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CBS: KBR knowingly exposed troops to toxic dust

CBS: KBR knowingly exposed troops to toxic dust

David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Raw Story
December 24, 2008

A CBS News investigation has obtained evidence that a subsidiary of Halliburton, the giant energy company formerly headed by Vice President Dick Cheney, knowingly exposed United States soldiers to toxic materials in Iraq.

CBS interviewed Commander James Gentry of the Indiana National Guard, who is dying of a rare form of lung cancer that he believes is the result of “months of inhaling hexavalent chromium” after his battalion was assigned in April 2003 to protect contractors from Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) working in Iraq at a local water plant. Other members of his unit are also suffering from cancers or rashes associated with the toxic chemical, which was all over the plant.

“We didn’t question what we were doing,” a grief-stricken Gentry told CBS. “We just knew we had to provide a security service for the KBR. … We would never have been there if we would have known.”

CBS has obtained documents which indicate that KBR knew about the danger months before the soldiers were informed. KBR employee depositions show there were “concerns about the toxins in one part of the plant as early as May of 2003,” while later minutes detail symptoms of exposure, including bloody noses and rashes.

It wasn’t until the end of August that the Indiana National Guardsmen were informed that the plant was contaminated, and some say they have only just learned about it this year.

Indiana Senator Evan Bayh told CBS, “I think the burden of proof at this point is on the company to come forward and very forthrightly explain what happened, why we should trust them, and why the health and well-being of our soldiers should continue to be in their hands.”

KBR has issued a statement saying, “We deny the assertion that KBR harmed troops and was responsible for an unsafe condition.”

KBR, which was spun off by Halliburton in 2007 as a separate corporation, has previously been accused of providing contaminated water to troops in Iraq, taking kickbacks, and sending workers to Iraq against their will.

The full CBS story can be read here.

This video is from CBS’s Evening News, broadcast Dec. 22, 2008.

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A History Book

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The Crisis

Myron Fagan



The Myron Fagan Speech

From BluWiki

Fifty Lies of Myron Fagan

(1) "The question of how and why the United Nations is the crux of the great conspiracy to destroy the sovereignty of the United States and the enslavement of the American people within a U.N. one-world dictatorship is a complete and unknown mystery to the vast majority of the American people."

Daryl Bradford Smith identifies this conspiracy with World Zionism. The problem with this argument is mainly that the U.N. has been the most consistent critic of the State of Israel since its conception. Furthermore, what with the Bush Doctrine and George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq despite the disapproval by the U.N., we now know that the U.N. is a paper tiger at best and clearly not in control of the U.N.

(2) "This Illuminati was organized by one Adam Weishaupt, born a Jew, who was converted to Catholicism and became a Catholic priest, and then, at the behest of the then newly-organized House of Rothschild, defected and organized the Illuminati."

First, there exists zero evidence that Weishaupt was born Jewish. It is also inaccurate to state that Weishaupt was a priest. He was certainly a professor of canon law, but that doesn't make him a priest; he could have been a lay preacher. Weishaupt formed the Illuminati in 1776, but Fagan offers no proof and no proof can be offered that he did so at the behest of the House of Rothschild. Consider that Rothschild himself was born and raised (and died) in Frankfurt am-Main, while Weishaupt operated out of Ingolstadt. Ingolstadt is in Bavaria, while Frankfurt is in present-day Hesse. These cities are 200 miles away -- during a period where there were no cars and no telephones, and Germany was not a unified country. These are serious impediments to these two men working together.

Furthermore, there was no "House of Rothschild" until the 19th century, once Mayer Rothschild's children reached adulthood. In 1776, Rothschild's oldest son, Salomon, was only two years old. If any person was key in helping Weishaupt form the Illuminati, it was Adolf Freiherr Knigge, who was not Jewish (Jews in 18th century Bavaria were not eligible for titles of nobility).

(3) "For example, the true name of the Dillons, Clarence and Douglas Dillon (one Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Department), is Laposky."

Here [1] you can see that this is patently untrue.

