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Later 2007 (Another work I've created that was done late in 2007)

Late 2007

I'm back. The year is almost over. This year was so much more crazier than 2006 on so many different levels. One 2008, I will show a new expose much better than this one. It might be the best one that I've created. It shows tons of sources, real history, and other interesting information. The Presidental race is heating up with the impeding Iowa primary for the parties in early January 2008. Hillary Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Huckabee and others are famous names in the race. The establishment certainly wants a pro-big government type like a Rudy or a Hillary in office (since both are pro-gun control, pro-abortion, pro-war on terrorism, and for the Patriot Act). A Bush and a Clinton has been in the White HOuse now for over 20 years. That shows a real Bush/Clinton dynasty which can be stopped by voters. There has been a stronger, more active group of individuals asking criminals and globalists about their views on the new world order, 911, and other issues. Scandal after scandal plague the world. Unfortunately, shootings and crazed individuals acted inappropratedely. In the near future, I'm going to write more information. It's funny that there are those who are trying to go after certain people for their beliefs and omit certain information. I don't omit a thing. I expose all evil. Public Citizen from December 7, 2007 wrote about how Bush wants more NAFTA trucks to go into America. George W. Bush said it was part of a "pilot program." Truthfully, NAFTA caused many American jobs to be transfered overseas. Mexico's economy is still stagnant and if NAFTA benefited so much for Mexico, why hasn't illegal immigration from Mexico into American radically gone down? Many illegal immigrants don't want assilimation or even speak English as a primary language. We are definitely more balkanized. The good news is that we have time to stop illegal immigration and promote legal immigration instead. This doesn't mean that all illegal immigrants are hardcore criminals, but we have to promote doing the right thing. It's hypocritical for those who want open borders, but they want checkpoints, face scanning devices,etc. in schools airports, and across the nation. The truth is that NAFTA was a foundation for the SPP or the Security Prosperity Parternship plan organized for years. The CFR is in full support of this globalization deal. It seems like the White House has been descredited on many issues. One prime example is on Iran. Iran as a NIE made manifest stopped its nuclear program as of 2003. Despite other Middle Eastern and Asian nations having numerous nuclear weapons, many Neo-Cons are still pumping the drumbeats for a war in Iran. This is wild, but the reality of the situation.

Iran is no direct threat to America, so we shouldn't have a preemptive strike against that nation. What's also accurate is that the West supplied Iran with weapons and nuclear weapons. The Neo cons yell that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the new "Hitler," but he isn't. He may be a radical, but he is no where similar to Hitler who followed the occult and lead his armies to illegally fight multiple countries. Some obsess with terrorism (The Knights of Malta have a role in it. For example, SMOM Schmitz is head of the Blackwater private company that was exposed in scandals in Iraq) without understanding how Osama was funded by the CIA and the ISI for decades. Even young Afghan children admitted to this fact on ABC. The following is accurate information. Globalism is still a pure threat in the globe. The UK Daily Mail from Thursday at December 13, 2007 reported on Britian Prime Minister Gordon Brown signing an EU Treaty. It was very unpopular among the citizenry in the UK. Yesterday, some scream " referendum!" in wanting a referndum to decide their future without a secret EU Treaty signing ceremony. The treaty gives new rights to EU leaders to overturn decisions made by Britain's Immigration and Asylum Tribunal. In other words, it could lead the EU (whose headquarters is in Brussels) control the immigration procedures of the UK. The European Union is trying to expand, but it's nothing more than a global arm of the new world order violating national sovereignity. It's bigger than wanting a new world order. Books and documents like the NSSM 200 outline world leaders wanting depopulation, especially of the Third World. These ideas of eugenics originated for a long time like the literature of Thomas Malthus and Francis Galton. That's why many founders of Planned Parenthood, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the environmental movement are eugenicists. They view humans as the problem to be executed if necessary as a solution. IT's about controlling human beings. This goes back from ancient Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc. They built empire in trying to rule as much land as possible. The standard of eugenicists and population control advocates isn't my kind of standards. The elite try to damage society using big government and big corporations. The future will be special. I believe that in the end, good will prevail and God's Kingdom will win against all evil. I'm not done yet. In 2008, there will be more work yet to be created.

