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Everlasting Part 2



Folks call space as the final frontier. Space is not only a place of planets and comets, but a glorious creation of God. Then and now, it's also a place of controversy among scientists, theologians, and UFOologists. For thousands of years, ancient civilizations of Egypt, Aztecs, Babylon, etc. speak of the "gods" giving man knowledge, possessing advanced technology, and even traveling in flying devices. http://www.ufoartwork.com/ is one site presenting over a dozen images from the ancient times (even in B.C.) of flying devices or so-called "UFOs," so this my imagination at all. I've seen these images myself. What is the truth? It's indeed true that many of these images are based upon the mythological religious beliefs that the ancients subscribed to. For example, the story of many gods existing whole the world and other illogical stories. On the other hand, Christian theologicans claim that some of these "gods" are actually Satan and his fallen angels decieving man back then.

The Bible in Genesis Six clearly mention the Nephilim mating with human women to form giants. In fact, huge Giants fossils of humans of 6-20+ ft. tall exist globally in the Americas and other places with huge skulls. For example, in 1833, soldiers digging at Lompock Rancho, California, discovered a male skeleton 12 feet tall. Caved shells, stone axes, and other artifacts surrounded the skeleton. The skeleton had double rows of upper and lower teeth. Unfortunately, this body was secretly buried because the local Indians became upset about the remains. The source proving this is from David Hatcher Childress, Lost Cities of North America, Adventures Unlimited Press, Stelle, IL, 1992, p.509. A 9-foot, 8-inch skeleton was excavated from a mount near Brewersville, Indiana, in 1879. The source proving that is from the Indianapolis, News, and November 10, 1975.

In moving forward into the 19-20th centuries, Nikola Tesla developed anti-gravitational devices. This technology was copied by Nazi Germany. Nazi occult orderss like the Vril Society, Knights of the Black Sun, and others used this technology. Rumors claims that these devics went even into Space. The V-2 and other rockets were formed. According to the "SECRET SPACE" DVD "... the dark occult world of NAZI Germany used Jews and ex-French Resistance fighters were used as slave labour to develop rocket-based weapons such as the V2 and the V1 'Doodlebug' - the forerunner of today's 'Cruise' missile...." After WWII, many Nazis scientists like rocket expert Dr. Werner von Braun came to the U.S.A. to act in Operation Paperclip to improve upon anti-gravitational devices. Many of these Nazis had senior posts in NASA. Many Knights of Malta from the CIA allowed Nazis to come into America as well plus the Vatican Ratline. Cardinal Spellman was a supporter of Paperclip. Even NASA works with the Jesuit Wheeling University's National Technology Center (NTTC) to facilitate technology (proven by an email from Derek Gilbert sent to Eric Jon Phelps). Area 51 is one f the test grounds of anti-gravity devices and other advanced technology.


NASA obviously have a firm connection to Freemasonry as well.
NASA has Masonic ties since its inception. Many Masons that are apart of NASA aren't just to explore space, but promote their Lodge. Even in July 1969, when man “landed” on the Moon, the one prominent Freemason there was Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin. Neil Armstrong was not a Freemason, but his Father Neil Armstrong Sr. is a 33rd Degree Freemason. Aldrin put a Masonic flag with the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction logo (aka the double-headed eagle) on the Moon (mentioned in the August 1969 issue of "New Age Digest"). Aldrin used a Masonic apron. It’s a shame many astronauts never gave praise to God, but said that it’s a “giant leap for mankind.” In 1970, Apollo 13 almost was destroyed in space at 13:13 military time in another ritual explained greatly by the late William Cooper. Mr. Kenneth S. Kleinknect, a 33rd Degree Freemason, once oversaw even the Apollo Space program. He is the brother of C. Fred Kleinknect, the current Sovereign Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction of Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The logo of Apollo XIII has the Greek sun god Apollo (a secret code name for Lucifer) flying with the horses to the Moon and its Latin logo is Ex Luna, Scientia (or From the Moon, Knowledge in Latin).

"Houston, we have a problem," was said by actor Tom Hanks in the docudrama hit movie, Apollo 13. Indeed, they did. The Apollo 13 spacecraft was launched at exactly 13:13 military time, a bewitching moment. The official Apollo 13 emblem depicted the chariot and horses. It’s a known fact that many in NASA used magic and witchcraft like the infamous Jack Parsons. Jack Parsons was a rocket scientist who was a high priest in the O.T.O. and he done occult rituals. He died in an explosion. That doesn’t mean that all NASA members are evil, but the Secret Societies just influence NASA to this day. John Glenn, a 33rd Degree Freemason and a liberal Democrat, went into space plus when he was 77 years old at 1999. Even the recent Colombia disaster from February 2003 had occult symbolism. Its logo has a phallic obelisk (shooting star) going through a feminine circle toward the Heavens. There are 7 stars representing the 7 who died and the Israeli 6-pointed star flag near Roman’s name. Mankind, except for a few, has been “hoodwinked” and deceived through theatrics for distractions and control. The Columbia tradegy was in February 1, 2003, which was in the exact time of Imblog. Imbolg is a Satanic celebration where human sacrifice is done. It's one of the many Sabbats and it relates to fire and Columbia fell by fire unto Earth. Cutting Edge Ministries mentioned other occult number symbolism in 33, 22, 11, etc. revolving the Columbia disaster as well. Texe Marrs, an officer in the U.S. Air Force himself, has one of the greatest info and video on the Mason/NASA connection including “The Eagle Has Landed.” Magic, Alchemy, and the Illuminati Conquest of Outer Space,” a great film was created in 2003 by Texe Marrs is that film. William Cooper’s work “Majestic Twelve” exposed this as well plus the fake UFO agenda. Government problems like Bluebeam can make holographic images as well.

