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Extra updates

Genetically containments have spread in Australia as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald. Cindy Sheehan is one brave woman. She is protesting George W. Bush for the war inside of Iraq. Bush is responsible for Sheehan's son death, because Bush allowed the troops to be placed inside the country of Iraq. Faulty supplies, the majority of the American people opposing the war, and other problems still reign; yet George W. bush obviously doesn't care.

More bloodshed is a joy for his statements about staying the course. Now, the Bush administration is threatening to charge Cindy for trespassing if she refuses to leave Bush's ranch. Cindy is calling Bush to meet with her and ask him why did Bush allowed her son to die in Baghdad. That is a necessary question that Bush must answer since Iraq wasn't a direct threat to America, there were no massive quantities of WMDS in Iraq, and Americans and Europeans funded Iraq enabling Saddam to kill tons of people decades before the 2003 unjust invasion.

Now, there's a debate about evolution and intelligence design. I believe in schools, there should be a discussion about Evolution's flaws and many proponents of Darwin's theory don't want that to happen. The fact remains that Darwin believed in inferior and superior groups of people and many scientists have used creditible evidence to dissent with Darwinian evidence. To see the complexity of cells, humans, animals, and the rest of the universe; it is very just to subscribe Almighty God as the intelligence that put everything into being.

Some people who promote ID are Diests, so we must be careful not to yolk with unbelievers to justify the flaws of Darwinian Evolution. Also, and are one of the best sites on the Internet detailing the errrors of Evolution and the facts on God creating the universe in a scientific and logical way. The crime of abortion still goes on. John Roberts, despite the babykilling-supporting, terrorist organization of NARAL, isn't Pro-Life for he viewed Roe V. Wade as settled law and refuses to radically end the murderous practice of killing unborn babies [created in the image of Almighty God].

Border problems still exist in America and now the military is trying harder to use exercises domestically in American soil, which violates Posse Comitatus. Years ago, foreign troops and black helicopters existed before stalking the American people and the Elite want more of it today. This is a pretext to possibly create Martial Law in this country as proven by FEMA documents and other components. I believe in the God-given right of self-defense in physical resistance. Jesus was no pacifism and if the government tries to force you to do something against God's law, you have a moral right and are justified to defend yourself.

Mostly, we should pray to God to repentance and renewal, but we are justified to defend ourselves as well. Having a gun is honorable for anyone, especially adults to resist tyranny. The Second Amendment always allow individual citizens the right to own and use firearms for defense. Even the founders accept the people as the militia to defend our families and country. Even the Bible says that to Obey God rather than men. Let's go and expose shills, fight, think, believe, have faith, and act with the power of Almighty God.

By Timothy

August 10, 2005


Monday, September 19, 2005
Hurricane Katrina

Here's 3 short pieces of prose that I wrote about Hurricane Katrina.

I now see what is happening here. The government including puppets like Chertoff said that they never knew that a hurricane was coming, but this is false. Anyone with an access to a TV realized that the hurricane was temporary a Category 5 before it hit landfall in Louisiana. The government restricted funding to built up the levees in New Orleans. Police have looted as shown from MSNBC. People have been displaced. FEMA cut emergency lines according to the testimony of Aaron Broussard. Regardless if this is a Judgment from God or some weather modification program (which exists today right now and have created storms, hurricanes, and floods for decades. Nikola Tesla perfected this technology in the early 1900's), God allowed it to happen. It's a known fact that the area was filled with gambling, voodoo, withcraft, abortion, etc. The response of the government is now an Ordo Ab Chao thing (have a crisis, reaction, and solution). Some sensitive people in the government may use this as an excuse to expand the power of FEMA to damage people's rights. Steve Watson wrote that FEMA restricted giving aid, food, and supplies to the victims. In one article by Joseph R. Chenelly/Army Times on September 4 2005 treating American citizens as insurgents. Wired News on September 3 2005 had an article written by Xeni Jardin outlined sonic laser weapons sent to the disaster zone. We must be viligant, because the real Elite are using this as an excuse to get rid of our rights, bash arms, etc. Now, all the evidence indicates that regardless if it's God's judgment, Nature, or weather modification technology, the government now are using this tragedy as an excuse to cover up their mistakes and perform even more bad policies to the people period. This isn't conspiracy theory, but fact. We must keep following God's Word, but fight against tyranny at the same time. Not everyone in government are evil, but the evil people in government are using this terrible event, as an excuse to gain more power. Now, people can't own guns, espeically in New Orleans. I hope this isn't a prelude to the rest of America. What we can do is to get right with God, pray, and help the victims by charity and other means.