The Golden Compass

A lot of the mainstream media classify this film as normal and benign. I see that lying propaganda shown especially from CNN that the Golden Compass is no threat to Christianity. They cite religious leaders as proof. It's kind of funny that they use religious leaders to justify their position when they margalize conservative religious leaders for decades as extremist and "intolerant." Frankily, certain intolerance is good. I'm intolerant of evil, I'm intolerant of abortion, and I'm intolerant of hatred. I don't trust the mainstream media. It's controlled by a few hands via the CFR. The truth is that the media won't report on certain issues like the government dumping nerve gas in our oceans, the new world order, the dangerous side effects from abortion, the Vatican (not all Catholics, but the heirachy)'s role in the Ustashi Holocaust plus creating the Nazi Third Reich, and the suppression of civil liberties (whether from militarized VIPER teams and random searches to religious liberty problems). Now, what's the reality?

This is part of an anti-Christianity agenda that intensified over the course of 10 years. Philip Pullman created a three part series ironically called His Dark Materials. The First one is called the Golden Compass. It's a movie know and sold over $20 million in its first week. Pullman is upfront and blatant on his anti-Christ, anti-God views. Pullman took inspiration from Paradise Lost work created by Milton about fallen angels condemned into Hell. Pullman's works praise devils as the good guys and view God as wicked and a control freak. His book is similar to Gnosticism since Gnosticism teaches that the Creator God is the enemy, while Satan is God. This is also classified as a inverted hermeutic. Pullman uses fantasy to try to influence the young to accept his dark opinions. He said point blank: "..."I'm trying to undermine the basis of Christian belief" (Wartofsky, Alona: 'The Last Word' in The Washington Post, 19 February 2001) Pullman's book series call Christians as similar to child molesters and perverts. In his book series he pictures the Church as cutting girls up. Now, this is the new generation of overt Christian hating atheists like Pullman. Pullman admits this is how he personally believes since he said that his view of Christians is pure realism. On major character is Lord Asriel. Asriel is similar to Azazel, which is the name in the occult that related to the rebel angel. Azazel is Hebrew for scapegoat. Pullman nicknames Lyra's demon, Pan. Pan has long been a depiction of the devil in occult teaching. Satanist, Aleister Crowley, arranged to have his satanic poem, The Pipes of Pan, read at his funeral and Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, lists Pan as another name for Satan under the "Infernal Names" in his Satanic Bible. For an atheist, he sure loves to use Satanic imagery. This hypocrite liar Pullman says he's an atheist, but admitted that: "... the, Telegraph, "I am of the Devil's party and know it." ( Pullman publiclly said that he wants to "kill God" which is impossible to do. Pullman recieved awards from his book. What's even more sinister about his devious intensions is that he tries to market his vile to young children in his attempt to subvert the West against legitimate Judeo-Christian values. His deception is similar to Harry Potter in the promotion of anti-God values. Yet, Pullman's series is so overt that you have to be ignorant to deny its anti-God agenda. It's worse than Harry Potter since that book series is so in your face Few Christians are exposing these series praising demons, hating God, and promoting witchcraft. Part of the reason is cowardice. Some of these cowards don't want to be called a bigot when the other side call them a bigot 24/7 365. I don't care if I'm called a bigot for my belief system. Could the other reason be the time of lack of discernment among many Bible believers? I think so. We need to reject those to mock good. Also, we need to reject those who make no distinction between good and evil: "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter" (Isaiah 5:20). That's why many Masons, many secularists, and secret societies want religious expression eliminated from the government square. I believe in Jesus Christ's advice on real freedom: ".... 'If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:31-36

