Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Everlasting Part 3



The love of our neighbor as ourselves is a true, common moral value that we must all accept. Man was created in the image of God and all men are created equal. Even the Bible says that all men came from one man and we are equally sinners. So, the previous sentence is 100% true. The following will prove that the Elite (not only low-level racist groups) promote race war and the balkanization of America. "The Ruling Class-Sponsored Race War and the Balkanization of America" by Paul and Phillip Collins is an excellent article describing this situation. This is done to not only allow people at each other throats, but to enhance their agenda in the world. John Tanton is one man at the heart of the racist, pro-race war movement. Paul and Phillip Collins in Novembers 7, 2005 proved that he is connected to Numbers, Inc. They want to brainwash the Minutemen and other legitimate groups to not only oppose illegal immigration to maintain American border integrity (which is good), but they have a bigoted hatred of immirgration in general (which is wrong). The SPLC reported that Tanton funded American Patrol [Gleen Spencer heads it and falsely claimed that a Second Mexican American war would occur in 2003]. Spencer had an audience with Holocaust deniers like racist white supremacist Don Black, neo Nazi National Alliance members, etc.

The truth is that it appears that the Elite are using racists groups to radicalize legitimate anti-illegal immigration groups to destroy American sovereignty in a race war. Since, a race war will cause choas in America to possibly make an one world government. John Tanton funds the Social Contract Press that supports population control. He's a radical environmentalist who is part of the Seirra Club, Zero Population Growth, and feels that overpopulation is real, which is alie. Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkan proved the eugenic links to radical population control proponents as well. Zero Population Growth's founder as Paul Ehlich and his wife was a member of the Club of Rome. Even Michael Ruppert believes in Peak Oil, the overpopulation lie, and Mike Ruppert once considered depopulation as a solution. So, there is a nexus between the evils of radical environmentalism, the population control agenda, anti-legal (as opposed to anti-illegal) immigration, and Peak Oil. Many of these eugencists want to prevent the social, technological, and industrial development of Third World communities. Wikipedia online says that these evil neo-Malthusians believe that immigratns in general contribute little to the nation's economy, which is a lie. There are racist Hispanic supremacist groups not just racist white supremacist groups. One racist Hispanic group is called La Raza falsely claiming that the Aztecs existed in the ancient SW states of California, NM, TX, AZ, etc. It's a fact that the Ford Foundation fund them.Paul and Phillip Collins plus even Alex Jones have proven this. They claim that they want to promote La Raza (or the race in Spanish), but corporations run by whites fund them. According to the ADL, many in La Voz de Aztlán have anti-Semitic views, etc.

The House back in October signed a bill that would protect manufacturers from being sued from illegal usual of firearms in crimes, which is a good thing. It's common sense that irrespective of gun laws, criminals will disregard them in committing a crime. So, the solution is to allow law abiding citizens to have guns, end unfair gun control laws, and punish harshly criminals who use guns to commit crimes. Then, the crime rate will drastily go down. In fact, after the Semi-automatic gun ban was elimination, there is no massive increase in violent crime. In fact, across the nation, violent crime rates with guns have decreased, even in states with concealed carry gun laws like Arizona. That tells me that our arguments for the Second Amendment have been working friends. "Innocents Betrayed" is a Movie created by JPFO (or Jews for the Perservation of Firearms Organization) that I recommend. It talks about the genocide that occured in response to radical gun control laws being passed in Turkey, Rwanda, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, China, and other places across the world. It's a must see.

CBC News said that Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz is against registrations of guns and wants to get rid of it in Canada.The JFPO exposed the gun grabbing BATF group and their messed up misuse of an assault weapon. Now, it's time to look at the Vatican/Jesuit angle in world history and politics.

-In 1966, 33rd Degree Freemason Harry Truman recieved the Jesuit Igantius Award for "individual achievement."

-Scientology itself was invented by L. Ron Hubbard, a follower of OTO Satanist Aliester Crowley. The OTO was invented by a Freemason, therefore Freemasonry invented the OTO. Vatican Cardinal Secretary of State to Pope Leo XIII, Mariano Rampolla, was a member of the OTO and a Knight of Malta according to Eric Jon Phelps as well. Rampolla was the right hand man of Pope Leo XIII, his hope to be Pope failed. The OTO is linked to NASA through OTO member Jack Parson of jet pulpulsion.