Yesterday, I keep hearing this new spin in blaming completely the mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana. They are only right that both people can do more to help out, but these Neo-Cons from Fox News forgotten that New Orleans was federalized for years. Bush and his team restricted funding to create a better levee system in New Orleans. With the funding, New Orleans could of being better protected. Also, FEMA itself prevented help, food, and other supplies as validated by tons of witnesses including officals in the Gulf Coast region like Broussard. He was crying exposing this, but the media won't discuss elaborately. Barbara Bush yet again is bashing the poor saying that they are better off after the storm than before when people drown and disease are infested in the water with many toxic chemicals. What planet is she from? With a Nazi supporting grandfather of Bush 41, Prescott Bush, and a man who loves population control efforts on people of color like George H. W. Bush, what can you expect from a corrupt family tree. The federal government proved itself incompetent yet again not to mention that warnings about this disaster were sent to them for decades with no radical changes in their disaster response policies. The mayor and the governor had no funding to adequate take care of the whole situation. The only point the Neo-Cons have is about the buses, but they refuse to look at FEMA's and the federal government's terrible response.

As for race, we need to becareful to embrace extremists. One set of extremists want to lie and blame black people totally for all of the looting and rioting occuring placing blacks in general as inferior. The other set of extremists want to blame white people for everything. It's obvious that Bush and his cronies could care less about the poor. They are in the Elite and most of the real Elite consider the poor less than human and "useless eaters." The fact remains, that the government is using this tragedy to gain more rights, bash the Second Amendment, make the military more receptive in civilian life violating the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, and further control the people. Once again, George W. Bush is not a true conservative, but a Neo-Con extremist. The blame by Fox News is sent to the mayor and the governor, while the real blame should be at FEMA and to the federal government.

By TruthSeeker24

September 7, 2005


There's no question that the Katrina aftermath is evil. FEMA and the federal government are to blamed by restricting communications, even blocking the Red Cross, Coast Gaurd, and other aid during the Hurricane. After this, many troops were confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens in New Orleans. This is a violation of the Second Amendment blatantly and even the NRA have condemned this activity. On TV, I seen the feds forcibly throwing an old woman out from her house. Now, Euthanasia is done by doctors in New Orleans, which is morally wrong. I've thought about Kanye West's comments for a while and I agree with a lot of what he has to say. Many in the media never made a distinction between a few roiting people (some were black) and the majority of black people not being involved in that madness. The Bush family tree is know to have colloborated with the Rockefellers, Harrimans, DuPonts, Fords, etc. for decades (all known for their racist population control and eugenics policies. Many folks in those family aided the Nazis. Prescott Bush was a member of Planned Parenthood, a terrorist, murderous organization) As for George W. Bush not caring for black people, Bush certainly cares for black people that agree with him like Condy Rice and many others. He certainly doesn't agree or could care less about real black interests in general. Take a look at the 2000 election where 58,000 votes were cancelled out in Florida. Greg Palast in his research has proven that and the Bush/bin Laden family connection, so that isn't a conspiracy theory. It is a conspiracy fact indeed. Not all black people or white people are racists and we need to love one another and new, real solutions are needed to solve the continual racial problems in this country. Bush Sr. prides himself as giving money to the UNCF, but most people don't realize that in 1969, George H. W. Bush was on a panel in support of the decrease of the black population when the black population never grew into high levels in the 20th-21st centuries at all. A lot of the cronies involved in that voting theft of 2000 are prominent members of government now like Katherine Harris, Bolton, etc.

