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Marianne Williamson MOVIE TWO

Phil Jayhan on Zeitgeist





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I don't think the truth movement should encompass a debate on Christianity.

However I like this short little video, and I am very much awaiting skeptics of this clip (what it is asking and implies) responses.

Although I have read on website that talk about Ancient Egyptian history (that aren't related to any of this debate) that mentions Horus being born on the Summer solstice, can't remember what website, may

 of been inaccurate. I can't find any just Googling quickly now.

I think this sort of thing could trigger some sort of major debate on the subject, does anyone here want that?

Not to say that this clip shouldn't of been released.

I respectfully disagree with you Chris and Rico. But not on everything. I guess when you say something like that, that we should have only our focus on 911 and NOTHING else, I first off disagree, and secondly take it personal. As I have spent thousands and thousands of hours researching these things, the whodunnit of 911, and guess what? It all leads to this material. That is the power structure which is behind the corruption and contagion of not just America, but the entire world.

It's not about what we believe, it is about what they believe:

And as I have said many times before, it really isn't about what we believe, it is about what they believe. And interestingly enough, the material in Zeitgeist is a very good snapshot of what they believe. However, what the people who made Zeitgeist promote is a total lie. And is the same clever lies which these people have made all through time to the masses. And I have sincere doubts about just who the makers of Zeitgeist are, and just what their motives really are. I do not believe they were good motives. And also have a 50/50 belief that the people who made Zeitgeist was actually made by those who are part of the opposition we face regarding 9/11.

Zeitgeist Poorly Researched:

The movie was so poorly researched that it is full of absolute falsehoods. For instance, did every Nation or nearly every nation have their "own Savior" with the story of the Resurrection and their own Savior as Zeitgeist proclaims? The answer to this is no. They were all telling their own version of the same story. And I speak here of their story or belief about the false resurrection of Osiris which allegedly occurred 1500 years before Christ. How do we know it was a false resurrection and a lie? Because Osiris was cut into 14 pieces and his body was scattered to the four corners of Egypt. Hardly a resurrection!

Zeitgeist also makes the false claim that the Vatican is "Home of Christianity." And lumps all Christians together under the camp, as though all bible believers somehow answer to this Roman Caesar. Again, not so! The Roman Empire, would become known as the "Holy Roman See" after Constantine. But it was still the same exact Empire nonetheless! As you will see below, Rome has always opposed the Bible, the Truth and Jesus Christ. Why do you think Rome didn't allow anyone but their own State approved Priests to have the Bible? For 1281 years! And when they did have their "Roman Mass" why was it held in tongues or languages which the people could not understand? There is a single verse in the New Testament Book of Romans which will say it better than I ever could have;

Rom 1:18 ΒΆ For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in all unrighteousness;

It is against everything in the bible to withhold it from the people. It is against the Spirit of Christ, the spirit of the bible, and is an affront to the Spirit of God, who gave them so the people could know them, and by knowing them, to know him. They have no justification for this whatsoever! They are without excuse before God, with whom they will one day have to give an account for their grave sin of suppressing his Truth.

Zeitgesits Mistakes, Errors or Intentional Falsehoods:

Zeitgeist then lists the different Nations or Powers or Principalities, along with the names of their own "Savior" e.g. Speaking of this false resurrection some 1500 years before Christ.

For example, and I am going by memory here, They list off people like


And then list off the respective Powers or Principalities or Fiefdoms that held to these beliefs and treats each of these different names above as though they are different people. Not so. They are al the same man, known by different names in their own native tongues. And then gives the idea that these were all separate and individual stories which allegedly happened in their own lands. Nothing could be further from the truth! It is the same story about the same man, with the name or title of the same man in many different tongues and languages! And to be honest, for the person or persons who made this movie to have "researched" this as well as they did to be so accurate on some aspects of this "Mystery Religion" of Osiris and then to miss this MOST OBVIOUS and EASY TO SEE TRUTH is really not all that likely or possible in my opinion. Also, it is clear he has an anti Christian bias through the entire video just by his snide tones he takes every time he mentions Christ, or Christianity. It cannot be missed. You can hear his hatred for Christians in his voice inflection throughout the movie. It is obvious he has nothing but total contempt for Christians and didn't even try to hide this. Had he made the same movie about this and treated the Jews as he did Christians, the anti-defamation league would have been knocking on his door inside of a month.

