Monday, March 06, 2006

Unraveling Beckoning Secrets

Imaginations is one of the kyes to human existence. As human beings, we must develop our imaginations as much as possible. Regardless of the problems of the world like the mruders in Iraq or the landslides in Hawaii, we must have hope. Well, I'm pulling no punches here though. There are many good people in America. On the other hand, we must viciously oppose and expose the lies and deception in America as well. These deceptions include the lie that simple parallels between Nazi Germany and today equates to anti-Americanism. Abortion (the murder of an innocent baby), pornography (that exploits women), and praying to statues are evil, wicked, and morally wrong. Rights ought to given unto women, but radical feminism is wrong to assume that there are little to no biological and emotional differences between males and females. Males and females ought to respect their respective difference and uniqueness without the agenda of unisexism and bashing any sex. There must be a course of embracing traditional values, so that our mind and spirit are attuned with the will of God.

For thousands of years, men have always had a desire to comprehend the world around them. I had a great ancient history teacher inside of my high school in Virginia. In ancient history, pagan images, false gods, and hand signs existed. They are still utilized by some members of the occult and the global elite today. In ancient India and Egypt, there are images of fingers near the mouth (meaning silence). Today, Freemasonry has this sign in the Royal Master degree (in the due-gaurd) according to Richardson's Monitor of Freemasonry. The sun has been so worshipped in times past like in Apollo of the Greeks and Mithra for the Romans. Today, people are pictured with suns around them, halos, and some praise the sun in an almost divine fashion. Censorship will not deter me at all. I'm a warrior and I speak, write, and act on the truth until the day I die. There is a geo-political component in world affairs. Bush recently came into India to support globalization and try to unite with a nation called the world's largest "democracy." It's interesting to note that Reuters on March 2, 2006 talked about how the U.S. government was ready to send Lockheed Martin F-16 and Boeing F/A F-18 jet fighters to India for a new alliance and a buffer against China. China is rising up and increasing their economy and military rapidly.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)


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