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CT Wilcox's book


“Wilcox Book – Reduced Price”
By Darryl Eberhart, Editor of “Examining the Tough Issues (ETI)and
“Tackling the Tough Topics (TTT)(
DATE: October 11, 2007 (Updated: November 26, 2007)

THE FOLLOWING are excerpts from a letter (dated October 11, 2007) that I had E-mailed to a number of addressees:

Here is some good news for folks who like to save some money! Canadian author C.T. Wilcox has dropped the price on his outstanding 345-page paperback book “The Transformation of the Republic: The Origins of the Religious Hi-Jacking of the American Government and The Truth Behind the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln”. This book is available now for $29.99 plus S&H (that’s ten bucks off the former price)! For information on how to order this book, please go to his website:

Here is some information that I had typed up about this book on May 29, 2006:

            Canadian author and professional actor C.T. Wilcox has written a book that deals with the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The back cover of this book states:

            “In the entire history of political assassination plots by the enemies of freedom, none can exceed the cruel murder of Abraham Lincoln. U.S. President Lincoln was the triumphant embodiment of the New Concept of Representative Government, the central postulate of which is the consent of the governed. Was John Wilkes Booth a JESUIT patsy, hired to do the dirty work for the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH – whose plan, a well kept secret until now – was to transform the United States Republic into a theocratic monarchial-type dictatorship?
            In 1814, Pope Pius VII [pope: 1800-1823] restored the SOCIETY OF JESUS (the Jesuits), which had been abolished by Pope Clement XIV [on] July 21, 1773, on the grounds that it was immoral, dangerous, and a menace to the life of the Papacy. [Pope] Clement [XIV] was promptly poisoned for his act. [Ed. Note: The Jesuits assassinated Clement XIV fourteen months after he had suppressed their order.]
            [The book,] “The Transformation of the Republic”, presents fully documented evidence that the CHURCH OF ROME, through the religious, political, and financial power of the JESUIT ORDER, one day plans to rule over ALL nations from Jerusalem, and eliminate any opposition to her designs. To accomplish this goal, it will use the military arms of suitably pliable nations. After the founding of the Americas, JESUIT infiltration to the United States was part of a carefully planned long-term strategy to overthrow the fledgling New World governments. Until now, the ROMAN CATHOLIC CABAL had successfully buried all evidence of this plot. With prodigious research and detective work, [Canadian author] C.T. Wilcox has unearthed and pieced together the details of the motivating factors of the U.S. Civil War, the Lincoln assassination, the trials which ensued, and what the designs that were laid during this period means for us today. Wilcox has included several original documents and many others that are quoted verbatim.”

            Here are a couple of quotes from this excellent book:

            “In 1822 [at the secret meetings at Verona, Italy], the Roman Catholic Monarchies of Europe conspired with the VATICAN to destroy the concept of popular government, as found in the experiment of the United States, by means of infiltration, subversion, and corruption. The tools used were the Leopold foundation, which was set up by Prince Metternich of Austria, and the JESUIT ORDER. The purpose being to use the financial and military arms of the United States to further the interests of the PAPACY in its goal of putting all the world under the temporal submission [sic; i.e., under the temporal power] of the [Roman Catholic] Church.”

            “The JESUITS killed [President] Lincoln and buried the evidence.”

(End of my information sheet from May 29, 2006.)

And here are some more quotes from this book:

            “The [American] Civil War [of 1861-1865] was not a ‘homespun’ affair.  It was the result of the same upheavals that have changed the face of Europe. The promises and active help of the European empires and the CHURCH OF ROME along with the JESUIT ORDER had stiffened the resolve and attitude of the Southern [i.e., Confederate] leaders, some of whom were quite willing to see the monarchic principle triumph in North America.” (“The Transformation of the Republic”; 2005; Page 8)

