Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Everlasting (a secret classic that I'd finished in Feb. 2006)


"Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." -Mark 7:7


"Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States."

-Noah Webster, An Examination into the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution, 1787


 "But the stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God." -Leviticus 19:34 






A lot of people are going to hate this, I tell you. This work deals with more adult issues since I'm a grown man. I'm young, but I woke up to the real truth surrounding Planet Earth. Swirling up and down like tidal waves have been my life experience. Yet, my conscience is still staying afloat by the help of God. I'm glad since I've always presented documentation and tons of evidence to counterreact and refute scoffers and doubters. Not just me, but other researchers displayed evidence to refute them. The media propaganda is still robust in not fully enlightening the American people's minds. Showing smut, executing mundane issues, and failing to present all of the truth in a hardcore way are most of the mainstream media's M.O. Even in December 2005, MSNBC's Rita Cosby reported from the pornography filled Playboy Mansion. Rita should of talked about how Hugh Hefner screwed up much of American society with his obscence exploitation of females. As a product of Hefner, many men view women as objects, but good females are beautiful, lovely, and lively members of the opposite sex. The Sell Your Soul for Rock an Roll DVD (made by Fight for the Good Fight Ministries) said that Hugh Hefner credited the Kinsey's flawed research for his first issue of Playboy. The movie also said that Robert Anton Wilson (who edited Playboy) admitted to performing Crowley's magic and reading Aliester's works. The Time magazine persons of the year of 2005 were Bono and Bill plus Melinda Gates. I respect Bono, Bill Gates, and Melinda Gates' concern for the suffering in the Third World and global poverty. On the other hand, I disagree with them on some points. Bill Gates' Foundation is now funding population control efforts, abortion, and sterilization projects in many developing nations. Steven W. Mosher's "The Billionare Bomb" article reported on how Bill Gates' grant are sent to UMATI of Tanzania and other groups that promote population control, abortion, etc. Tanzanian women criticized UMATI for forced sterilization. Bono's efforts to force the G-8 to display more compassion to the poor by cancelling their debt hasn't been totally sucessful. The reason is that the Elite (i.e. those in the Bilderberg Group, CFR, Club of Rome, powerful political organization, the superrich, etc.) run the World Bank and other groups. They continue to restrict alternative medicine (like the FDA) and other real solutions to keep the Third World out of massive economic progress.








Many people will find it shocking that many of the most influential members of banking, politics, religion, enterntainment, business, and the corporate world (plus heads of society and members of occult Secret Societies) are involved in occult practices. Yet, this is all true. For example, the Reagans utilized astrology to fix their moments of speeches or perform Presidential duties. The Archbishop of the Anglican Church (Rowan Williams) is a Druid priest (though Rowan claims that his Druid group is not pro-pagan). Hollywood "stars" like Madonna, Aston Kustcher, and Demi Moore follow the Kabbala. You can't forget about George W. Bush's membership in the occult Secret Societies of the Skulls and Bones and Bohemian Grove (with the praise of the Molech idol and the burning of a human effigy). Skulls and Bones have the people confess their sexual secrets, it has skeletons in the Tomb, people are quoted praising death (ABC reported on a video showing that), people wear new customes, and other weird rituals. The new members are also Knighted the Knight of Eugolia and the Skulls and Bones are readily nicknamed as the Order of Death.





Where did all of these occult organizations come from? All of these wierd, dark ceremonies [plus occult Secret Societies] came from the Ancient Mystery Schools of Babylon and Egypt. Even Alex Jones' "The Order of Death" DVD exposed this fact. According to Jones, ancient Secret Societies were the first intelligence agencies to gaurd the secrets of medicine, government, and technology from the common man. This was done to dominant the people in fear and control. It's similar today where the rulers of government are using "terrorism" as an excuse to further expand government, limit rights, and try to control the people. Why would many of our leaders do these nefarious rituals? The reason is that these men and women actually embrace the occult (as their form of philosophy and even religion). They want to hide the truth from the people to promote their own agenda of wanting globalization. What is the New World Order? The New World Order  is a real agenda (shared by many people) in wanting to centralize power into the hands of the global elite resulting in an one world governement, an one world religion, and an one world economy. Plans for these ends are occuring now. For example, the Earth Charter was created to form an Universal Law to try to unite all people on Earth. The World Criminal Court, which existed from July 2002, is nothing more than a form of global law. The ecumencial movement's purpose is to combine religious leaders into one religious framework. The WTO and IMF handle the economic systems of the world. The global tax have been proposed for years. The Pan American Union (called for by the CFR) is about merging the economies and borders of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico (this information is backed up from a CNN report in June 10, 2005, a CFR news release from October 15, 2004, and Infowars.com having articles about it). "The Final Countdown" by Billy Crone recorded this one world agenda information as well. Dr. Cathy Burns' "Billy Graham and His Friends" book proved that CFR/Bonesman MacLeish supports One Worldism. CFR member John Foster Dulles' own book called "War on Peace" stated to want to form a world organization and a world order.