The poor are always oppressed and many of the Elite consider them less than humans, but let us never believe in that myth. More should of been done to the poor and black people that we trapped in New Orleans period. The media once called the displaced "refugees" when they were American citizens in the USA. That was of course offensive. The upper class areas didn't recieve as much damage as the poorer areas. Now isn't the time for socialism or communism to help the poor since they never work, but new methods and legitimate activities. Problems aren't just in New Orleans, but in Mississippi, Alabama, etc. so those locations should merit equal concern as it should be given unto New Orleans. It's a shame that wordly men like rapper Kanye West are exposing more government corruption than many Bible-Believing Christians. What's good is that many Bible-believing Christians are exposing evil as well. Let us expose what we know, give aid and charity by money, food, supplies, and any legitimate means, and ask God for help and guidance.

By Timothy


I think that Dr. Henry Makow's article on Egdar Steele was excellent. Far too often, many people use ethnic groups and races as scapegoats for all of society's problems. They don't witness the good contributions of many people. In fact, many black civilizations were created by themselves with advanced technology and education in ancient times like the Nok, Nubia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Mali, Songhai, etc. Edgar Steele's racist commentary on black people's supposedly propensity to violence inside America have been refuted by many scholars including Tim Wise's article entitled "The Color of Deception.”

Many scientists hold that because the physical variations that are used to catagorize people into different races (skin color, eye shape, etc.) are trivial (only .012 percent of human biological variation) and that genetically all humans are fundamentally the same, racial distinctions based upon physical appearance are not founded on biological reality but are in fact a social construct. Professor of Epidemiology Raj Bhopal, who is the head of the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Newcastle, stated in the British Medical Journal: "Humans are one species: races are not biologically distinct, there's little variation in genetic composition between geographically separate groups, and the physical characteristics distinguishing races result from a small number of genes that do not relate closely to either behaviors or disease.”

Any human being, regardless of their skin color and race, have the possibility to get great intellectual intelligence given education and firm effort. For example, many minorities being Phds, lawyers, scholars, doctors, economists, teachers, etc. basically proves my point of many non-white people contributing greatly to society. Not to mention that IQ can increase by social intervention. That's been proven by many studies by scientists, so theoretically any human can increase their mind power. A lot of White Supremacy are funded by the Elite and Tim and Barbara Aho have made connections between Aryanism, British Israelism, and the Elite before. The Bible says that I can do all things through Christ Jesus, so anyone can achieve greatness with the help of Almighty God. That refutes the lie of no chance for anyone to ascend into holiness and greatness. God has the power to help any man to increase his or her intelligence and make anyone meek in their activities in their lives.

It’s bigger than just Jewish people. the Knights of Malta, 1001 Club, Committee of 300, Bilderberg Group, Le Cerle, Order of the Garter, Knights of St. John, and other groups are stronger than the Zionists. The modern Zionist movement was created in the 19th century with help from the Elite. The Zionists are controlled by the Rothschilds in Britian. The Rothschilds are a banking family and are controlled by the Jesuit/high-level Freemasonry/Illuminati network. Even the Rothschilds aren’t the strongest family on Earth for the Merovingian bloodline (according to Fritz are stronger than them).

Many historians have tracked and traced Jewish people from the Sephardim, Ethiopic, Indic, and other people genetically and historically from the ancient Biblical Hebrews now. Yeah, Israel made mistakes, but European powers created Israel as a nation. As for me, I will see the bigger picture that Israel was created by British Freemasonry, the Jesuits, and the Illuminati who have more power than the Jewish people. Let's expose the Masonic Jewish Zionists, but recognize the Torah Jews, Jewish Christians, and other Jews dedicated to fighting against One World Government like Barry Carmish, Jews against Zionism, etc. The ADL was created by the B'nai B'rith Lodge subordinate under the Gentile Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Zionist tenets existed from Apostate Jews from Babylon and Egypt not by themselves.

Gentiles created the occult madness originally, and then the Jews picked it up on a higher level when they apostatized in the Old Testament. We must expose the evil in Israel, but inspire the Jewish people and all people to find true liberty in God. Not to mention that the U.S. and Europe have 100X more sin than Israel will ever have in the 50+ years of its existence. In America in Europe, pornography, gay marriage, hatred of conservative Christian ideals, pedophilia, violence, gun bans, etc. are rampant. I support the good common people in Israel, but not the evil, apostate Israeli government that is corrupt. There's a difference. Edgar Steele in embracing distortion instead of inspiring all people to wake up, expose the New World Order agenda, and better ourselves and each other. That's what we should be doing without HATE.