Anti-New World Order Info

There are numerous shooting this month. One occured by Richard Hawkins in Omaha, Nebraska. Also, another occured in Colorado by a person against a Christian Church. That Church relates to Youth Mission. One woman (named Jeanne Assam) had one gun and murdered the murderer, which saved many lives since Hawkins had hundreds of rounds of ammo. The woman is a hero and a clear example that gun rights can save lives. Gun rights have been under threat even today. The BATF have acted militaristically against citizens and even the NRA (not all of their members, but their leadership) want gun control laws like microchips in gun bullets. The GAO has been pro-gun rights. I don't trust hypocrites like Sarah Brady wanting gun bans, but owning guns. Rosie O'Donnell says he wants gun control but have a bodygaurd with a gun. Many say degatory things about them. Regardless of what their alliegance is, they don't deserve to be assualted and some of them murdered. So much times have passed so quickly. In Switzerland, folks banned ammunition. This is a slick news tactic that gun control activists use in suppressing the right to bear arms. The reality is that a fundamental flaw in gun control is that it seems to have no basic extent since new laws are proposed all of the time. If there is no basic extent, how can you refuse that the true intent by the procedure is to ban the right to own a gun. The internationalists want to harmonize gun laws depriving everyone of their gun rights. Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien was interviewed by truthers in Ottowa plus Toronoto about 911Truth and the North American Union. He said that he hadn't watch "Loose Change." The real issue is that he pushed at a peaceful questioner and he denied a North American Union agenda (which is contrary to speeches, documents, words from folks own mouth advocating North American integration and a continental currency). I wouldn't trust Jean since he was even in the Bilderberg Group from 1996. One truther told him that a worldwide movement disutes the offical myth about 911. The real truth will never be suppressed.

Kurt Nimmo from the TruthNews at December 10, 2007 (I don't agree with Kurt Nimmo on every issue) reported on Al Gore's slick life. He lectures globally on the immediate threat of global warming, but his home in Tennessee talks up a large portion of the energy grid in his region. Also, Gore's family benefited from oil profits. The mainstream environmental movement have been co-opted by big global Foundations, the UN, etc. in order to promote population control and land control so independent solutions by individuals won't be effectively created. Eugenics is nothing new and it continues presently. Tamara McLean from the AAP on Monday at December 10, 2007 reported on a proposed one child policy in Australia (The proposal was made by Professor Barry Walters at the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth). In other words, they want to fine those who have more than one child. The report in an Australian medical journal called for parents to be charged $5000 a head for every child after their second, and an annual tax of up to $800. They want to achieve this in their sick minds in attempting to control the output of greenhouse gases. They view extra babies have having a carbon burden in society. This is wild since carbon is a life producing chemical that can build better trees and trees can increase oxygen in the air. That's why I don't accept abortion. The truth is the true industralization and modernalization of technology will level populations and will improve the Third World. Even some environmentalists now have exposed the overpopulation lie (which is promoted by big Foundations and the big banks that funded the creation of the United Nations). The environmentalists rarely mention this or how we must expose rainforest damage, toxic waste, chimeras, and other real environmental issues. There is a story of a Pro-life man being assualted by a club by a crazed man (saying I beat your head in. He might be a business man) in a Hillary Clinton rally. The protestor's name is Dan Holman of Missionaries to the Pre-Born. Many liberals (not all) are hypocrites if they want to deny Pro-life people the right to protest. Abortion is the destruction of innocent unborn life. Babies have been sold. It destroys life limb from limb. So, it's a destructive, evil act. The good news is that Americans are more Pro-Life than 15 years ago. The young generation is very Pro-Life more so than the Boomer Generation. Tim Tebow found out that he was in risk of being aborted, but his mother resisted. That was good. The abortion agenda isn't just national. It's an international agenda related to population control. That's why UNICEF is in favor of abortion despite gender imbalances (i.e. more men than women or vice versa) at China and India. This occured to anti-war protesters, etc. Free speech is under threat globally not just in America. Lately, Mike Huckabee has been criticized for a lot of issues. Some of the criticism is legitimate like his views on torture, immigration, on Iraq, locking all folks with AIDS (which I don't agree with), and other things. He's been called a fascist. A fascist is a person who wants the state to control every aspect of people's lives. Some say it because of his religious beliefs, but all real conservative Christians reject the tenets of fascism. I don't believe Huckabee is a fascist, but a deluded man who's wrong on many issues. Real fascists are those killing my people off in Sudan. Real fascists are those suppressing liberty of religious conservatives and pro-life protestors. In New York City, the government there want to install thousands of cameras across that city. They also want that to be part of the TALON database. That in NYC want to be similar to London where it's heavily survielled. The reality is that this is Big Brother overload and violates citizens' civil liberties. Genisys, Genoa and Genoa II, HumanID, and other expensive research projects are really here monitoring America. Some want transhumanism which is about merging biometrics with human beings to achieve a better "human being."

