Friday, June 12, 2009

Taylor Refuted

Jared Taylor's racist views have been exposed by people from across the political spectrum. Race is a social construct. Not to mention that many groups of people are made up of many so-called "races" like Hispanic people. Differences in skin color, hair, etc. do exist. Yet, these physical differences are a small percentage in the total part of human DNA. Differences in gender do exist, but this doesn't mean that females have less value than males. I have a right to my views and people have a right to agree or disagree with me. Some people believe in the improvement of humans and other don't. Some deny the great contributions of people of color, but I refuse to do so. Some people accept lame, false stereotypes about their fellow man and others don't. Some believe that forced segregration can solve our sin condition and I don't. Some believe in demonizing their fellow man and others don't. Some try to talk about Detriot (which has economic issues. Common sense would dictate that crime rates are high in economically distressed locations) and deny a peaceful rural area of mostly African Americans in Southhampton, Virginia. While some talk about Detriot, I might talk about record achievements of people of color in education in Hampton Roads. It's hilarious to see grown men and women falsely call Barack Obama a Muslim (which is disinformation and a distaction) without seeing the real picture that he's just another puppet of the establishment. Lynn didn't prove that he is a Muslim. She proved that Barack Obama is pro-Muslim. See, there's a difference between being pro-Muslim (yet you don't practice the faith) and being a real Muslim. There is no evidence that he does the pillar, the zadat, or the Hajj. So, unless you can provide me that evidence, to me Barack Obama isn't a Muslim. Also, I've been in gifted classes before and I've seen people of color of there. I'm from a younger generation than you, so this is more common among my time. Also, some ancient Egyptians being black (not all) is a historical fact and I have mainstream sources to prove it.

That outlines history not the question of human equality necessarily. The Israelites were olive skinned to dark skinned as any scholar would tell you since they are originally Semitic. Affirmative action? Some people were denied of rights via 400 years of discrimination and second class citizenship. I don't believe in quotas, but when you are deny oppurutnities for centuries, it's common to see programs to help minorites (who lack oppurtunities and the poor). That isn't affirmative action. That's compassion. Now, I don't believe in quotas, but I do believe in scholarships and other programs to help those disadvantaged. Also, you did omit country club rules, restrictive laws, grandfather clauses, and in the past these things were called the LAW. That's reverse affirmative action. Only someone really decieved would you solely use their personal experiences as an excuse to prejudge a whole group of people (many of whom they don't even know or had contact with). That's irony. I agree with Eric on exposing the Jesuits, etc. but not on all of his views on race: Taylor getting destroyed in a debate with Tim Wise)


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