(4) "One branch of the Rothschild family had financed Napoleon; another branch of the Rothschilds financed Britain, Germany, and the other nations in the Napoleonic wars."

Consider again the ages of the Rothschild children versus the time of Napoleon (final defeat, 1815). The Rothschild didn't open an office in Paris until 1817. When Napoleon was decisively defeated, Mayer Rothschild was already dead, and the father of the French Rothschild branch, James, was only 23.

(5) "But the Czar of Russia caught the stench of the plot and completely torpedoed it. The enraged Nathan Rothschild, then the head of the dynasty, vowed that some day he or his descendants would destroy the Czar and his entire family, and his descendants did accomplish that very threat in 1917."

First, it's important to note that the Congress of Vienna convened on Sept. 1, 1814, before Napoleon's final defeat (June 18, 1815). The most contentious issue at the Congress of Vienna that involved the tsar was the so-called Polish-Saxon Crisis, in which Prussia was supposed to cede Poland to Russia in exchange for Saxony. The Austrians, French, and British opposed the deal, but war was never threatened. There is no evidence of any "Rothschild plot" in any of this.

As for Nathan Rothschild, he was not the "head of the dynasty," but rather the head of the London branch of the family. He didn't begin banking, however, until 1818 -- three years after the Congress of Vienna.

(6) "It was in 1770 that the professional money-lenders, the then recently organized House of Rothschild, retained him to revise and modernize the age-old protocols of Zionism, which from the outset, was designed to give the "Synagogue of Satan", so named by Jesus Christ [and who are "them which say they are Jews and are not" - Revelation /Apocalypse 2:9], ultimate world-domination so they could impose the luciferian ideology upon what would remain of the human-race after the final social-cataclysm by use of satanic despotism."

Again, the ability of Mayer Rothschild to influence Weishaupt, even earlier in 1770, is highly questionable. But more interesting here is that Fagan appeals to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a proven forgery from Maurice Joly's A Dialogue in Hell. Joly did not even publish his work until 1864.

(7) "Weishaupt completed his task May 1, 1776. Now you know why May 1 is the great day with all communist nations to this very day."

No, the first May Day as a worker's holiday was held by the Knights of Labor in Chicago in 1886.

(8) "If you think this is far fetched, bear in mind that they permitted Hitler, a liberal social-ist himself, who was financed by corrupt Kennedy, the Warburgs, and the Rothschilds, to incinerate 600,000 Jews."

Hitler was not a liberal social-ist. He was a national social-ist, which is certainly not liberal and really not social-ist either. The mere fact that Hitler relied so heavily on petty-bourgeois and bourgeois investors disproves this idea. We know that Joe Kennedy supported Hitler. Max Warburg did not finance Hitler; he served on the Reichsbank board during Hitler's reign until forced to sell his shares and emigrate in 1938. There is little evidence that he profited at all from trying to reform Germany. There is no evidence to suggest that Rothschilds ever funded Hitler.

(9) "Now just why did the conspirators choose the word: "Illuminati" for their satanic-organization? Weishaupt himself said that the word is derived from Lucifer and means: 'holder of the light.'"

Actually the term Illuminati was not applied by Weishaupt but by outsiders. The members themselves called themselves "Perfectibilists." Illuminati, by the way, means "enlightened ones," not "light-bearers."

(10) "He then established Lodges of the Grand Orient; Masonic Lodges to be their secret headquarters and I again repeat, that in all of this he was acting under orders from the House of Rothschild."

The oldest Grand Orient lodge is the Grand Orient de France, which was founded in 1733 -- at least 40 years earlier than Fagan claims.

(11) "In addition to the Rhodes' and similar scholarships, today there are three special Illuminati schools located in Gordonstown in Scotland, Salem in Germany, and Annavrighta in Greece. These three are known ones, but there are others that are kept undercover. Prince Philip, the husband of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, was educated at Gordonstown (as was also Prince Charles) at the instigation of Lord Louis Mountbatten, his uncle, a Rothschild relative, who became Britain's Admiral of the Fleet after World War II ended."