The Truth About Christmas

This holiday is interesting. It's been celebrated for many centuries. The following is a non-PC reality check on this day. In today's world, this time of the year have been extremely commeralized. Not all day gone by when you see witness commerials about the materalism of objects. Christmas comes after The feast of the Immaculate Conception, celebrated on December 8. Historically, there is no scripture view requiring us to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. I never saw it. In the ancient times, faux Christians like closet sun worshipper Roman Emperor Constantine merged paganism with Christianity to appeal to a wider audience. Additionally, there is no consensus on when Jesus Christ was born on the Earth. Also, he done it to cloak his apostate belief system. Christmas actually came from the Mystery Religion in the worship of the sun and pagan dieties. Later, Romanism assigned it to December 25 near the day called Saturanalia (Saturn was worshipped by the ancients as well). Who is Saturn: "...In the new Americanized Encyclopedia Brittanica, 1900, Vol. IX, page 5236, we read . . .

"Saturn. -- An ancient Italian god . . . Saturnalias, this is the great 'Festival of Saturn,' celebrated on the 19th, but after Caesar's reform of the calendar, the 17th of December. Augustus decreed that the 17th and the 18th should be sacred to Saturn and the 19th and 20th to Opalia the festivals of Ops. Caligula added a fifth day, 'The Day of Youth,' December 25th lasting seven days. The time was one of general joy and mirth. The woolen fetters were taken from the feet of Saturn and each man offered a pig. During the festival schools were closed..."

December 25th is classified additionally as Natalis invicti solis, or "birthday of the invincible [unconquerable] sun." Christmas is a time when people obsess with gift giving. Money and commeralization have been apart of this time. Therefore, Saturnalia is a day near Christmass. The Saturn god was worshipped by the ancients. Yet, all isn't even in December. December is the beginning of the Winter Season. It's the time when I was born. A lot of people concentrate on the connections with their own families. Christmas refers to the mass. Now, in the book of Hebrews, it condemn repeat sacrifice of Christ sole sacrifice on the cross. The mass is not mentioned in the Bible, but communion is to represent and remember Christ not to worship objects as Christ.

Many aspects of Christmas are related to paganism. Christmas's meaning is Christ's mass. As we know, the Bible is clear that Jesus' sacrifice was once and for all never to be repeated (found in Heb. 9:26). It's wierd that the Bible has verses relevant today. As for trees, Jeremiah wrote that: "..."For the customs of the peoples are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest. the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not. They are up-right as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne. because they cannot go" (Jer. 10:3, 4, 5). It isn't just a tree. Mistle toe, Santa Claus, etc. have pagan or occult origins. What should we do then. We should treat December 25 as any other day. We have a right to worship and praise God (Jesus Christ) on December 25, but we have a right to not make Christ-Mass part of the equation. Forget the corrupt Christ-Mass. This doesn't mean we relinquish our religious rights on December 25. We can still have fun, pray to God, and celebrate on December 25, but we treat it as every other day without the paganism and the mass.

