the State� as dangerous and treasonous elements of society, Hitler quickly eliminated the German (and several other European) people of basic rights of free speech, religious freedoms, and privacy. Then the dictator quickly eliminated all opposition to his regime via gas chambers and concentration camps�all in the name of national security. By such masterful use of propaganda, Caesar and Hitler narrowly defined the problems of society while simultaneously portraying themselves as the only possible solutions, allowing both tyrants to win the first and most important fight of any war: the battle for the minds of the people. Through the same basic tactics, both men gained absolute control over their respective societies. Unfortunately, these tactics of control haven�t been relegated to a dusty history book�they continue to rage around those of us in America today.

The American culture of today is being assaulted along the same lines that Caesar and Hitler used long ago, and Americans are falling prey to such tactics in growing numbers with every passing hour. We are truly a divided people, who agree or disagree along party, ethnic, racial and religious lines. Much like the priests of centuries past, no decision can be made without first consulting our appointed political or social �leaders�. We take sides with differing factions within our country, arguing about single issues that are presented to us and whose sole purpose is to divide us into isolated groups. Instead of meaningful debate about the future of our nation, we receive only distractions. We thirst for truth, meaning, and freedom, but instead find ourselves wandering through the desert of distraction and confusion. We seek leaders, but only receive figureheads. We have ceased being Americans. We are conservatives or liberals. We are environmentalists or corporate interests, Catholics or Protestants, hawks or doves, black or white. The people of America are divided among many lines, ultimately under the confines of a system of right and left. Much like the German people of the 1930s, we are isolated from clear perspective. Much like the beleaguered Celts, we are so distracted by civil war of right and left, we aren�t aware of our country vanishing before our eyes. The truth is, there is no right or left. There is only right and wrong.

The party bosses and ardent followers would have you believe otherwise. They would have you believe that right is whatever particular party they belong to, and wrong is the political opposition. This might be true if the �sides� of today were genuine. Instead, both parties and most mainstream organizations funnel into the same end result: total control. While the left and right bicker publicly on �hot topics," the end result is the same, regardless of who is President, or who is in control of Congress. Less freedoms for individuals, less sovereignty for nations, losses of jobs through insane international agreements like NAFTA, the dilution of American culture, and the over extension of our military. It�s been said that if you don�t like what the Republicans are doing, vote for the Democrats, and if you don�t like what Democrats are doing, vote Republican. It�s set up like a game. I have my favorite team, and you have yours. I�ll back my team no matter what, just as long as your team doesn�t win. The problem is, both teams are full of scandalous figures who are so busy selling you and I out for their own personal gain, they have no time or desire to help our country in this time of need. While we Americans are busy cheering our favorite politicos and jeering our least favorites, both sides are pursuing the policy of the destruction of America.

How often have we seen the �selfless� supporters of human rights and equality from the Democratic Party speak out against prejudice and hatred, only to support and pass hate crime laws that protect certain types of people more than others? Of course we must stop the mean �hate criminals� from verbalizing their dislike for others, so we�ll make �hate speech� illegal too. The end result is actually an increased hostility for the �protected� group, while the people as a whole lose freedom of speech and thought. So we get inequality and thought control in the name of freedom. That doesn�t sound so good. Think this is an anomaly of Democratic thought? Let�s go back a few years to then Secretary of State Madeline Albright, who, after supporting sanctions of Iraq under Bill Clinton, was told that nearly half a million children had died. Her answer? It was �worth it�. This kind of brazen disregard for human life seems more suited for a Dr. Goebbels speech at a Nuremberg rally, but instead was a key platform of the Clinton administration, darlings of the left.

Well, the truth must rest with the guardians of justice and �protectors� of America, right? The Republican Party. Why is it that the current administration, the group that promised and prided themselves on a platform of strong national defense, has allowed the security of our borders to deteriorate completely while we play worldwide war games? Why is it that farmers of the Southwest border must now form militia groups to protect their lives and property from desperate and starving illegal immigrants? How can we have the capabilities to attack (and defeat) Iraq, half a world away, but can�t muster enough forces to defend our own borders? This policy only punishes the millions of legal immigrants that have waited years for the privilege of living here, allows potential terrorists into the country, and should sound alarms to those who belong to the party of Reagan. Wasn�t it he who said that a country without borders isn�t really a country at all? How is it that the promise for a stronger, more secure nation results in a nation teetering on the edge of destruction? These questions will never be answered on Rush Limbaugh�s show, or by CNN/FOX NEWS� gang of allegedly conservative talk show hosts, darlings of the right.

