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Ron Paul, the Jesuits, etc.

here Mike Delaney of "" gets punched in the face for his garbage and then wants to accuse the person. listen carefully as the jewish man finds fault with the way Delaney saying it. I found fault with Delaney for the same exact reason.

Delaney also throws in there the DISINFO that Chertoff wrote the Patriot Act. this is a famous piece of disinfo he is sowing there. same crap alex jones spreads. But we know Viet Dinh was the main architect of the patriot act, Jesuit Georgetown Professor Viet Dinh and also a most notable member of the board of directors of the powerful Newscorp.

This Mike Delany came on the scene within a month after me and Phelps and Oxley went public about Alex Jones. He started off accusing Jones of not blaming the Zionists. I thought immediately that this Delaney was an agent.



"Prothink" Delaney is almost certainly an agent - or at least at the outside an egotistical fascist with a blindside to Rome. However if my memory serves me correctly Papal Knight of St Gregory Rupert Murdoch's relative Eric Hufschmid had a page on Daryl Bradford Smith's site, accusing Jones of being a Zionist agent, before the big push was made to expose Jones' connections with Jesuit-trained Knight of Malta Pat Buchanan & Jesuit-trained JBS Pres. John F. McManus. So although Delaney's restatement of this may have been later it wasn't without precedent from his clique.

Personally I think that both Viet Dinh & (Israeli dual-national in a top US Govt position - no dual-national should have top Govt positions in any other nation) Chertoff should have the heat on them, but almost certainly the "Patriot Act" is a Jesuit creation.



> Here is a link to photos of Ron Paul taken at Jesuit Georgetown. This
> one is very telling! One person commented on this photo and noticed
> the Masonic compasses behind him on the wall above "LaGrange" which I
> think might be the name of dormitory, but I'm not sure.
> Possibly Masonic handshakes.
> The Just-War Theory is Roman Catholic being the work of Augustine
> ("City of God") and Thomas Aquinas ("Summa Theologica") and not
> biblically Christian as Ron Paul would have others believe. He claims
> the U.S. has rejected the "Christian" Just War Theory. This idea is
> purposely misleading in that this nonsense was behind-the-scenes used
> as the impetus for this Papal Crusade in the Middle East. In fact,
> according to this article, "Bush Brought a Gift for the Pope: The
> Alliance Between Catholics and Evangelicals" Bonesman George W. Bush
> sent Jesuit-trained (at the Order's Pontifical Gregorian University
> who "still teaches in the theological faculties of Rome) Michael Novak
> to the Vatican to "illustrate the theological justifications for his
> decision to go to war in Iraq." Remember Jesuit Avery Cardinal Dulles
> said in Dec. 2004 at a Temple University symposium moderated by two
> Knights of Malta, "there can be no abandoning of [Augustine's and
> Aquinas'] just-war principles" and "the infliction of harm has to be
> justified."
> "Bush
> Brought a Gift for the Pope: The Alliance Between Catholics and
> Evangelicals"
> This is quoted from the "Catholics for Ron Paul" blog
> "Thomas Peters, who runs the blog American Papist, contributes to a
> blog called Catholics for Ron Paul. He noted that since the Vatican
> hasn't spoken magisterially about the Iraq war, Catholics can continue
> to debate the issue. "He [Paul] has philosophical and rational reasons
> for why he thinks that American involvement isn't the best choice,"
> said Peters. "He examines the question using principles of just war
> theory, specifically speaking about the Christian tradition of a just
> war," he added.
> Paul mentioned the Vatican's comments regarding the Iraq War when
> paying tribute to John Paul II's legacy. "The Pope's commitment to
> human dignity, grounded in the teachings of Christ, led him to become
> one of the most eloquent spokesmen for the consistent ethic of life,
> exemplified by his struggles against abortion, war, euthanasia and the
> death penalty," he said on the floor of the House of Representatives
> on April 6, 2005, four days after the Pope's death."
> In a future email I'll go into some info that shows Ray McGovern, Noam
> Chomsky (a quote he gave of JPII and his denial of the true
> conspirators of 9/11 shows with whom his allegiance lies) and several
> others authored the book "Neo-Conned" published by IHS Press which
> makes it appear as if the Jesuits are against the neocons when
> neoconservatism is yet another political ideological creation of the
> Company.
> Brother Nick


Y'know Niko

I was wondering the same myself, as I hadn't researched the guy, but his name came to my attention when Amazon sent me an email about his book, as from my buying habits they no doubt though that would me just my thing.

So I've just checked his WikiP entry. The last paragraph IMO gives the game away:

"In December 2007, Estulin appeared on the Alex Jones Show, and claimed that he had "received information from sources inside the U.S. intelligence community which suggests that people from the highest levels of the U.S. government are considering an assassination attempt against Congressman Ron Paul because they are threatened by his burgeoning popularity"[3][4] as a presidential candidate. Estulin has worked with American journalist Big Jim Tucker who has a similar interest in the activities of the Bilderberg Group[5]."