Therefore, it is a lie to say that no CFR member (or anyone else) never advocated world government. 33rd Degree Freemason Mark Hatfeild signed the Declaration of Interdependence calling for a "new world order" and bashing national soveriegnty. George W. Bush even said that he wanted a "new order of the ages" (during his 2005 Inagural Address) and "order out of choas." These phrases exempflies the Elite's usage of crisis as an excuse to develop a centralization of power, so one world government will exist, which we must oppose. Pope John Paul II, Henry Kissinger, Mikhail Gorbachev, David Rockefeller, George H. W. Bush (on September 11, 1990 he called for a New World Order), and recently Pope Benedict XVI called for a New World Order (Axcess News and other sources reported on this information) or global government. What more proof do these skeptics need? This is a conspiracy fact, not theory. We have a right to expose government criminal activity globally. We must promote juistice and real liberty. Robert Howard has one of the best internet sites of all time with his HardTruh Page. Howard described the prevelance of Freemasonry in the American Presidency, the explosure of the Jehovah Witness, and other facts of History. I don't agree with WINGTV on everything, but I admire Victor Thorn and Lisa Guiliani's willingness to inspire people to perform activism, not laziness or a sedimentary lifestyle. I don't agree with Eric Jon Phelps on everything, but I respect his explosures of the Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, Council on Foreign Relations, and other groups with global influence in the world. Just in late January 2006, The World Economic Forum was held in Davos, Switzerland. Many big corporations hosted it like Citigroup, Siemans, Microsoft, Nestles, etc. People from both parties joined it talking about globalization. Another new story about Iraq is written by Paul Watson about how Bush and Blair wanted to use a spy plane in Iraq to provoke Saddam to shoot it down, so war can stand. This is one smoking gun proving that the Bush/Blair cabal intentionally wanted war with Iraq regardless if it was legitimate or not.

Regardless from the spin from the billionares Ted Turner and Warren Buffett, it is important to oppose the depopulation agenda that they want. Right now, the United Nations Population Fund was committed in reducing the globe's population by abortion, sterilization, and birth control. I don't agree with the Talmud, the Hexagram as a logo, or any evil done by any evil Masonic Jewish Zionist, but I will not slander a whole race of people and I will not obsess with one group without exposing all evil. It is just as hypocritical to not cover one group than it is to refuse to cover another.Let's have hope and keep fighting. I hate censorship from APFN. Also, I abhor racism against Jews, Arabs, blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, Indians, Abronginals, and all people worldwide. God Almighty is truly everlasting and we must honor him.















Science and Technology





To increase our brain power, it is vital that we need to learn as much as science and technology as we possibily can. The writer Ian Sample from the London Guardian on January 20 2006 reported on the device trying to mimic nuclear explosions. It's called Orion and it's a the £100m project based in Great Britian. Orion has the most powerful laser in the world and they will try to use to develop the conditions of a thermonuclear blast. An Associated Press article (written by MALCOLM RITTER) on  January 28, 2006 discuss on how people want to use brain scans as a form of lie detector tests. The technology of  functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI is utilized. Its supporters believe that it will be more accurate than other lie detector tests, because they claim that it can zero in on the causes of lying in the human brain. BBC News on  January 16, 2005 has a piece written by Chris Hogg about how Taiwan scientists formed pigs that glow in the dark.












The Culture War


The Battle lines are set. Obviously, we are in a culture war for the hearts and minds of the people in America. It's between traditionalists vs. secular humanist radicals who want a secular theocracy in the United States of America. One of the most hardcore propaganda shown by supporters of humanism is that they aren't a religion. This is false for secular humanism accepts man as the final authority even above God and it accepts evolution (related blatantly to the Masonic Egyptian/Babylonian religious myths regarding the origin of all human life). Humanist Lloyd Morain called humanism a religion without God. The Supreme Court in 1965 ruled in the case of U.S. vs. Seeger calling humanism a religion (proven by the research of Dr. Cathy Burns in her Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated book). The 1933 Humanist Manifesto I called humanism as religious as well.