Some might say that this is the way it�s always been, that politicians say one thing and do another. Perhaps that was true fifty years ago, but when the observant person looks at the end results of all these promises and lies, the picture becomes much more clear and frightening. We are being sold out. We are being transformed into a society of complete control, where those at the top completely dominate and enslave those below them. Americans are being herded into pens like cattle. Why? Because of the phony left-right paradigm that mentally enslaves us all.

An example of this horrifying direction appears in an article featured on Alex Jones� , where the federal government, under the auspices of the USA Patriot Act (signed into law shortly after 9-11), no longer needs probable cause to enact search warrants for your library records, hard drives, or even bookstore receipts.

This means that any material you check out from the library can and will be monitored and used against you in a court of law. Perhaps you wanted to read a book about World War II era Germany. Could this be used to build a case against you? Could it be evidence of Nazi sympathies and possible terrorist tendencies? Could your recent purchase of a book about the history of Iraq prove you to be a collaborator? How about those websites you visit that speak out against government corruption, or the death penalty, or abortion? Perhaps you are a thought criminal. Perhaps you need to be watched.

The article goes on to say that the typical American shouldn�t worry about such things, because the loving judicial system is here to protect them. Of course, if the judicial system were truly protecting us, the Patriot Act would be ruled unconstitutional and thrown on the scrap heap with the rest of history�s bad ideas. Instead, it was passed overwhelmingly by both Democrats and Republicans. But you won�t hear or see any politician talking about this. No, they are much too busy telling us how they are protecting our freedoms by bombing some stooge in the desert (also a former recipient of US aid). How can anybody with a human soul get on camera and proclaim to be fighting for freedom and liberty while at the same time taking it away? How can our �leaders� exalt the United States as the best nation on Earth while they destroy it with such Soviet style laws? One might wonder where all the civil libertarians were when this piece of garbage was passed through the Senate and House. Where were the men and women of both parties who swore to protect the Constitution, the rights of the average Joe, and the nation itself? Where are these brave souls, who mug for cable and broadcast TV interviews at every chance? They�re hiding, of course. None of these sneaks, pimps, or thieves has the courage to openly admit that they�ve sold the American people down the river. They don�t have the courage to admit that they have stabbed us all in the back. No, they�ll continue smiling for the camera and patting each other on the back while they sell us into slavery. I certainly hope they enjoy the thirty pieces of silver. Much like the guards at Auschwitz, these politicians and party bosses point the American people to the left or right, but the end result is the same: death and destruction

So what is the solution? The truth. Understanding what is happening in Congress today. Learning what laws are being passed, what bills are being considered, what executive orders are being signed. It means learning the name of your senators, congressmen and congresswomen, and letting them know that any move to violate our Constitutional freedoms is unacceptable, and will not be tolerated. The solution involves doing research on your own time, after or before work or school, and visiting sites like and The solution involves you asking for answers.

The Bible tells the story of Paul going to a city named Berea, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ (Acts17.10). A group of Greeks there were very eager to hear the message of The Lord, but were just as eager to check the Scriptures themselves to see if what Paul was saying was indeed true. I ask you to do the same. Be like a Berean. Don�t accept my words as truth and move on, but check for yourself! Use the Internet and C-Span as tools, and judge the stories coming from the TV and newspapers accordingly. It will be worth a small investment of time to begin to see the truth!

Once you do check for yourself and grasp the reality of America and today�s world, begin to spread the message! Check out documentaries by Alex Jones, and distribute them to friends and family. Talk to your parents and children about the Constitution, and the rights we have, and those that are in danger. Begin to build a base of friends that understand the truth, and become involved in local government. As Jesus said (MT 5.15), �No one lights a lamp and puts it under a bowl, instead it is put on a lampstand, where it gives light for everyone in the house.� Discuss with friends and strangers what you have seen, and ask them to see for themselves and make their own decisions. The truth is powerful and contagious; it pierces through the fog of lies that our modern political situation tries to hide. It will surely make the house of cards that is the left/ right paradigm fall. Then we can take back what belongs to us: Freedom!

Permission to reprint this article is granted providing the original author is cited and a link to PRISON is included. The views expressed in this article may not necessarily be those of Alex Jones or Paul Joseph Watson.
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