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America Had To Be Deposed Invasion of Iraq Was The Final Nail In The Coffin

By Al Cronkrite

The Covenant News ~ March 06, 2006

The annihilation of America was a necessary prelude to enslaving the globe with world governance. The International Crowd will have peace at the point of a gun and a free, righteous and independent America will not be allowed to stand in the way.America is like a dying tree that has lost its leaves. Rot has invaded strategic parts of its trunk. It no longer resembles the stately creation Joyce Kilmer vividly described; "A tree that looks at God all day and lifts its leafy arms to pray". The damage is irreversible. Withholding the sustaining moisture of God and prayer has injured the roots and caused the leaves to fall. Now the trunk is decaying and the branches are becoming weak. In spite of the genocide and imperialism originally imbedded in its roots, the United States of America was a light on a hill. It was a symbol of freedom for the entire world.In 1831 and 1832 French aristocrat Alexis de Tocqueville spent ten months touring 17 of the 24 states that then made up our fledgling nation. From the notes he took during his tour he wrote a book entitled Democracy in America.

It was a sympathetic analysis that did not properly address the rights of the indigenous populace but extolled the benefits of the Democratic system as it functioned at that early stage in our history. Tocqueville was impressed with our churches and with the multiple checks and balances woven into the fabric of our government. His book was widely read both in America and abroad. It helped shape the sterling image America enjoyed for more than a century.In the shadow of an often brutal European colonialism the annihilation of America's Indian population was an acceptable price for elevating white European stock to a controlling position. It produced no stain on the pristine garments of the new nation.Following the aggressions involved in Cuba, Mexico, and the Philippines, America's wars were always cast as righteous and defensive allowing the light to continue to shine on the City on the Hill.

The invasions of Iraq doused the light and changed the world's perception of America.Reputation is not all America has lost. The quest to bring down our nation began in earnest over a hundred years ago with the creation of the League of Nations. The League of Nations failed but the rebellious framers of the neo-Tower of Babel continued to strive; often in darkness. Now, American industry has been splotched with foreign owned corporations for several decades. We are quickly losing our industrial base as our largest employers move overseas for cheaper labor. Our own elected officials are selling the nation to the highest bidder. Several of our ports will be controlled by Arabs. Chicago has sold financial control of the Skyway to a foreign corporation and the Indiana Tollway may soon go the same route. Years ago, President Carter gave control of the Panama Canal away and the disaster that used to be our borders is still allowing the nation to be overrun with illegal aliens who threaten to expropriate our land. Christianity, our common religion, has been expunged and the sodomite precursor to doom is already rampant. To top is all off, we are involved in a contrived and costly foreign war that is draining what wealth is left.America is no longer a force for individualism, freedom, and righteousness. Instead it has become a rotting tree that will soon fall into the New World Order.

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