Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Everlasting Part 4


George Washington

George Washington is the famous person of America and some call him as one of the greatest American Presidents in U.S. history. Here's some facts on the man. He was born in 1732 in Virginia, which is my great homestate. When he was young, he lived with his planter parents and learned education from the 18th century atmosphere. One of his main talents was the development and enhancement of the military for self-defense. In fact, by 1754, he was a lieutenant colonel in fighting for the British during the French and Indian War. Lately, he managed his lands in Mount Vernon, married, and became a member of the House of Burgess from 1759-1770.

Let's look at the mystery of Washington and Freemasonry. Allen E. Robert, FPS (of the Masonic Research group of the Philalethese Society) wrote that 33 generals under Washington was of the Craft. He said that only a third of all governors of the Thirteen colonies were Masons from Lexington until the Ingural of George Washington. Washington took the first degree of Masonry in 1752, at the age of twenty, at Fredericksburg, Virginia. Robert said that George was never a Grand Master over the Lodges of Virginia, but that Washington was appointed Master of Alexandria Lodge No. 22 in Virginia by Grand Master Edmund Randolph when that Pennsylvania Lodge (No. 39) requested a charter from the Grand Lodge of Virginia. George Washington also seldom attend Masonic Lodge meetings. Ben Emerson and Freemasonry Watch.org believes that George Washington converted to Roman Catholicism before his death.

He was an Episcopalian and according to Emerson, Washington was baptized Catholic on his deathbed. According to Reverend Father Christopher Hunter, his black servants weeped that Washington converted to Romanism. According to Hunter "...On September 25, 1798, Washington wrote that he had not set foot in a Masonic Lodge "more than once or twice in the last thirty years," or that he told his aide-de-camp that Masonry was "for the most part child's play," and that "it might be used for the worst of purposes..." You will have to look at both sides and make your own conclusions on George Washington's link to Freemasonry. In Washington's 2nd Ingural address, George Washington told the truth that we must not be in entangling alliances or embrace imperialism, which was the order of the day for many European powers. George Washington died in December 14, 1799. He had a will freeing his slaves after his death. George Washington never left Freemasonry though. The truth is that George Washington did good things for this nation and some mistakes.



Never giving up is another motto that I live by. The problems of life should never make us become dismayed in our disposition. Complications can be used as a test and a means to better our own lives. Terrible events still reign like the miners dying on 2 occassions in West Virginia. More people waking up upon what's really going on in the world, people acting in their own communities, etc. are some great news. Some independent people are making films about the errors of the offical story about 9/11 like "Loose Change" are positive news as well. '06 is a year starting already with controversial comments said by people like Hillary Clinton and New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin (wanting New Orleans to be a cholocate city). Actually, I would say that all of the people who were displaced ought to have an oppurntunity to return instead). I'm still living my life.

Occult symbolism is not the only sign that occultists and prominen people of power utilize. Many of these people also perform hand signs to send messages, make their agenda known, show what their alliegances are to, etc. The image on the left is the Entered Apprentice of Freemasonry. The image to the right is the grib of the Grip of the Entered Apprentice. The grib is called "Boaz." There is the sign of the Master of the Second Viel (or what Texe Marrs call Jahbuhlun-the composite false diety of the Royal Arch Mason meaning Jah, Baal, and On. Baal and On or Osiris are the false sun deities of Canaan and Egypt). This sign is doen by cuffing usually the right hand inside of shirt that is hidden. The sign of the Fellow Craft (or 2nd Degree Mason) is usually the right hand across the left chest and praising the left arm up with all fingers extending out. There are tons of handshakes in the Degrees of the 1st 3 Degrees of the Blue Lodge and other Degrees of Freemasonry. Gangs, fraternities (Jada Pickett herself is a prominent member of Alpha Kappa Sorority, Inc.., the oldest historically black collegiate sorority), regular people, and other individuals use hand signals all of the time as well. Here's more handsigns from people in Fraternities:




It's make you want to feel sorry for these brainwashed people. You can't forget about the infamous Masonic hand grib as a sign of agreement between 2 human beings. Oh, yeah, MICHAEL LIEDTKE (an AP Business Writer) wrote about how Chevron is making record profits by its Fourth Quarter having $4.14 billion. Even Bill O'reilly is correct to point out by Big Oil, while oil costs are still high. For example, "This is London" said on February 2, 2006 that Shell is making the record profits of record profits for a UK company of £12.93 billion (although production did fell for Shell). This is equivalent to 22.93 billion U.S. dollars. Shell made 5.4 billion dollars last quarter. This is just one out of many example to refute the Peak Oil propaganda that Big Oil supports I might add. Some good news is that Stephen Fox wrote about an aspartame (found in sodas) ban bill advancing in the state Senate. Fox writes that "...The New Mexico Senate Bill SB 654, to ban aspartame/methanol/formaldehyde, the neurotoxic artificial sweetener found in 6000 food products. including a $100,000 appropriation to the Attorney General for enforcement [read it on the new mexico legislature website] passed a major hurdle in clearing the committee's committee as germane, so it can proceed without the governor's message. This means that the Legislative Branch of the New Mexico Legislature is alive and well, and is willing to move New Mexico Forward without the Governor's Executive Message!..." It still has hurdle, but people are waking up that aspartame can cause tumors and bone damage. I will never compromise and the truth and moral absolutes are very real. You can print this out and show it to the world as a blueprint to fight not only against tyranny, but be on the winning side of the culture war as well.

February 3, 2006
By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)


-Dedicated to Carter G. Woodson

Black History 365, not just in February








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