Zeitgeist Fails to Understand the Two resurrections, One False, One Real: Osiris vs. Christ

They also get the name of this alleged "savior" wrong. It wasn't even Horus that these stories or "myths" were made about. It was his Father "Osiris." Osiris had two sons I know of; Horus and Tiwi. But because of the confusion of tongues and languages many people often make mistakes about the names of the 'gods' and often interchange them mistakingly. Myself included. It is very hard and frustrating to find one of these people, who were very real people in world history, and lived and walked the earth, when they have some 40 or 50 different names (actually far more) and titles as well among the various languages. It makes for very difficult and time consuming research, which is obvious is lacking in Zeitgeist or it wouldn't contain these obvious errors.

Nimrod was known by this name amongst the Persians or Babylonians. After the confusion of tongues, and with now many languages, he was now known to the Egyptians as Osiris. To the Indians in India, he was known as Vishnu. To the Romans he was known as the great god Mars. To the Greeks, known as the god Zeus. Amongst the Nordic peoples in Central Europe, he was known as the god 'Woden.' All the same man, and all the same story. And it all revolved around the false resurrection of this god, which happened in Egypt.

In the same way today, Jesus Christ is known by many different names and titles throughout the earth. And I speak here of those who use the name along with the true account of the story of Jesus Christ. Does this mean that all of the Nations are telling accounts of their own individual story which happened in their own Nation? That each had their very own Savior? No! They are telling the same story of the same man, which happened in what was once known as Israel. In the same vein, all the different Powers, Principalities and Fiefdoms he speaks of having their own Savior account, goes back to the single story and account of the resurrection of Osiris.

Zeitgeist Purposely Calls Rome "Center of Christianity" which is False: Rome has Opposed Bible Belief Since their beginnings:

The other huge lie, which I don't for a minute think the makers of Zeitgeist made by mistake, is that 'Rome' was the home and Christianity, and that it represents 'Christianity' in any way, shape or form. This has never been true, and could not be any further from the truth. And even in the video above, posted by Rob in the first post, he makes the error of saying that Rome was 'infiltrated' by Freemasons and the like and was thus corrupted. Not so! And again, nothing could be further from the truth! Rome was an Empire who worshipped this false resurrection of Osiris. And all of the 'gods' associated with it. And the Roman Empire was never 'Christianized' or converted to Christ. And I can prove this 7 ways till Sunday. First of all, Empires cannot converted or receive salvation. It is only something which can happen on the individual level. Person by person.

The "Co-Opting of Christianity by Rome:"

The reason Pagan Rome 'Christianized' itself, was because there was one foe which they simply could never conquer. And this was the masses of people in its own Empire who were hearing about Christ and believing THAT story, rather than the false resurrection which Rome held to. And not consequently, the Roman Empire derived its very power from this false mystery religion and false resurrection of Nimrod or Osiris. As the Roman Caesar was the 'head' of these mystery religions, and as such could and did dictate the doctrine and dogma of its believers. e.g. Control of their lives in every way, shape or form. And because the Roman Caesar was 'lord' of this religion, he held the title of Pontifex Maximus, which means 'chief bridge-builder to the netherworld.' And as such demanded he be worshipped as god! Any who would not bow before Caesar and call him 'lord', would be imprisoned, tortured or put to death. They would be known as 'heretics' and as enemies of the Empire, and called subversive elements.

But they could not stop the spreading of this 'other resurrection' which was spreading like wild fire throughout the Empire, called 'Christianity' or 'the Way.' And for about 360 years tried to stomp it out by persecuting the Christians and putting them to death en mass by way of inquisition. Yet with each and every new wave of inquisitions, Christianity would then double, triple and quadruple. They would kill 300,000 Christians in a single swoop, and not just Christians, but any who dared not follow the false gods. And when they killed 300,000 people, 600,000 or 900,000 would then pop up in their place. They found themselves in a no win situation. As a matter of fact they found themselves in a losing battle where one day they would lose their Empire, and that the Christians would one day win, and rule this empire if for nothing else than their sheer numbers. The Roman Inquisitions all through the Empire was akin to throwing gas on an already hot and burning fire.

Pagan Romes Final Solution to the Christian Faith: Subvert it & Dominate it!

So what did they do to fix this situation? Nothing at first. For none of the Roman Caesars or Emperors had enough wisdom to handle the issue, yet. But then one day a man named Constantine was crowned Pontifex Maximus, or Caesar. And he had the solution and the wisdom to deal with this issue. At first he tried as his successors did to kill, pillage and burn the Christians. Until one day when it dawned upon him, and he "saw the darkness." e.g. A play of the words of seeing the Light..