The anti-conservative agenda in the media is so real, that it's wierd at times. One perfect example of the anti-religion agenda in the media is NBC's show called "The Book of Daniel." This show is against real moral values. The series was written by Jack Kenny, who is an ex-Roman Catholic, a homosexual, and believes that the Bible is full of myths. He makes his characters as hypocrites. The main character is Daniel Webster playing a drug addicted Episcopal priest. He has a gay Republican son, an alcoholic wife, a lesbian secretary, a drug dealing daughter, and other vice. Many Christians groups are opposing it and some areas in America have refused to air its episodes. NBC recently cancelling that bigoted show is great news. The good news is that "The Book of Daniel"'s" ratings is low. If a show in this fashion was about Judaism, Islam, or even Buddhism, the outcry will be overwhelming. Another film promoting the homosexual agenda is called "Brokeback Mountain." This film is about 2 men who are sheep herders (dressed up as cowboys) who commit adultery against their wives to have sex with each other, which is definitely immoral and a sin.








Let's get things clear that I don't hate homosexuals since that is also immoral and a violation of God's Word to love your neigbhor as yourself. Unlike real homophobes, I don't believe in harrashing or assaulting gay people neither do I believe in saying degatory comments about homosexuals, lesbians, or transgendered people since that's moral and even the Bible says let no filty communication proceed out of your mouth.I'm not a hypocrite either, because fornication, adultery, and pedohilia is just as evil as homosexuality is. God loves all humans equally even though he hates sin and evil that people do. Homosexuality is just evil, a sin, and an abomination. On the otherhand, it is not hate to expose sin and dangerous lifestyles like immoral, sexually active people. It is love to warn people of sin and to help homosexuals to leave that lifestyle. It doesn't take rocket science to find out that homosexuality is a destructive lifestyle. Let's look at some facts shall we. Dr. Timothy J. Dailey said that as high as 1/3 of all child sexual abuse are committed by homosexuals (though gays only make up 1-2% of the American population). Joanne Hall's 1994 work entitled "Lesbians Recovering from Alcoholic Problems: An Ethnographic Study of Health Care Expectations," (found in Nursing Research 43 on pgs. 238-244) mentioned that lesbians are three times more likely to abuse alcohol and to suffer from other compulsive behaviors: 91% of the participants had abused other drugs as well as alcohol, and 46% had been heavy drinkers with frequent drunkenness.


A 2001 study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior mentioned that child molestation in a 942 adult sample have 20 to almost 50% child molestation occured among homosexuals during childhood, while only 1-7% among hetereosexuals experienced molestation during childhood. Dr. Paul Cameron from the Family Research Institute mention that the life expentancy of a homosexual was before 50 years of age. It's even lower if they died of AIDS. According to Dr. Paul, only about 9-20% of homosexuals and lesbians live unto old age. According to Paul Cameron and others, Scientific literature from 1858 to 1992 shows the same low life expantancy trend among homosexuals as well. Homosexuals have an over 50 % tendency (according to Dr. Paul) of performing degenerate sex acts like rectal sex, fectal sex, etc. that increase their risk of acquiring STDs even without AIDS. The view that people are born gay is false. There has been no found genetic tendency to being a homosexual found on any human being (i.e. no gay gene has been found at all). The truth is that many scientists believe that sexual orientation (whether gay or straight) is learned by children in early age or adolescence, not genetically at birth. Not to mention that the act of homosexual sexual behavior is not genetic since they are acting out a behavior, which is done by choice. CWA (though pro-CNP) wrote (found in the link of http://www.cultureandfamily.org/articledisplay.asp?id=5458&department=CFI&categoryid=papers) that "...Dr. Robert Spitzer, who was instrumental in removing homosexuality in 1973 from the American Psychiatric Association's list of mental disorders, wrote a study published in the October 2003 Archives of Sexual Behavior. He contended that people can change their "sexual orientation" from homosexual to heterosexual..." Joe Dallas wrote that "...In 1970, the Kinsey Institute reported that 84% of the homosexuals they studied had shifted their sexual orientation at least once; 32% of them reported a second shift, and 13% reported five changes, during their lifetime, in their sexual orientation!..." Not to mention that groups like Exodus have changed homosexuals into being straight as well.  Michael Marcavage, director of Repent America said that a council member in PA called the Bible "hate speech." The Boy Scouts and all of us are in this culture war as well. This religious bigotry is worse in Europe where preachers have been jailed for just disagreeing with homosexuality in their sermons. People have a right to dissent. Genesis 19, Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:26-27, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, 1 Timothy 1:10, 2 Peter 2: 6-10, and Jude 6-7 clearly codemn homosexuality plus gay gang rape that Sodom and Gommorah was all about. Liberals talk about Jesus, but Jesus didn't talk about a lot of subjects like incest, rape, pedophilia, and unjust wars. Just because, Jesus didn't talk about it, doesn't mean something is not morally wrong or evil. Not to mention that Jesus Christ did mention and support hetereosexual marriage in Matthew 19 and Mark 10 as between one man and one woman.