There is definitely a New Age connection to the UFO movement. Even billionare Lawrence Rockefeller (his brother is David is in the CFR, Trilateral Commission, and Bilderberg Group) supports the UFO agenda. Tons of those who claim to experience "abduction by aliens" relate to demonism, New Age, one world religion, one world government, etc. Sources which prove this include: Jacques Vallee's Dimension (from 1989 on pg. 192), Missler & Eastman's Alien Abduction (from pgs. 108-109), and John Ankerberg & John Weldon's "The Facts on UFOs and Other Supernatural Phenomena" (from 1992 on pg. 13), etc. Many abductees say that "aliens" want a new religion, want global government, and that Jesus Christ was not the only Son of God, but one of many Christs or "enlightened beings." Crops circles have great geometric patterns like the Sephrotic tree of tree and other shapes.


"Secret Space: The Illuminati's Conquest of Space" is a new movie describing the occult nature of the Space program. I recommend the film whether you agree with aliens existing or not. There's tons of more information that I can talk about like the geometric similarities between the occult pattern in Washington D.C. and Cyndonia, Mars according the Forbidden Knowledge website. The UFO Movement is an evil agenda in trying to place man's faith in God into faith into false "gods" or "extraterrestials." UFOs are really high level, secret government technology (since many witnesses see UFO has a triangle with 3 lights, which is exactly similar to anti-gravity devices) or fallen angels trying to decieve mankind. It promotes global government and has sympathy with the New Age Movement and the occult. For example, the UFO cult Rael readily not only supports global government, but worship the false gods of "extraterrestials." Its own logo is a Satanic Hexagram with a Masonic Swastika. Even some "Christians" have been decieved. It's nothing more than a front for the attempt by the Elite to create the New World Order. Even now, George W. Bush and his crew have called for the militarization of space with new weapons, etc.




are more links about Space.

Popular Culture Part 6

Well, the world of popular culture is going on. Jessica Simpson is trying to divorce her husband. John Conner is one the few people, which mentioned Jessica fall from being a Christian to hanging out with the word and acting in a sluty video. I know about this "Viva La Bam" show and it really odd and sinister. One reason is he constantly shows the el Diabola Devil horned sign. I realize that no everyone who shows that sign are Satanists, but a light bulb flash was the Pentagram symbol in their home. Bam Margera's home has an inverted Pentagram, which even regular folks knows relates to the occult, Satanism, etc. That is an evil symbol, yet they embrace it. MTV shows the show and this one in a list of example of MTV's plot to indoctrinate people into accepting vice, sin, and illegitimate compromise as normal and valid for humanity to embrace. Even Beyonce performed in controversial videos, but she claims to be a born again Christian as well. I believe there is hope for these people to change. I have hope. I choice not to embrace that stuff and to follow moral absolutes, traditional values, and national soveriegnity. The Super Bowl can up. Evan Blass from Engadget at Feb 2 2006 reported on how "...According to super-secret spy gear manufacturer Intrepid Defense & Security Systems, the 5,468 law enforcement agencies monitoring everyone's movements, facial features, and heartbeats will have a new tool at their disposal for the first time at the 'Bowl- live-action 3-D holograms projected inside a box so top secret that this is the only pic we could find. ..." The Olympics is coming in Torino, Italy. There is nothing wrong with performing sports, as long as it doesn't distract us from helping our fellow man and improve the world. Then people are getting tired of exploitative music with people like G-Unit and a guy named Spider Loc supposedely claiming to a LA Crip. Just when I think about it, Three Six Mafia (6-6-6) is another rap group from Memphis, TN promoting some of the same. It isn't just rap music, but rock and roll (i.e. Elvis, 311, etc.), apostate gospel, country, etc. have been controlled by these big companies to spew out stuff to the people. Usually the music industry, MTV, and other outlets try to indoctrinate people into their own agenda.


Our Civil liberties

It doesn't take rocket science to learn that our civil liberties are under the threat of being furtherly eroded. Now, there are CCTV cameras that can show the whole naked body in airports. The BBC on January 13, 2006 showed that CCTV camera operators Mark Summerton and Kevin Judge were convicted on spying on a naked woman. American Free Speech reported on free speech zones in America that violate the essence of the First Amendment mentioning the freedom of speech. RFID trackers are all over the country in items that we buy. The Associated Press work written by ROXANA HEGEMAN on January 14 2006 discuss on how the USDA are using satellites to track farmers in the countryside. It monitors farmers' acreage and how they irrigrate their crops. Paul Watson wrote about Halliburton (the same company with no bid contracts involving Iraq) recieved $385 million dollar contract by Homeland Security to build detention centers for so-called "emergencies." Actually, this is similar to concentration camps and concentrations camps exist now and have been used in the past. Just look at how the Japanese in the 1940's were sent into concentration camps for just being Japanese support by the 33rd Degree Mason Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren. Urban warrior drills have occured where troops train on how to arrest American citizens and put them into camps as well.


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