He saw that it would advantageous to simply fake his own 'conversion.' And did so in 312AD. He had a 'vision' whereby he saw a giant cross in the sky, and yada, yada, yada, he now became a 'christian. ' It was here where Constantine started the co-opting of Christianity. He ordered the Empire to become 'christian' as he had become and 'saw the light.' e.g. Darkness.

The Renaming of the Roman Religious Orders; Corporate Takeover:

So what did the Roman Senate do? They complied of course, for what else can one do when ordered to do something by an egomaniacal madman who considered himself god? But in order to insure that the new 'converts' to 'christianity' would remain loyal to what he considered the 'true god' Osiris, and to ensure loyalty, the 'doctrine and dogma' of the scriptures would and could only be interpreted by who else? Yes, Pontifex Maximus or Caesar! They would water down the words of the scriptures and make them mean things never intended. They would change it to doublespeak. With this established now, a few more changes to the Roman Empire would need to be made to make this work. Their Orders of the Mystery Religions of Nimrod or Osiris would now be renamed. The Order of Osiris would now become known and renamed as 'The Secret Order of Jesus.' Thus, all of their Statues and Icons of Osiris would now become known as Jesus Christ. The False resurrection would now become center stage, but hidden. And they would continue exhorting the people to obey and worship these statues and icons without question or wavering.

The Renaming of their False Gods:

The statues and idols of Semeramis, the 'queen of heaven' as she was known, would now be renamed to 'Mary.' The 'mother of god.' Remember Semeramis was the mother, and also the wife of Osiris. This same statue would remain and be worshipped still. But her name would be changed. Thus the Order of Semeramis, a military wing of the Roman Empire, of religious enforcement (similar to the Dominicans would later become) would now be renamed "The Secret Order of Mary."

Their great god Thor, Hercules & Jupiter (AKA-Shem, and all the same man and god in different languages) would now be renamed to become St. Peter. And thus the Order of Jupiter would now become the Secret Order of Peter. All of the statues you see in the Roman Catholic Church today are the very same statues and idols worshipped under the Roman Empire of their pagan gods. Only their names have been changed to protect the heresy. To protect the lie. To hide their origins. To confuse the people.

One thing would remain unchanged though. Their pompous regalia and religious garb would stay for the most part the same as before. The Caesar would still wear 'Dagons Mitre' and the 'Triple Crown' as before during religious ceremonies. He would still clothe himself in the White & Scarlet arrogant pomp we see still to this day! The Roman Senators, now known as "Roman Cardinals" would still war their ceremonial garb they used to wear at the religious festivals of the 'gods;' Only now they would wear them always. Their Priests would still give "the mass" as they did to the Pagan Roman Churches, but with all of the new names for the old pagan gods and false resurrection of Osiris.

The Renaming of the Roman Government Offices & their New "Christian" Names:

They would need to change the names of their government offices and agencies as well, in order to hide the origins of their 'christianity.' The Roman Senate would now be renamed to become the 'Roman Curia.' The Roman Emperor would be renamed to become 'the Pope.' What was known as the office of 'Roman Office of Religious Ecclesiastical matters' would now be called "Church Ecclesiastical matters.' The Roman College of Senators would now be renamed to become "The College of Cardinals." The Throne of Jupiter which Caesar sat upon would now become known as the "Throne of St. Peter" But it is the very same throne which the Caesars sat upon! For a full list of this name changing and re-ordering of the Roman Empire government offices and agencies into their new 'christian names' click here; Or click the spoiler below;


The Hierarchy of the Roman Empire now called the Roman Church...

Vatican City is a landlocked state within the city of Rome, Italy. It is governed by the Bishop of Rome (called the Pope) are in fact clergymen.

It is the smallest sovereign state in the world.

Caesar Constintine began the "corporate takeover" by renaming all the old Roman offices, this evolution of name changing still occurs. Name changing allows a person to hide their tracks of origin.

Roman Empire offices & their modern names:

Roman Empire (Imperium Romanum) renamed: Roman Catholic Church

Curia (legal body of Senators) slight name change: Curia (legal body of Cardinals)

Roman Emperor renamed: Roman Pope (head of all church and state affairs)

Civil government matters of state: Extra-Ordinary affairs (matters of civil-state governments)

Religious orders matters: Church "ecclesiastical" matters

Roman College of Senators renamed: College of Cardinals

Magistrate of College of Senators renamed: Dean of College of Cardinals

Departments of the Roman Senatorial Curia renamed: Congregations

Political Ambassador renamed: Pro-Nuncio (highest civil ambassador sent to other governements, ie Wash.DC, London etc)

If a government has not signed a treaty with Rome which makes the Romans the head of the foreign country as certified in the Roman Code of Canon Law. This rebel nation which has no official ties has an ambassador called an Apostolic Delegate. The United States and the United Kingdom never allowed the Vatican to serve as their legal head until President Reagan quickly signed into law on January 10, 1984. This Treaty for the very first time in U.S. history recognized full diplomatic relations between the United States and the Vatican State.