Gordonstoun was founded in 1934 and Prince Charles was educated there, but Prince Philip was actually (and only partially) educated at Salem, which only dates to 1920. And while Prince Philip is a member of the Mountbatten family, there is, again, no evidence that the Mountbatten or Battenberg families were or are Jewish. And while Louis Mountbatten did become Admiral of the Fleet, it was not until a full 11 years after WWII had passed.

(12) "Weishaupt ordered the Illuminati to foment the colonial wars, including our Revolutionary War, to weaken the British Empire and organize the French Revolution to start in 1789."

Again, Fagan offers zero evidence that the Illuminati had anything to do with the American War for Independence. As for it weakening the British Empire, the British Empire actually reached its largest extent under Victoria, 100 years after the American Revolution. There is also no evidence for Weishaupt having a hand in the French Revolution; it was a popular uprising.

(13) "In 1785, the Bavarian government outlawed the Illuminati and closed the Lodges of the 'Grand Orient.'"

Actually, it was in 1784 that Karl Theodor, Elector of Palatine, banned all secret societies -- not just the Illuminati -- on the basis of their being in violation of Catholic law (Bavaria was a Catholic kingdom). There were only two Grant Orient lodges in 1784, the aforementioned Grand Orient de France, which is still in operation, and the Dutch Grootoosten der Nederlanden, which was not subject to Catholic or Bavarian law. The Grande Oriente d'Italia, founded in 1805, also continues to operate.

(14) “Those three letters are at this very time in Whittenburg Square Library in Philadelphia.”

There is not now, nor has there ever been, a Whittenburg Square Library in Philadelphia [2]

(15) “So, immediately after that Congress in Vienna had boomeranged; Rothschild had forced Britain to set up a new "Bank of England", over which he had absolute control, exactly, as later through Jacob Schiff; he engineered our own "Federal Reserve Act" which gave the House of Rothschild a secret control of the economy in the United States.”

First, The Bank of England was set up in 1694 – well before Nathan Rothschild was even born. All Rothschild did was provide hard currency to bail out the bank in 1825. That’s hardly a negative action. As for Schiff, while he was a proponent of a centralized banking system after the Panic of 1907, he did not engineer the Federal Reserve Act. Even if he had, so what?

(16) “In the early 1850's; the Illuminati held a secret meeting in New York which was addressed by a British Illuminist named Wright. Those in attendance were told that the Illuminati was organizing to unite the Nihilist and Atheist groups with all other subversive groups into an international group to be known as Communists. That was when the word: "communist" first came into being and it was intended to be the supreme weapon and scare-word to terrify the whole world and drive the terrorized peoples into the Illuminati one-world scheme.”

The Oxford English Dictionary dates the first usage of the word “communism” to 1843.

(17) “Clinton Roosevelt, a direct ancestor of Franklin Roosevelt; Horace Greeley; and Charles Dana; foremost newspaper-publishers of that time were appointed to head a committee to raise funds for the new venture.”

First, there is no “Clinton Roosevelt” in FDR’s direct ancestor line. FDR’s father’s name was James; he would have been the Roosevelt active in the 1850s, or perhaps his grandfather, Isaac Roosevelt. As for Horace Greeley and Chares Dana cooperating on anything, it is extremely unlikely given their rivalry at the New York Tribune when they were both on the editorial staff there.

(18) “Of course, most of the funds were provided by the Rothschilds and this fund was used to finance Karl Marx and Engels when they wrote "Das Kapital" and the "Communist Manifesto" in Soho, England.”

The Communist Manifesto had already been published before this supposed meeting took place, in 1848. Marx wrote Das Kapital alone and never finished it.

(19) “In the United States we have Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Jack Kennedy, Johnson, Rusk, McNamara, Fulbright, George Bush etc., as prime examples.”

The actual recording does not have the name George Bush included. This is done elsewhere in the transcript.