            “The JESUIT ORDER is an association of highly organized warrior priests. They are politicians first and foremost and have been expelled from virtually every country they have had the opportunity to corrupt and destroy.  Their modus operandi is political and educational infiltration and subversion and the fomenting of wars and revolutions in order to weaken and mold the target country into submissive pliability, to then be used to carry out their purpose of global ecclesiastically backed dictatorship. The United States is no exception to this.” (“The Transformation of the Republic”; 2005; Page 8)

            “It is well known that there were over two thousand members of the JESUIT ORDER located in Washington [D.C.] in the years prior to the year 1900. In the last one hundred plus years, this number is anyone’s guess, but the reader can be assured that it has increased significantly, and with it, the political influence it wields.” (“The Transformation of the Republic”; 2005; Page 341)

            This editor of ETI and TTT highly recommends that you get a copy of “The Transformation of the Republic”, a book that fills in many of the “missing gaps” of American history concerning the assassination of President Lincoln!


> Dear Brother Eric:
> I'm a bit of a strange fellow, but I have your original pre-release book
> that Spectrum news talked about...(no pictures), and a copy of your last
> printing. I try to understand this stuff as best I can. Your research
> is fantastic.
> cbbdbad72841474db49202
> At the above link, there's a comment I have made and a .pdf torrent.
> The Rosicrucian Martinists have been using an S+I symbol for initiations.
> S.I. stands for Superior Inconnu, aka Unknown Superior.

Interesting and most telling!

> The S, and I are in the middle of a cross. I think it's their veiled method
> of swearing members into service to the I.H.S. Jesuit order without
> realizing it.


> I have placed a link to the .pdf here on my site:
> (2.7 megabytes - 340 pages)
> The Jesuits appear to be running the mystery cults as you have said. A
> lecture by Gary Todd I recently listened to confirmed what you said about
> the Rothschilds. They run witchcraft from London...but who do they take
> their orders from?

A designated Masonic agent of the Black Pope in Rome.

And who are they are rumored to be terrified of?
> of course know. This just fills in how they do the mind control.
> I hate to have to apologize for myself, but I wonder sometimes if there
> are past lives. Sometimes I feel as if I had been part of the fracas going
> on before this life.

According to the Bible, we have no past lives.

"And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:
So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation." (Heb.9:27-28)

I can >feel< this irrational loyalty to Rome even
> though my mother was a Lutheran, and father an atheist. Maybe it's nothing
> but I do want to resolve the confusion that seems to be going on.

The unbiblical salvation by works religion of Romanism is most appealing to the fallen nature of all men. We love the thought of performing works in exchange for the forgiveness of sins. It is this doctrine that gives Rome its continuing Temporal Power over nations.

> this Roman Empire stuff is terrible. It's the beast system.


> I have corresponded with Fritz Springmeier a bit, and I have the Vatican
> Design book and used to talk with Mark Swetz a bit.
> I'll do what I can to try and pitch in. I was a first degree mason for a
> while, and then took a vow of honesty in 1992. Shortly thereafter I
> incorporated "Honesty International" that was proposed at the U.N., and
> they failed to follow up on.

The U.N., not a group to be associated with my friend, as you must now know.

> I'm written into the public record now, so the masons have not been happy.
> They wanted to get me back into their club, but it didn't work.

Great! Salvation in Christ will keep you out of the club for good. I trust that you are saved, having repented of your sins and truly believed the gospel, that Christ died for your sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried and that he rose again according to the Scriptures (I Corinthians 15:1-5).
> I'll see about signing up to your message board with 2TUFF, and such.
> They were looking for the Medici video from PBS. I have it and even
> converted all 4 episodes to fit on a DVD. I'll have to sign up if I can.
> 2TUFF seems to be your administrator who posts for you.

Yes, 2TUFF has done a great job in getting the information on the Jesuits out to various news groups.

> Anyway, best wishes. Keep up the good work.

Thank you Trevor, and please consider the passages of Scripture given above.
> Trevor xxxxxxxxxx
> honexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Vanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric


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