By Timothy

September 20, 2005


2006, the late part of the Decade

Advancing persistence is my stimuli. Life is progressing swiftly and history will tell some of the new events that will occur in 2006. The immorality of the Iraq War is known, but many Neo Cons like Bohemian Grove and CFR member Newt Gingrich are over exaggerating the so-called “threat” from Iran. The fact is that Iran poses no direct threat to America and Iran’s nuclear program has been exaggerated for years. Even Steve Watson from wrote that the Globalists allowed Iran to built nuclear energy system from American corporations like General Electric and Westinghouse. It’s similar to Iraq where American/European corporate interests and Elite individuals funded our “enemies,” then the Neo Cons yean for invasions of our “enemies.” It’s bigger than the NeoCons, but the Project for a New American Century document mentioned a plot for invading Iraq and even Iran. I also wanted to comment that The United Nations is antithetical to real Patriots. Kofi Annan, a black Ghanaian man, who married a Rothschild heiress, is the Secretary General of it. The U.N. is just disgraceful. On a March 13, 2005 Washington Post article, U.N. officials, internal U.N. documents, etc. presented evidence of sexual abuse by U.N. members. Even some U.N. officials admitted to this. The U.N. had been caught in sex rings and did nothing to deal with the atrocities of Rwanda, Sudan, Congo, etc. during the 1990’s as well. Many of their policies like Agenda 21, the U.N.’s Convention on Biodiversity Report, etc. promote stealing private property and controlling land. Their green environment movement (as opposed to people wanting alternative energy to occur now) isn’t really about cleaning up the environment, but gaining private property and having a global government. Recently, Kofi Annan had a meeting in Tunis from November 16-18 to propose that the United Nations must control the Internet. We must fight against that plot to see freedom in the Net, not censorship. The situation with Live 8 in 2005 was that it had its problems. There's tons of proof of their promotions of depopulation, abortion, and sterilization as well.

Though many people desired that the G8 nations to help the Third World by canceling their deal to deal with AIDS and HIV, large, global corporations benefited from the Live8 concerts like AOL Time Warner, the Ford Motor Company, Nokio, Volvo, Britain’s EMI Music Group, etc. The singer Bono (from U2) and Bob Geldorf (who praised the Devil during the Live Aid concert in 1985 to try to stop famine inside Africa as proven by John Daniel’s Scarlet and the Beast book), and other musical celebrities were apart of Live 8. It’s typical that pop stars promote this, so the young culture can be given a false impression of real change being enacted in the world. While I disagree with Fintan Dunne on many issues, he’s right to expose Live8 as a psyop. According to him, the majority of the aid goes back to donor countries like France. The aid left is sent to the leadership of African government (many of them are corrupt) with no immediate benefits to the suffering people. Not to mention that some of the money will be going to the World Bank, headed by Neo Con Paul Wolfowitz. While this happens, big pharmaceutical companies will supply African with finite drugs in dealing with AIDS (a contrived disease. Even a man said in 1969 that a disease similar to AIDS would be developed artificially to Congress). Big Pharma benefits from the Live8 psy-op show, but we can continue to promote alternative medicine like Ozone, Hydrogen peroxide, blood electrification, etc. to help people in the U.S.A., Africa, Europe, etc. We need to sympathize and love all people with this disease for this is moral and just. It goes into people, irrespective your background, so we must have no unfair ignorance about AIDS and HIV as well.

I still hate abortion and unfortunately, New York City is the abortion capital of the world. This was reported by Steven Erfelt from It’s so bad in NYC that according to Steven, New York City has the highest abortion rates in America, 400 abortions are done per year, NYC right to Life party lost election, and have no website anymore. Tons of Republicans in New York State support murdering unborn children like NYC mayor Bloomberg and New York Governor Pataki. We need to join real Pro-Life groups if we can to protest and let our voices to be heard. Recently, this pro-death nut named Dr. Peter Singer showed his religious bigotry by saying that Princeton Bioethicist says only “Know-Nothing Religious Fundamentalists” will Value Human Life by 2040. reported this information. The right of self defense is exemplified by the Second Amendment. is one of the best sites in promoting gun rights. The Founding Fathers uniformly accepted the idea that the militia was the people and gun rights are part of individual rights. Unfortunately, San Francisco banned the ownership of a handgun from law abiding citizens recently. Some good news is that the Brazilians revoked a gun ban proposal. There are similarities and parallels between the Nazi Third Reich and what’s happening in the Twenty-first century. The Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Freemasons, and other groups blatantly aided Hitler’s regime.