Popular Culture Again in 2007

Popular culture is a part of mainstream society. Over the course of years, Patriots, righteous human beings, and other discovered and exposed how the Elite stir popular culture to change society. For example, Big Corporations fund major musicians from Elvis and the Beatles to Rihanna and Jay Z. A lot of folks on the Internet talk about symbols that musicians use as prove of them being Masons or occultists. What's my opinion? Many in the hip hop culture obsess with clothes rather trying to be more moral irrespective of what you wear. Also, the "holy" hip hop is trying to copy the hip hop culture compromising their own principles. I don't agree with tattoos and peircing (which are contrary to the Bible). The Holy Hip Hop croud is nothing God-given, but trying to be of the world to gain acceptance (some of them look down on suit wearing). In fact, Jesus Christ was poor and was rejected by most men when he walked the Earth. We shouldn't judge by people's appearances, but by people's fruits. My opinion is that we have tons of evidence that many musicians are occultists or use occult symbolism like Lep Zeppelin, the Beatles (they praised Satanist Aliester Crowley. Even Sting respect this pervert, human sacrifice promoter, and British Intelligence agent Crowley. The essence of Satanism is the view of man seeking to be God, it isn't just worshipping Satan), Prince, Russell Simmons (who have an image of Kali, the Goddess of death found in ancient India in his home. He named a product Altman represting false gods of India again), D'Angelo (he went to Haiti to perform a voodo ceremony to promote his music Album), Elvis (he was a Theosophist and read Madame Blavatsky's book called the Voice. Elvis was a big hypocrite signing Gospel songs, yet privately having disdain for conservative Christianity. Elvis believed that any human can be a Son of God which is blasphemous. I have his quotes saying it), Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez (she pays thousands of dollars to a witchdoctor. Her father is a Scientologist, so this is spiritual confusion. Scientology believes that aliens created humans on Earth millions of years ago), and others. There's other things about Lopez. Her ex-husband, Ojani Noa, , accused Jennifer Lopez of following the Santeria witchcraft like religion. Noa said that she used voodoo spells to make men fall in love with her from Sean Combs, Ben Affleck Chris, to Mark Anthony. That sort of thing is coming from the Bronx and NYC (where she's from). These accusations could be true or false. What's true is that She follows a spiritual advisor and was raised Roman Catholic. Even Denzel Washington admitted challenging the "spirits" to make better roles possible, yet he calls himself a dedicated Christian. I've seen him on video and on 60 Minutes plus Oprah admitted to this, so this isn't a lie. Although, I don't accept paranoia since not everyone wearing occult symbols on their shirt is a Devil worshipper. Many who wear these images are ignorant of what's going on. Some aren't. Jay Z may be not ignorant of what's going on since he constantly use the Roc a Wear hand sign. What is that sign? That sign existed from Witchcraft. That hand signal is used by witches as the "triangle of manifestation" or the "witches' pyramid." According to witchess, this manifestation principle is about controlling your own reality and manifesting something in the physical plane (according to the Book of Shadows). I don't know if Jay Z (who's real name is Sean Carter) is a Freemason, but I wouldn't be suprised since he constantly admonish people to not judge others (a key Masonic principle of universalism. Jay Z denies worshipping the Devil. Jay Z said he believes in God, but rejects organized religion). I don't believe Jay Z is a Devil worshipper unless conclusive evidence is shown. I do believe Jay Z is wrong for embracing occult symbolism. He even use the Roc sign with his eye in the middle of it similar to the "All Seeing Eye" of Horus found in Masonry. The "R" in the Roc-a-wear logo looks very similar to the constellation of Virgo. Rappers are talking about 'Annuit Coeptis" which comes from the Roman poem writing by Virgil. It means God has prospered our endeavor. This plan was modernized by Sir Francis Bacon, a Rosicurcian into trying to create one North American commenwealth in the late 1500's. I don't blame music for everything under sun neither do I believe every music artist is an occultist. Yet, certain music ought to be exposed and condemned. I do respect those who try to find new symbolism in exposing wicked artists in music.