The law is an important part of the culture war also. For centuries, Judeo-Christian philosophy influenced the development of American and European law. Even the Christian Blackstone Commentaries laid a foundation to the development of the Bill of Rights and Constitution (which was based on biblical principles). Even Thomas Jefferson admitted to this. From the 1800's and 1900's, humanists utilized case law in a scheme to get their agenda across. Case law is a legal interpretation that doesn't take into account of what the Founding Father said in determining ruling. A strict constructionist is someone who uses the Founding Fathers' intent to determine ruling onto the judicial bench. Case law was differently used in 1962 when Bible reading and prayer was restricted from the public schools. Roe v. Wade in 1973 is a decree that is blatantly unconstitutional, because abortion violates the 8th Amendment as being cruel and unusual punishment, it violates the Preamble talking about the "right to life," and it kills life without the due process of law.


We must fight for life then forever. Gov. Rod Blagojevich did a disgraceful thing in passing an executive order forcing pharmacists to give abortion pills, even if it disagreed with their religious beliefs in Illionios.American Center for Law and Justice (or ACLJ. Obviously, I don't agree with their link to the CNP) filed a suit against Walgreens for firing pharmacists who refuse to give abortion pills to people. In December, a poll by the New Jersey-based HCD Research found that 69 percent of pharamacists supported pharmacists to refuse to give people abortion pills if it violated their religious faith or moral beliefs. There are some good news in this culture of life movement. Haleigh Poutre was a 11 year old girl who was burned allegelly by her stepfather. Doctors believed that she was a in a permanent vegetative state, brain dead, and hopeless. They wanted to kill her, but she lived. Even the MA government wanted her to die, but 2 weeks later, she woke up and was moved in rehabilitation facility.She is now improving and refutes the lie of the culture of death. Life News.com mentioned this stat:








Kirsten Moore, president and CEO of Reproductive Health Technologies Project, there is no evidence that easy access to the morning-after pill reduces pregnancies or abortions, as pro-abortion groups have claimed..." I will continue to call Planned Parenthood out for supporting murder and claiming it is the "Freedom of choice." I close with David Stewart's word "...Is this what the abortion crowd calls "Freedom of Choice?"  A choice for whom?  It surely wasn't a choice for the child in the photo above (and it is a child).  Freedom for who?  Shouldn't a child have the freedom to be born?  Who do people think they are to play God by deciding whether someone should live or die?  It is wicked!!!"













The Poisonous Alchol Industry


Alcohol is poison. I don't agree with the Muslims on everything, but the Muslims are 100% to reject intacting alcohol indeed. Drinking alcohol can cause liver, heart, brain, and kidney damage. Even http://alcoholism.about.com/od/brain/ proved that long term, heavy alcohol consumption will cause brain damage. Things have been so sick involving it, that back in December 2005, Amscher Busch tried to entice men to shop with their female spouses by sending Playboy, pizza, and beer. One big alcohol company is the Coors Brewey, whose headquarters is in Golden, Colorado. Many people from the Coors family are not only in the fake establishment right group called the Council on National Policy, but they've advertised in gay and lesbian publications to be politically correct. The truth is that millions have died in car crashes, bringes, and other terrible events as a result of alcohol. It is hypocritical to condemn marijuana for adults more than alcohol when alcohol is more dangerous and have lead to more deaths than marijuana. Some drunk drivers who have done murder are readily given lesser sentences than people who have mere drug possession of marijuana (some folks have spent years in prison for mere possession of marijuana). Let's look at some stats, shall we. NHTSA in 2003 admitted that there is no safe BAC (or Blood Alcohol Content). Most alcohol related accidents involve BACs within the legal limit of 0.008 (or 8% of your blood having registered alcohol in it).


People talk about the Bible, but Jesus performed a mircale with forming wine and the Bible forbids drinking strong drink. The Bible forbids giving our neighbors drink to make them drunk and it forbids drinking wine when it is red (Proverbs 23:29-35, Proverbs 20:1). There is a little exception of drinking a little wine to ease the stomach in the Bible, etc. I differently don't believe that youth should drink alcohol as well. Yet, the alcohol industry knows this and promote trash like liquor, whiskey, hennessy, and bear regularly. A lot of it are minority neigbhorhoods. Even people who are sinners admit the alcohol is readily connected to adultery, fornication, and sexual lasciviousness.


By Timothy


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