(20) “In addition, while Karl Marx was writing the "Communist Manifesto" under the director of one group of Illuminists, Professor Karl Ritter of Frankfurt University was writing the antithesis under the direction of another group. The idea was that those who direct the overall conspiracy could use the differences in those two so-called ideologies to enable them to divide larger and larger numbers of the human-race into opposing camps so that they could be armed and then brainwashed into fighting and destroying each other. And particularly, to destroy all political and religious institutions. The work Ritter started was continued after his death and completed by the German so-called philosopher Freidrich Wilhelm Nietzsche who founded Nietzscheanism. This Nietzscheanism was later developed into Fascism and then into Nazism and was used to foment World War I and II.”

Carl Ritter was a geographer and wrote nothing of any political substance at all. What he is responsible for is Social Darwinism appearing in Germany via his acolyte, Friedrich Ratzel. To believe, however, that Nietzsche was a Social Darwinist who would have approved of fascism or Nazism represents a crucial misunderstanding of Nietzsche’s work. While the Nazis claimed Nietzsche as their inspiration, they were really more influenced by other German philosophers, notably Hegel.

(21) “It was the discovery of that secret that enabled intelligence-officers to understand how apparently unrelated incidents; such as the assassination of an Austrian Prince in Serbia; took place simultaneously throughout the world, which developed into a war or a revolution.”

Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Bosnia, not Serbia, and if one can’t see the connection to World War I, then one simply has not read history.

(22) “Pike's plan was as simple as it has proved effective. It called for communism, nazism, political zionism, and other international movements to be organized and used to foment three global world wars and at least two major revolutions.”

Nazism and Zionism are nationalist movements – not internationalist movements. Communism and Nazism are diametrically opposed, and communism looked down on Zionism because it was a form of nationalism.

(23) “World War III is to be fomented, using the so-called controversies; by the agents of the Illuminati operating under whatever new name; that are now being stored up between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Moslem world. That war is to be directed in such a manner that all of Islam and political Zionism (Israelis) will destroy each other while at the same time; the remaining nations, once more divided on this issue, will be forced to fight themselves into a state of complete exhaustion; physically, mentally, spiritually, and economically.”

It has been since the Vietnam era that Fagan gave this speech, but we haven’t yet had World War III. Furthermore, considering that Daryl Bradford Smith believes that this speech is proof of a Zionist conspiracy, why would it be that political Zionism would be among the entities destroyed?

(24) “Since World War II (after Jacob Schiff, the Rothschild's boy in America died); the headquarters of the American branch has been in the Harold Pratt Building in New York City and the Rockefellers, originally proteges of Schiff, have taken over the manipulation of finances in America for the Illuminati.”

The business of the Rockefellers is oil – not banking.

(25) “We know that Judah Benjamin, chief advisor of Jefferson Davis, was a Rothschild agent.”

Benjamin was not Davis’s chief advisor. There is no evidence of any connection between the Rothschilds and Benjamin.

(26) “Investigation of the assassination of Lincoln revealed that the assassin Booth was a member of a secret conspiratorial group. Because there were a number of highly-important government-officials involved; the name of the group was never revealed and it became a mystery.”

Well, that’s convenient. Make an allegation and then say you can’t support it because there’s been a cover-up.

(27) “Schiff married Loeb's daughter, Teresa, then he bought out Kuhn's interests and moved the firm to New York and "Kuhn and Loeb" became "Kuhn, Loeb, and Company;" international bankers with Jacob Schiff, agent of the Rothschilds, ostensibly the sole owner.”

Loeb didn’t have a daughter named Teresa, though Schiff did have a wife by that name. Loeb did have a daughter named Nina, who married into the Warburg family.

(28) “Suddenly; around 1890, there broke out a nationwide series of pogroms in Russia. Many, many, thousands of innocent Jews; men, women, and children were slaughtered by the Cossacks and other peasants. Similar pogroms with similar slaughter of innocent Jews broke-out in Poland, Rumania, and Bulgaria. All those pogroms were fomented by Rothschild agents.”

And the proof of this is what, exactly?