The Ron Paul thing is a joke! If the media don't present you as a viable candidate, then there's no chance of winning, forget it. So why kill him? He's more valuable alive, keeping the heat off of the Knights of Malta, the Jesuits & the Papacy. They don't want some martyr on their hands.

Living in Spain you say? Hmm, some of his stuff was published in Spanish originally. If he's not making the connections between the Jesuits & the power elite of Europe, then he may well be Opus Dei or some other kind of Jesuit asset. "Big Jim" Tucker? Fits right into the John Birch Society type mould & almost certainly a C-I-A asset. I read "useful idiot" Jon Ronson's account of him in his book "Them" & reading in between the lines it was clear that Tucker was mostly just exposing himself.

For more on Ron Paul see:

For more on the John Birch Society see:

Insider-commissioned accounts are always worth reading if read with an eye of discernment, so I wouldn't say don't check them out. There's not too much else in book form on them - plenty on the internet though.

Cheers -



Dear Robert,

Let's not forget that Ron Paul's link to Louis Lehrman is a clear indication of his loyalty to the Vatican. For Louis Lehrman is a racially Jewish convert to Roman Catholicism and is a Knight of Malta. Further, via Lehrman, the Knights of Malta are the real backers for the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) which includes the North American Union and the loss of American sovereignty.

Nice post.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2008 3:57 AM
Subject: The New Hampshire Vote Fraud

> Hi,
> Shortly after the supposed Vote Fraud during the New Hampshire Primary,
> FOX news launched a question how it could be that Ron Paul got so many
> supporters from the 911 for truth movements. "Did Congress man Ron Paul
> recently change his view on the 911 attacks?" Ron Paul denied flat that
> 911 was a inside job. FOX news really out-FOX-ed the alternative media
> by asking this. I myself also started wondering. How can this be?
> Here's my take on Ron Paul. EVERYBODY KNOWS 911 was a planned job to
> get the Patriot Act passed, and ignite a boom in surveillance
> technology, adding a new economic branch into the Military Industrial
> Complex. Elaborating on WHO exactly did 911 is without a official
> INDEPENDENT authoritative study not a wise thing todo during an ongoing
> election campaign. I guess Ron Paul supporters who know all about 911
> are forced to give Ron Paul the advantage/benefit of the doubt, and
> pass over $20 million into the Ron Paul Campaign coffers.
> But here's where my doubt starts. Is Ron Paul really the guy who is
> going to cleanup The Washington D.C. Beltway? I personally fear not.
> Here's why. It might be a dead cow, but never elect a US President from
> Texas. We have Dwight Eisenhower, who shortly after WWII allowed
> German people die of starvation. Then there's Lyndon Johnson, who sure
> was into the deal to have his former boss JFK get shot. And then we
> have the Bushes. A lot of trouble has been invented, organized and
> implemented from TX. Like the Ross Perot Campaign the Ron Paul Campaign
> does have it odd quirks. We just discussed the 911 issue but there's
> more. Ron Paul DID co-publish this book "The Case for Gold" with
> hard-core neo-con and PNAC co-founder Lewis Lehrman. Today that should
> be reasons enough for doubt, but why has the same book recently been
> re-published through the Ludwig von Mises Institute? Here's the URL to
> that re-published book :
> Then we have the New Hampshire Vote fraud, where both Kucinich and Ron
> Paul seem to have lost votes. The mainstream media of course will tell
> you that's bull. And it certainly cannot be denied that the New
> Hampshire Primary could have been spinned into a Vote Fraud by, this
> time, the alternative Internet media. An alternative 911 for truth media
> which has its headquarters in ... TX. So how does one detect if a SPIN of
> the real story is at hand? One harvests articles, video and radio
> reports published during the New Hampshire Primary election night.
> Here's a small story :
> The alternative media _might_ SPIN the New Hampshire Primary drama for
> Ron Paul as a massive vote fraud, but there's more at hand :
> Rob Bishop, a highly active grass roots campaigner to get Ron Paul on
> the GOP ballot, and RBN radio host on Sunday night, had something else
> to comment and called in at the Midnight Rider show by Mike Chambers
> from 11:00 pm - 1:00 am on the night of the election.
> Basicly he claims that the Ron Paul campaign might have raised over
> $20 million but they only spend a couple of 100,000 dollars for the
> New Hampshire Primary. Rudy Giuliani on the other hand, who raised
> almost no money during his election campaign, comes out in New
> Hampshire and spends over $12 million to at least secure his place on
> the ticket.
> Also, in the first hour, Chambers and Bishop [1] concluded that
> according their first examinations no vote fraud was at hand, because
> the vote results from the paper ballot precincts were in total
> agreement with the "Diebold" precincts.
> Regards,
> Robert
> PS.
> [1] The Midnight Rider
> by Mike Chambers, Tuesday Jan 8, 2008, 11:00 pm - 1:00 am
> "Guests: Walter Reddy -- Jim Condit -- and Rob Bishop
> Topic: Dissecting the primary results."
> --
> Robert M. Stockmann - RHCE
> Network Engineer - UNIX/Linux Specialist


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