In 1534 when the United Kingdom realized that the Treaty with the Vatican City-State made them subject to all the Popes rules they voided the treaty. Formal plomatic relations between England and Vatican State were broken. Full diplomatic relations with the the Pope's Vatican State were never restored for 448 years until 1982.

Roman Senators renamed: Cardinals

Roman Governors renamed: Archbishops

Roman Senator with no territory: Bishop (Code of Canon Law 376)

(Large) Roman Province renamed: Archdiocese

(Small) Roman Territory renamed: Diocese

Imperial Chair of Jupiter where Caesar sat renamed: Throne of St. Peter

Vestal Virgins renamed: Nuns

Pontifex Maximus (high priest of College of Senators) renamed: Supreme Pontiff of College of Cardinals

Pontiff or "high priest " of a pagan religious order (Zues, Apollo, Diana, Mars, Jupiter, Baal, Dionysys, Pythia etc) same name: Pontiff

A Pontiff (Latin: "pontifex") means bridge-builder or priest between man and the gods of the underworld.

The Roman Calender and Holy Days of the gods renamed: Calendar Holidays of the Saints

Voice of the gods speaking through Caesar: Ex-Cathedra: Voice of God speaking through Pope

Meeting of the Pontiffs (high priests) of the pagan religious orders renamed: Ecumenical Council of the Bishops

Legal act of creating a god (of a living or dead human, as was done to most of the Caesars) "Apotheosis of the Gods" renamed: Canonization of the Saints

A decree of Caesar (dictator for life): Pope's infalliable Dogma

Praying to a dead human god renamed: Praying to a saint

In the US the highest law of the land is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the Vatican State the Constitution is called the Code of Canon Law

Rome at the Center of America's Demise:

Thus to say these things cannot be or should not be talked about in "911" is ridiculous. Because America has been subverted by Romes Empire. Now called the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican or the Holy Roman See! They are extremely relevant. But Zeitgeist muddied the waters. And personally think it was done so intentionally, because the one thing Rome fears the most is the truth, as well as the truth that the masses will become aware of all this information which I now share with you. Rome will once again persecute Christians and Jews openly, as well as anyone else who will not bow before 'The Pope' and call him lord! And they will do this to anyone who will not bow before Caesar, (the Pope) not just Christians and Jews! I have taught these things with all diligence and humility & patience since seeing it myself. I knew when I discovered the truth of this, that many would simply reject it as out of hand, even though it IS THE TRUTH! Which is why I have gone over and over and over this material again, and yet, to the best of my ability, done in such a way as to not turn people off, inasmuch as possible. I do not preach. I exhort. I do not bible bash. I try to persuade people through sharing of knowledge. I have done everything within my powers to not stain this message by my own shortcomings, failures, or Christian world view. Because it doesn't matter what we believe. What matters is what they believe! And this is what they believe.

Because I know it takes time for people to see these things, as did I. Because it does sound ridiculous at first glance and second glance. And I know this. Even as a Christian myself, with a substantial knowledge of the bible and the scriptures, I laughed in the face of the person who first opened my eyes to these truths. But I looked into them myself to see if these things be so. And guess what? I did indeed find these things to be so, and with every step of research now confirm all of these things with astounding clarity! Make no mistake about it, Rome is the mortal enemy of America. And the sooner people realize this in growing numbers, the better the chance we have of defeating them. To ignore this information, and to rely "only on the message of 911" will leave us impotent and only hasten our destruction and demise. Of this you can be certain.

Morpheus: The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work... when you go to church... when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

Neo: What truth?

Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.

Morpheus: I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it.

Taking the Red Pill isn't a one time experience. It is a lifestyle which searches for the truth, no matter what that truth might be or how hard to believe it might be. The question is, do you want to see the entire truth? Do you want to see the Matrix? The World of lies pulled over your eyes to keep you from seeing the world as it really is? The truth that you are slaves and slaves of Rome? And that Rome bows itself in allegiance to Lucifer?


Now if you no longer wish to remain in ignorance about these things and want to see the truth, make sure you read these threads through, because all of this is in plain sight, for those wishing to see it;

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