The following will prove it. Scholars like Avro Manhattan, Eric Jon Phelps, etc. documented this for years. Jesuit priest Bernhard Staempfle helped Hitler write Mein Kampf proven by author Edmond Paris and Otto Strasser. Strasser was one of the founders of the Nazi Party. Even Hitler said that he modeled the SS after the Jesuit Order. Hitler signed Concordant with Vatican Cardinal Pacelli in 1933 with the help of Knight of Malta Franz von Papen. Even Knight of Malta Joseph Kennedy supported Hitler and was a real anti-Semite. Hitler was never excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church at all. The canon to Munich Archbishop Michael von Faulhaber was Wilhelm August Patin. Patin was a Dominican priest, S.S. officer, and Himmler’s cousin. SS General Baron Frederick von Eberstein admitted on questioning at Nuremberg that Archbishops Michael von Faulhaber and Brunswick were high ranking officers in Himmler’s S.S. Heinrich Himmler’s uncle was a Bavarian Catholic priest. The Jesuit confessor Tacchi Venturi influenced Italy’s dictator Benito Mussolini to outlaw Protestantism in Italy, deported Jews to Auschwitz, and gave military aid to Saudi Arabia’s King Ibn Saud in 1932. The Vatican’s Jesuits allowed Roman Catholic Franco to come to power in Spain from stopping Spain in becoming a Republic. There has always been a Nazi/Vatican nexus during WWII. For example, Hitler is pictured with Archbishop Cesare Orsenigo, the papal nuncio in Berlin in 1935, Hitler greeted Müller the "Bishop of the Reich" and Abbot Schachleitner, the Catholic Ustasha murdered Serbs and Jews, and many of the Nazis were baptized Roman Catholics. While, we condemn any persecution of the Freemasons by the evil Nazis (many of the Nazis condemned Freemasonry as evil, which was true as said by Rudolf Hess, etc.), High-level Freemasonry worked with the Nazis as well. The following will prove that there was Masonic involvement in the Axis Powers. For example, the head of IBM in the 1940’s was 33rd Degree Freemason he’s a member of the Bohemian Grove just like his son, Thomas Watson Jr.) was the man who headed IBM in America and Germany in the 1940’s who worked with the Nazis. Watson used IBM to develop the punch and system for the Nazis to census Jews in Europe. Edwin Black is a scholar who proved that IBM used its computer tracking system to track Jewish people and others to catalog and exterminate at Auschwitz.

Freemason Hjalmar Schacht was a Freemason who headed Hitler’s Reichsbank and was Hitler’s Minister of Economics. He was acquitted at Nuremberg. 32nd degree Freemason Robert H. Jackson was the U.S. prosecution in the Nuremberg trials as well. British Royalty supported the Nazis as well. Edward VIII was crowned King and Grand Master of English Freemasonry on January 20, 1936. As for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, James Northstar said it best that he received communication from the Japanese of warnings about Japan terminating their negotiations and their fleet in the ocean. Other authors document 32nd Degree Freemason Roosevelt’s foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor during December 7, 1941 treasonously allowed almost 3,000 people to die in Hawaii. Why did FDR do it? It’s because he wanted to establish a new order in the world. One of my teachers admitted that FDR wanted more cooperation with Russia and even China before WWII ended to create a global order of cooperation among nations. While FDR supposedly promoted “freedom,” he allowed innocent Japanese people to come into Internment camps. Not only was Hugo Black a Freemason during FDR’s time, he was an ex-member of the Ku Klux Klan. Even Earl Warren was an ex-member of the Klan (proven by new FBI documents and the Impious site) The Mason connection in America didn’t end with FDR. Two other famous 32nd Degree Freemason in FDR’s cabinet was Vice President Henry C. Wallace and W. Frank Knox, who was the Secretary of Navy. Even Douglas McArthur was a 33rd Degree Freemason. 33rd Degree Freemason Henry C. Clausen was one of the judges who investigated the Pearl Harbor disaster and many people legitimately dispute what he presented as final evidence. According to Hannah Newman’s “The Rainbow Swastika” and Freemasonry, Hitler in his 1942 law banned all secret societies, except for the Old Prussian Lodges since they barred Jews and were extremists. Freemasonry said that the Old Prussian “regular” National Lodges had offices of Nazi party members, officers of high command, captains of industry, royalty, etc. Hitler loved Prussian King Frederick the Great and Frederick was the famous Freemason of Germany during the 1700’s. Many Zionists worked with the Nazis as well like Rudolf Kastner. This information has been written about by Rabbi Moshe Shonfield, Lenni Brenner’s book “Zionism in the Age of Dictators," Dr. Henry Makow, and other authors. Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin el-Husseini and other Muslim radicals worked with the Nazis as well.

