Saturday, June 13, 2009

Alex Jones

vaticanjesuitNWO Says:
March 5th, 2009 at 12:30 am

Jones is an ecumenical vatican shill. Never does he call the Nazi salute what it really is, a ROMAN salute, a salute to the Pope of Rome. Never does he tell you that Hitler was a devout Roman Catholic and his god/king boss was Pope Pius XII; or that Hitler’s atrocities were conceived in the Vatican! Never will he tell you that Stalin was Jesuit trained and his god/king too was the Pope of Rome. Never will he tell you that the Vatican controlled the Fascist/Communist dialectic that was the locomotive that drove the second world war. Nor will he tell you that the purpose of that Vatican inspired dialectic and resulting war was to purge Europe of Protestants, Baptists, Adventists, Jews, Orthodox Christians, and other non-Catholic sects that absolutely rejected the Pope’s self proclaimed power to rule the world by Divine right. Alex Jones will never tell you that the Vatican has fomented all the world’s wars, including the one we are in now. Never will Alex Jones tell you that Ronald Reagan re-established formal diplomatic relations with the Vatican in 1984, relations that were severed with extreme prejudice when in 1867 it was discovered that the Vatican was directly responsible for the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Never will Alex Jones tell you that Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, and Barack Obama were/are closet papists with Jesuit trained cabinets doing the bidding of their little god/king in Rome by systematically destroying our Protestant Constitution and Bill of Rights and replacing them with Roman Catholic Canon Law (the canonical Patriot Act and canonical presidential directives). Never will Alex Jones tell you that Arnold Schwartzenegger is Roman Catholic and so is his wife and the entire Kennedy family who are bent on getting Arnold elected President so he can repeat Hitler’s Inquisition and finish off this Protestant Constitutional Republic for the Pope, and also to take all the onus away from his puny little Papal King in Rome for whom he works night and day. Never will Alex Jones tell you that the Pope is the Biblical Antichrist and that Canon Law damns virtually every single uniquely Protestant liberty embodied in our Protestant Constitution and Bill of Rights, rights that Pope Pius IX specifically and collectively damned as heretical in his Encylical and Syllabus of Error of 1864. NEVER will Alex Jones tell you that it was the Popes of Rome who first called for a New World Order, a Fourth Roman Reich, a GLOBAL Roman Catholic Empire, a GLOBAL union of church and state, where the Pope makes the laws and the governments of the world impose them with brutal cruelty commensurate with the tenets of the Bloody Council of Trent and the unHoly Roman Inquisition. NEVER will Alex Jones tell you that America, through Roman Catholic control of both political parties and all 3 branches of OUR Government, has become the battleaxe of the Vatican to impose this Global unHoly Roman Empire of the Pope of Rome, the Biblical Antichrist, upon the whole world. He’ll continue to talk endlessly and mindlessly about all the outer layers of the onion without ever touching the core, the Vatican. And NEVER will Alex Jones tell you that the only hope for God’s people is the salvation of Yahushua Ha Messiah who is coming to destroy Rome and all who are found in communion with her. Why? Because Alex Jones is a shill for his blaspheming little god/king in Rome and he does his bidding night and day. Alex Jones has us all listening to him, Captain Kangaroo, and smoking cigarettes and playing solitair with a deck of 51. And the card that Alex Jones has purposely removed from the deck is the Ace of Spades; and the Ace of Spades is the POPE! NEVER NEVER NEVER will Alex Jones tell his audience that the only way to defeat this New World Order of Antichrist without a fight is for all the World’s Catholics and all the world’s Apostate Ecumenical Protestants and all the other apostate ecumenical religions of the world to simply abandon the Pope, the Roman Catholic Cult, the Whore of Revelation 17 and all her ecumenical Harlot Daughters and starve them all to death before they do it to us.

But he won’t, because he is a shill for his puny little god/king in Rome. And we won’t take it upon ourselves to starve the Witch at Endor because we don’t read and understand God’s Holy Book. Worst of all, we think the Biblical Antichrist, the Pope of Rome, is a man of God. Blasphemy of Blasphemies! And because of our ignorance and apathy and faithlessness and idolatry and disobedience to God’s Holy Law, which we say is dead, crucified with Christ, and we’re all under God’s Grace to sin like the common heathen and thereby make Christ the minister of unrighteousness, now we will suffer our own Inquisition; our OWN Babylonian captivity: the Pope’s New World Order, not under God’s Law, but under Roman Catholic Canon Law, where there is no Grace at all. The only ones who will be saved are those who comply with Revelation 18:4: “Come out of her, My people, that ye partake not of her (Rome’s) sins, and that ye receive not of her (Rome’s) plagues, for her (Rome’s) sins have reached unto heaven and God hath remembered her (Rome’s) iniquities”. I just told you explicitly what Alex Jones will NEVER tell you, because he is a shill for his little god/king in Rome, the little blasphemer in the little red shoes and the funky fish head hat; the diabolical little man in Rome who hails himself, “the Replacement of the Son of God on earth” (Vicar of Christ) and, blasphemy of blasphemies, “Holy Father”!!! God said, “Thou shalt not suffer a Witch to live”. That means we are to STARVE the Witch! Come OUT of this global Roman Catholic system before its too late. And leave Alex Jones alone to shill for his lonely little god/king in solitude. Do it NOW!


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