Certainly, many artists don't know what they're getting into into accepting relativism and embracing Masonic/occult themes. Some of these musicians and actors follow Kabballah and witchcraft. What is Freemasonry? Freemasonry is a Secret Society that accepts the principles of Generation (or masculine and feminine principles uniting to form natural principles) and other concepts to embrace Universal Theism mixed with occult principles. That's why they have death oaths and their own literature sympthatize with Osiris, Isis, etc. Masons justify these acts by saying these things represent honor, justice, or other qualities of humanity. Yet, mixing evil in an attempt to try to achieve "good" is still doing evil. You don't mix good and evil anyway. Modern Masonry existed since 1717 at England. The Masons killed William Morgan, organized violent Revolutions, and still maintain certain secrecy on some of their ideas. Freemasonry is sinister, evil, and wicked by its secrecy masking its pagan, death oath influences (Low level members are decieved on all what Masonry is about admitted by 33rd Degree Freemason Albert Pike. There are higher degrees of Masonry than the 33 found mainly in Europe. Even Jesus forbid death oaths found in Freemasonry in the book of Matthew). Many US Presidents are members like Ronald Reagan, Lyndon Johnson, FDR, and Theodore Roosevelt.

I notice some movies talking about Big Brother, an Apocyaplse, other similar concepts like "Hitman" and "I am Legend." The Hitman film has a man working for the CIA killing people with a biometric scan tatoo or barcode on the back of his head. The film is filled with sex and violence. Ironically, the film ends in an Orthodox Church then with CIA agents. How blatant can you get. The film talks about the development of the European Union and a terrorist attack in Eastern Europe. What's the lesson. The lesson is we to keep our gaurd up, reject occult nonesense, expose all evil, and constantly follow God. Even liberals (and conservatives) understand that Hollywood is full of egomanaic, filth, unnecessary violence, and other wickedness.

I Won't Quit

2007 is almost over. Lately, there has been an increase of religious deception. One of the biggest religious decievers in the world is Rick Warren. Warren is not only a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, but he is align with the establishment. He constantly demonize religious conservatives as equivalent to jihadists. Also, Warren recently called churches to eliminate troublemakers. It isn't just about him. Paula White, TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar, etc. promote the prosperity gospel myth. The reality is that some of the most righteous men and women that ever lived were poor and despised by the crowd. One example was the prophet Elijah and even Jesus was poor. Jesus asked a person to give up all of his possessions. Do you think Paula and Creflo will give up their possessions to help others? They bascially believe that riches equal spiritual power from God which is blasphemeous. I don't think so. Deception is also present in Catholicism, Mormons, Buddhists, Hindus, and other false faiths. One type of person we should expose the most are hypocrites. These are the type of individuals who criticize conservative for citing religious expression, but won't have an iota of criticism of people decades ago using religious imagery as justification to fight to legitimate freedom in the 1960's. These are the type that demonize the Second Amendment. These hypocrites then go out an assail the virtues of the rest of the Bill of Rights except number 2. If they were really for all of the Bill of Rights, they wouldn't pick and choice which rights they love conveniently. I can't wait until 2008. It will a new year. Only God knows what the future will bring. 2008 might be just as wild as 2007. I'm not done writing. I'll do this for many years and decades to come. These words are protected by the First Amendment. I also believe in being an individual and rejecting occult Secret Societies. As for you, be an independent. You have a right to look at different perspectives and make up your own mind on issues.

By Timothy


At 12:25 PM , Blogger google-alerts said...

Hey Timothy. Interesting opinions. I disagree with some but nonetheless it's good to hear another perspective.

God bless!

Sphere of Hip-Hop

At 4:51 AM , Blogger Timothy said...

I appreciate your words.

By Timothy


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