What's happening today. Today, IBM is one of the biggest supporters of the Big Brother RFID system. The Presidency is headed by George W. Bush, a member of Skulls and Bones. The head of the CIA is Bonesman Porter Goss and the CIA has been caught in assassinations, drug smuggling (proven by Barry Seal, Maxine Waters, and other researchers). The war on terror is funded by the Carlyle Group head by Knight of Malta Frank Carlucci. The previous President was Rhodes Scholar, DeMolay Freemason, and Bilderberger participant William Jefferson Clinton. I’m not captivated by his slick talk; because he not only supports the immoral war in Iraq, but rumors are going around that he might be a new Secretary General of the United Nations. Many people in the Bush administration like Condoleezza Rice are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (dedicated to ending American sovereignty and manipulating U.S. foreign policies into their ends). Condy Rice recently had to bad track about rendition, which is about the U.S. government sending suspected terrorists to foreign nations for interrogations. There has been evidence of torture occurring with rendition as well. One of the most deceptive men was Richard Cheney, a man who is a member of the Bohemian Grove and a June 1, 2005 memo gave his the power to control intercepts during 9/11. While I agree with Rick Sanctorum on some issues, he is not only a member of the Knights of Malta (headed by Bertie), but her wife and Phyllis Schaffly (part of the establishment “Christian” circles that won’t heavily expose Bush and are very ecumenical) are Dames of Malta.

The 9/11 Commission was a complete scam, because they omitted key information like W1991, drills and war games during 9/11, the obvious demolition of Building #7, warning from other nations describing an attack, the PNAC document mentioning a “Pearl-harbor like” event, evidence that the Twin Towers were exploded by a controlled demolition, and other smoking guns proving that 9/11 was an inside job. It’s interesting to note that many members of the Commission are members of the CFR and Lee Hamilton is a Freemason. There is also other news on other issues like Big Brother. There London Telegraph on December 7 2005 by Nigel Bunyan wrote that security officers in Liverpool, England used a security CCTV camera to watch a naked woman taking a bath. The Toronto Star on December 7, 2005 reported that Canada is the first country to use a fingerprint and iris scan for its airport employees. The whole program will cost $10 million. The woman sent the perverts into court. Some good news in the vaccine issue is that Ohio is the first state to ban the use of preservatives in childhood vaccines. The Da Vinci Code is one of the many deceptions plaguing both Christians and non-Christians alike. The book was written by Dan Brown and it had so many errors that some individuals have speculated that Dan Brown intentionally added inaccurate information to have a more stunning effect among the populace. It’s very popular with over 7 million copies in print at 2005.

