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The History of the Roman Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church is the most corrupt organization in the history of the world. The church leaders have murdered, molested, corrupted, stole, lied and cheated millions of people. All in the name of God.

The term catholic refers to a universal church. It is used to describe the invisible and visible church, the body of Christ, made up by all who are born again by God's grace, through our faith, through Christ alone. There are a lot of Christian churches on earth, but God sees only one body of believers. The idea of a visible church came out of a desire to unite all Christians. The ecumenical push is still heard today.

The Four Major Centers of Christianity:

1. The church of Asia Minor which became the Eastern or Byzantine Church.

2. The church of Rome.

3. The church of Alexandria, Egypt.

4. The church of Syria.

Around the AD 90’s there were some problems at the church of Corinth. Clement, the leader of the church of Rome took it upon himself to restore order. This appears to be the beginning of the apostate church.

Because of this, Christians began to treat the church of Rome with great respect towards the end of the second century. Since the church of Rome appeared to have such great power. In 175 AD Irenaeus, said that everyone had to agree with the church of Rome. He claimed this on the basis that the church of Rome was founded by Christ.

Roman Catholic Leadership: By the time of Irenaeus, the Bishops had become the leader of the local church. The bishops became had a lot of political and church power and started to rule the other churches. They clamed this on the basis of Apostolic succession.

The Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church states "In order that the full and living gospel might always be preserved in the church the Apostles left Bishops as their successors. They gave them their own position of teaching authority." Around the second century, "priests" were starting to reappear in Christianity.

Around AD 313, Christianity merged with the Roman Empire. Jesus is no longer the head of the church, the Pope is. Shortly after this merger, the Roman Catholic Church starts persecuting churches and Christians who refuse this merger.

The Petrine theory: refers to Peters being the first pope in the Apostolic succession based on Matthew 16:18. In the fourth century, Constantine the Great tried to use Christianity to unify the Roman government. A dispute arose over the deity of Christ. Some believed that Jesus was not God but created by God the Father. This was called Ariansm, named after Arius, a church leader in Egypt. The fourth century of the Roman Catholic Church brought about the veneration of Mary. AD 426 The dark ages begin. Some 50,000,000 Christians died as martyrs for rejecting the RCC doctrines of baptismal regeneration and infant baptism during the dark ages. The RCC does it's best to take away and destroy Scripture and Bibles of the persecuted Christians. As the RCC leaned on it's new rules to govern the church, they wandered further from God's Word. Untaught RCC members were introduced to paganism. (e.g., The rosary, pope, Mary as the mother of God, relics, etc.)

During the fifth century, Leo I began to use scripture verse to say that Peter was appointed by Christ to be the head of the church. However the Bible never showed Peter to be the head the church. This was another way for the church to take more power as the church ruler. This century brought the mass and Purgatory.

Constantine could care less about the Trinity doctrine, his motivation was political. The spiritual and political power of the Roman Catholic Church was just what he needed. The Arian books were burned, the people banished and a death sentence was given to those who continued to practice it. This lead into the supremacy of the pope and Leo I was officially recognized as the first pope in 445 AD Leo I urged that those who disagreed with the pope be put to death.

1095-Pope Urban II calls on Europeans to go on a crusade to liberate Jerusalem from Muslims. The Cursaders also decide to rid the world of as many Jews as the can. In the end thousands of men, woman and children both Jew and Muslim are murdered in the name of God.

In the twelfth century, Pope Innocent IV calls a meeting in Lyons. He excommunicates Emperor Fredrick I of Germany. The RCC is now ruling the world and using kings and queens as puppets.

The Roman Catholic Church continued to add traditions to their complicated belief system. Roman Catholic persecuted many who opposed the system and massacred many. Thomas Aquinas was very active in the condemnation and death sentence being carried out.

The fourteenth century brings the start of the Reformation.

In 1535 King Henry VIII breaks from the RCC and establishes the Church of England. The pope is renounced. After his death Mary "Bloody Mary" comes to power and the pope is back in power too.

The church tradition continues into the 20th century with the silence of the church during WWW II and the persecution of the Jewish people. A Roman Catholic Monsignor named Josef Tiso headed the Slovak regime during WWW II. He was responsible for the deaths of some 60,000 Slovak Jews. Tiso once said in a speech "There are people who are opposed to what we are doing to the Jews. But it's our obligation because it's written in the Gospels that you should keep your distance from the devil. So we are sending away the Jews." Tiso was executed as a war criminal for his active role in execution of the Slovak Jews. The sad part is that some want him made a Roman Catholic Saint

Additional doctrines added to the veneration of Mary has brought the church into worship of humans. The system has made salvation unattainable without the Roman Catholic Church

1996:A Bible church is built by a group of missionaries in Equador. A few weeks after it is finished, the church is burned down. It turns out that this act was ordered by a local Roman Catholic priest.

2000:Pope John Paul beatified Pius IX and said he was a misunderstood man. Now what is there to misunderstand about a man who hated Jews? Pius IX had Jews put into the ghettos of Rome, had a Jewish boy taken from a church and even referred to the Jews as dogs.

(In case you are wondering, beatification is the last step in the Roman Catholic Church before a person is considered a Roman Catholic saint. This is a man made doctrine invented by the Roman Catholic Church.)


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