-Harry Hopkins was 32nd Degree Freemason FDR's closet advisor like being with FDR at Yalta. According to Eric John Phelps, one of the priests behind the New Deal was John Ryan of Catholic University of America.

-Brother Nicholas Rivera wrote that the IHS logo (or Isis, Horus, Seb) is found in the 26th degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry [[a flaming heart with the letters IHS]] of Scottish Rite Freemasonry which the Jesuits wrote the rites to while sheltered by Frederick the Great. You can see the Jesuit logo (on the left) and the 26th degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry logo here (one the right). One of the mottos of the 32nd degree is "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam" the official motto of the Company which Constantine saw in his satanic vision of a cross [which is NOT a Christian symbol but a pagan one] during battle with Emperor Maxentius "in hoc signo vinces" [in this sign conquer]. Jesuits Igantius Loyola and Francis Xavier love the cross symbol (an unbiblical, pagan sun symbol). Just another sign of the Jesuit/Freemasonry connection.

-Jesuit "Father" Walsh was working with Freemason Robert Jackson at the Nuremberg Trials. Walsh was involved in WWII and got General Karl Haushofer in Bavaria for interrogation at Nuremberg. He had a lecture in the Industrial College of Armed Forces. Jesuit "Father" Walsh advised Freemason Justice Robert Jackson at Nuremberg.

-The Council of Trent (which called communion being symbolic, salvation by faith through grace, etc. as anathema or accursed and the Syllabus of Errors (that bashed much of modern civilization) are wicked, anti-Baptists, anti-Protestant documents.

-1932 was the year of the failed coup against the U.S. government led by CFR founder and Freemason West Virginia Senator John W. Davis plus Knight of Malta John J. Raskob (the Roman Catholic head of General Motors). Roman Catholic Marine Corps General Smedley Butler worked with the co-conspirators long enough to stop it in with courage and patriotism instead of treason.

-Bavarian Jesuit Cardinal Secretary of State Augustin Bea was a member of the powerful Italian fascist P-2 Lodge.

-Tim White mentioned the top secret Treaty of Fort Hunt with the U.S. sending Nazi war criminals into America.

-Geoffrey T. Boisi is a Knight of Malta, chairman and senior partner of Roundtable Investment Partners LLC, ex-co-Chair of MPMorgan Chase, and The Trustee, Carnegie Corporation of New York. The Big Bang Theory was formulated by a Jesuit priest named Georges Lemaitre.

-Lord Guthrie is not only a Knight of Malta, but a director of N.M. Rothschild & Sons today. He supported the Iraq War.

-The SMOM runs a lot of the intelligence agencies globally plus banking and the military industrial complex. Daryl Bradford Smith doesn't want the people to know this info. Jesuit Universities include Fordham, Georgetown, and Farfield.

Now, we need to worry about religious apostacy. It's bad enough that the Ecumencial Movement promotes unifying with Rome. Also, we have to worry about Freemasonry infiltrating our Protestant and Baptist brothers and sisters of the faith. This has occured already and some of the most well known so-called Evangelicals are in the Lodge like Norman Vincent Peale, Robert Schuller (a 33rd Degree Mason who supports the false sel-esteem gospel), even Democrat preacher Jesse Jackson is a 33rd Degree Prince Hall Freemason, and even Billy Graham is a Mason (I believe this to be true because of Ed Parker excellent research into the matter) and Kenneth Copeland (the man who supports calling himself gods and calling Jesus being gang raped by the Roman soldiers) might be a Freemason as well. Now, we see the superdome, establishment church who have no confrontation with the evil in the world and won't discuss real issues like abortion, homosexuality, Secret Societies, pornography, the war in Iraq, GM foods, our civil liberties, etc. These people include Joel Osteen, Rick Warren (who lied and said that fundamentalist Christians are an enemy in the 21st century. This was proven by Mark Watson.), T.D. Jakes, and others. I don't agree with Pat Robertson's (ally of SMOM J. Peter Grace) calls for assassination, but the media is using this man as an excuse to bash all Bible Believers in general.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)


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