Its main lies are that early Christians didn’t believe in the Deity of Jesus Christ, the resurrection never happened, Emperor Constantine created the Bible canon, and early Christians worshipped the “divine feminine” (or the Goddess). The truth is the Peshitta, Old Latin, and other canons existed before Constantine. The NT and early church leaders are quoted as believing the resurrection and Christ’s Deity like Hippolytus, Iranaeus, Justin Martyr, etc. God, throughout the Bible is referred to a He not She. It promotes the lie that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalen and that secret is guarded by the Pierre de Sion Secret Society. Dan Brown based his “conclusions” on the Gnostic Gospel which downplay Jesus’ Deity and believes that Jesus had relations with Mary Magdalene. Many of the Gnostic Gospels are so inaccurate and off the wall that the early church rejected them outright. Two Movies bashing Christianity coming in 2006 are about the Da Vinci Code the Beast movie (claiming that Jesus never existed) ironically on June 6, 2006. Many Christians like Berit Kjos reported on this Gnostic trend in movies like the Matrix and book promoted and loved by the “world.” This is the essence of the New Age subscribing to the beliefs of moral relativism, man can be a god, compromise your core tenets, there is no absolute truth, etc. Many Christians even lost their faith over this deceit. Why do I oppose the Kabbalah? I oppose it for many reasons. Regardless if there are many facets to it, it adds unscriptural doctrines to the Bible, which is unnecessary. It promotes the idea of the occult and mysticism, which I’m totally against. We are to be straightforward, not hiding our teaching from the masses. It denies that God directly created the universe, but his “emanations” did. That is very similar to Gnosticism. It never holds to the inspiration of Scripture, but distorts it to support its conclusions of the Sepirotoric Tree of life, etc. Many of the world’s people” promote it like Madonna, who is not only pro-New Age, but promotes rebellion against morality and lesbianism.

It promotes hidden “info” and according to researchers occult groups like Freemasonry, the O.T.O, Rosicrucians, etc. incorporate its percepts into its groups. As for John Lennon, he was a brainwashed soul until he died. He not only promoted drug use, was into the New Age, but even before he died he participated in a ritual to sell his and his wife Oko’s soul to the devil in 1980. Before he died, he said “do what thou whilst,” which is a phrase said by Aliester Crowley to do what you want as long as anyone isn’t hurt. This is proven by the Sell your soul to Rock and Roll DVD that I saw. In fact, the murderer of Lennon was a Satan worshipper as proven by the DVD. That DVD changed my whole perspective since it has documentation after documentation of the truth. As for the movie, “National Treasure” stands out. The reason was that it talks about Freemasonry in favorable light. National Treasure” is a movie that delves into Freemasonry’s influence in the creation of the Declaration of Independence and America. The cover of the DVD has the pyramid, all Seeing Eye, and Nicholas Cage in a stance similar to a triangle, which are all occultic. The DVD that I skimmed through had so many blatant symbolisms into it, that I couldn’t believe it. The movie was produced by Disney. We all know that Disney was a DeMolay like Bill Clinton. The movie claims that the Knights Templar created the Freemasons. Many Masons deny any link to the Knights Templar, but a lot of the occult symbolisms in Freemasonry are similar to Egypt and other Mystery Religions of the ancient times. John J. Robinson’s book of “Born of Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry” believes that the Freemasonry/Knights Templar connection is very real. Nicholas Cage plays Benjamin Franklin Gates, Jon Voight plays Patrick Henry Gates, Diane Kruger (plays Dr. Abigail Chase, head of the Preservation Department of the National Archive) is Benjamin Gates’ love interest in the film, and other characters abound.

Obviously, many occult symbols are in the film. One is the triquetra [the symbol you’re seeing above], used by New Agers, Wiccans, and other pagans. It means reincarnation, witchcraft, and involved spiritualism according to Dr. Cathy Burns. Even the NKJV’s logo, World Future Society, and the Trilateral Commission’s logos are the triquetra. This movie is brainwashing folks to call Freemasonry legitimate and in the movie, the main actors and actresses unite with a Mason in a church. My responses to Freemasonry have always been that Jesus Christ is the only cornerstone and Christians make up a spiritual house. (1 Peter 2:5-6, 1 Corinthians 3:9-23, 1 Ephesians 2:20), you can’t merge your brotherhood or alliance with those of false monotheistic religions or an infidel. (2 Corinthians 6:15-16), We ought to not worship other gods whatsoever (Exodus 20:3, Deuteronomy 5:7), occult symbolism is not appropriate for us to use, you can’t swear death oaths, JAHBULON is a pagan demonic deity (found in the Royal Arch Rite of Freemasonry), and Freemasonry is called a Religion by Albert Pike, Albert Mackey, J. S. Ward, and others.

December 8, 2005


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