(29) “Thus all of that so-called minority-group became solid Democratic voter-blocks in their communities, all controlled and maneuvered by their so-called benefactors. And shortly after the turn of the century; they became vital factors in the political-life of our nation. That was one of the methods Schiff employed to plant men like Nelson Aldrich in our Senate and Woodrow Wilson in the White House.”

Aldrich was a Republican.

(30) “Zangwill, Shaw, and Cohen were the ones who created the Fabian Society in England and had worked closely with a Frankfurt Jew named Mordicai who had changed his name to Karl Marx; but remember, at that time both Marxism and Communism were just emerging and nobody paid much attention to either and nobody suspected the propaganda in the writings of those three really brilliant writers.”

Zangwill and Cohen weren’t in the Fabian society and didn’t help found it. In fact, even Shaw didn’t found it, though he was a member. As for Marx, he was not born with the name Mordechai, and he was from Trier, not Frankfurt.

(31) “At that banquet; Israel Cohen told me that he was then engaged in writing a book which was to be a follow-up on Zangwill's "The Melting-Pot." The title of his book was to be ‘A Racial-Program for the 20th Century.’”

This book is a hoax, as is its author. In short, Fagan is simply lying. [3]

(32) “Now can you see why the vile Earl Warren and his equally vile co-Supreme Court justices issued that infamous and treasonous desegregation-decision in 1954? It was to aid and abet the plot of the Illuminati conspirators to create tension and strife between the Negroes and Whites.”

Well, here we can at least see that Fagan was a vile racist.

(33) “The details of that act of treason, in which many traitorous so-called Americans participated, are far too long for this reporting; but all those details are available in a book entitled, "The Federal Reserve Conspiracy," written by Eustace Mullins. In that book; Mullins tells the entire horrifying story and backs it up with unquestionable documentations.”

And Mullins was the creator of the Israel Cohen hoax.

(34) “The same elected leaders in both houses of Congress and the same Mr. Woodrow Wilson, who signed the infamous Federal Reserve Act into law, amended the Constitution to make the federal income-tax, known as the 16th Amendment, a law of the land. Both are illegal under our Constitution.”

No, they are both part of our Constitution and therefore cannot be unconstitutional.

(35) “Throughout the 19th century, from 1814 to 1914; the world, as a whole, was at peace. Such wars as the "Franco-Prussian," our own "Civil War", the "Russo-Japanese War," were what might be termed "local-disturbances" that did not affect the rest of the world.”

Wow. The U.S. Civil War took one million American lives. Sure, it was “local,” but it was a major conflict. Furthermore, there was the Crimean War, a major multinational conflict.

(36) “Even more unthinkable is that a Kaiser Wilhelm or a Franz Joseph or a Czar Nicholas or any Monarch would willingly and meekly surrender his throne to a one-world government.”

It’s unthinkable because it didn’t happen. Kaiser Wilhelm abdicated in favor of the Weimar Republic – a national movement. Second, Franz Josef didn’t abdicate – he died in 1916. The Emperor that followed was Karl I, and he never abdicated, instead dying trying to regain the throne. The tsar did abdicate to an internationalist movement.

(37) “Well; Wilson was re-elected and as per the schedule of the conspirators; he hurled us into the war in 1917. He used the sinking of the Lusitania as an excuse; a sinking which also was prearranged.”

Actually Wilson’s casus belli was the Zimmermann Telegram.

(38) “Trotsky's headquarters was on the lower East Side in New York; largely the habitat of Russian-Jewish refugees.”

Actually Trotsky was on the Lower East Side for about six weeks in early 1917.

(39) “Night after night; Trotsky darted furtively in and out of Jacob Schiff's palace-mansion and in the dead of those same nights there were a gathering of hoodlums of New York's lower East Side. All of them Russian refugees at Trotsky's headquarters and all were going through some mysterious sort of training-process that was all shrouded in mystery. Nobody talked; although it did leak out that Schiff was financing all of Trotsky's activities.”

Completely and absolutely untrue. While it is true that Schiff sought to topple the tsar, he was anti-communist and opposed Trotsky and Lenin, offering them no aid whatsoever.

