Thursday, June 01, 2006

Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin is a Filipino Neo Con who is trying to justify Japanese Americans filled inside concentration camps during World War II in her recent book “In Defense of Internment.” She’s a nationally known journalist and a FOX News contributor who resides in Maryland. Although her earlier book called “Invasion” indeed rightfully outlined the immigration problems that continue to sustain itself inside America. Michelle is totally wrong on civil liberties and the racial profiling of individuals. Her simple arguments to promote the internment of Japanese human beings are that there was a Japanese threat on the West Coast [proven by top secret “MAGIC messages”], and other ethnic groups were inside them like Europeans. Also, Michelle Malkin further contends that many were allowed to leave and hundreds voluntarily moved into internment camps. Racial profiling as a necessity to be advanced is her motto. Michelle makes mention that the $16.5 billion federal bipartisan federal reparations law for Japanese internees and evacuees was a disaster. My rebuttals to these immoral comments by Malkin are easy and sweeping. Even if there were a Japanese espionage threat; the procedure to respond ought to be investigations of those accused with due process.

There is absolutely no need for the basic allowance of 112,000 people into select concentration camps being highly an overreaction. Internment camps, regardless if other ethnic groups were allowed in (FDR indeed sent German, Italians, Hungarians, Romanians, and Bulgarians into concentration camps), are still wrong. It’s wrong because those Japanese people are innocent and were not convicted of guilt under a court of law. After the war, Japanese and German Americans lost their jobs, had to sell their property, and had to rebuild their lives all over again. Surprisingly, Michelle loves the Democratic, FDR Gestapo policies. What Malkin failed to point out is that FDR knew of the Pearl Harbor attack and did nothing to avert it. (She should read Mark Everson Willer’s Pearl Harbor: The Mother of All Conspiracies which proves it 100%) The criminal FDR devised the Office of Censorship, conscription of 10 million men, food rationizing, and allowed civilian bombings. What a pity that a woman so intelligent could be so hoodwinked.

Racial profiling is a concept that I’ve always opposed since you judge a criminal by just cause and by the content of someone’s character [and actions] not by the color of one’s skin or race. The ante-9/11 world would give us more inspiration to boost our civil liberties and rights. To degrade them is futile for real, evil terrorism can be done by people not of Arab descent also. In actuality, this terrorism war is fake and the Bush government is the real terrorists. The Elite created al-Qaeda in the 1980’s and funded Saddam Hussein since 1959. To protect ourselves by watching our borders is fine, but anti-civil liberty measures decrease freedoms instead of making us safe. The justification for that is suppressing right can lead the government to have a higher risk to bring fascism unto the people.

Remember that a police state and terror go hand and hand. The financial money used is debatable, but to not send reparations to the Japanese victims is out of the question. Reparations for Japanese people who suffered WWII internment camps is totally justified for compensation for bad treatment toward oppressed people are moral, biblical, and just. J. Edgar Hoover and Earl Warren just were one of the many architects of the internment camp system for Japanese Americans. This was a pretext for the government in this new millennium to develop FEMA camps to house dissenters in this fake war on terrorism. I love you Michelle Malkin as a human being, but you need to open your eyes and heart to cherish authentic liberty.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)


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