(40) “Then suddenly Trotsky vanished and so did approximately 300 of his trained hoodlums. Actually they were on the high seas in a Schiff-chartered ship bound for a rendezvous with Lenin and his gang in Switzerland. And also on that ship was $20,000,000 in gold; the $20,000,000 was provided to finance the Bolsheviks takeover of Russia. In anticipation of Trotsky's arrival; Lenin prepared to throw a party in his Switzerland hideaway.”

Trotsky left the U.S. alone on March 27, 1917, and did not make it to St. Petersburg until May 4. Lenin had arrived only two weeks earlier. And most importantly, they did not join forces until June.

(41) “Trotsky arrived in Switzerland and the Lenin party went off as scheduled; but they still faced what ordinarily would have been the insurmountable obstacle of getting the Lenin-Trotsky band of terrorists across the border into Russia. Well; that's where Brother Warburg, chief of the German Secret Police, came in. He loaded all those thugs into sealed freight-cars and made all the necessary arrangements for their secret entry into Russia. The rest is history. The revolution in Russia took place and all members of the royal Romanoff family were murdered.”

Trotsky never was in Switzerland during 1917. And it was Kaiser Wilhelm who sent Lenin (not with Trotsky) back into Russia.

(42) “But Schiff quickly rushed orders to Wilson to order the British to release the ship intact with Trotsky's hoodlums and the gold. Wilson obeyed. He warned the British that if they refused to release the ship; the United States would not enter the war in April as he had faithfully promised a year earlier. The British heeded the warning. Trotsky arrived in Switzerland and the Lenin party went off as scheduled.”

Jacob Schiff did not order Trotsky’s release from Canadian/British custody – the order came from Pavel Milyukov, the Russian foreign minister under the Kerensky Provisional Government. He was released on April 29. Five days later, he docked – in Petrograd. (Remember that Switzerland is landlocked.)

(43) “Now "Bolshevism" is a purely Russian word. The masterminds realized that Bolshevism could never be sold as an ideology to any but the Russian people. So in April 1918; Jacob Schiff dispatched Colonel House to Moscow with orders to Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin to change the name of their regime to the Communist Party and to adopt the Karl Marx "Manifesto" as the constitution of the Communist Party.”

That it has already been demonstrated that Jacob Schiff was, in fact, a strong anti-communist should dispel any idea that he advised the Bolsheviks to change their name to the Communist Party. The Bolsheviks were already Communists, as were a few other parties during the Russian Revolution. They had already read Marx; it wasn’t necessary for Schiff to send them a copy of the Communist Manifesto. The idea in itself is inane. Both Trotsky and Lenin spent years writing Marxian theory. Fagan’s reference to the dictionary is not terribly helpful, as he doesn’t tell us what entry to look under.

(44) “He quickly abandoned his crusade and returned to Washington where he shortly died an imbecile brought on by syphilis and that was the end of the "League of Nations" as a corridor into one-world government.”

There is no evidence whatsoever that Wilson died of syphilis. Wilson had a stroke in October 1919. He died five years later.

(45) “The United Nations' charter was written by Alger Hess, Palvosky, Dalton, Trumbull, and other CFR stooges.”

Dalton Trumbo had no hand in drafting the U.N. Charter. In fact, he was blacklisted fewer than two years later.

(46) “Then in November 1932; the conspirators achieved their greatest coup; they landed Franklin Roosevelt in the White House, crafty, unscrupulous, and utterly without conscience. That charlatan traitor turned the trick for them. Without even asking consent of Congress; he unlawfully proclaimed recognition for the Stalin regime.”

Our closes ally, the U.K. had already recognized the USSR in 1924. It is true that Roosevelt recognized the USSR – in 1933; when Roosevelt did this, the U.S. was the final major power to do so. Every other nation in the world recognized the Bolshevik regime as legitimate. Incidentally, it is the prerogative of the State Department – part of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government – to extend diplomatic recognition. It does not require ratification of the Congress, so Roosevelt’s recognition of the USSR was not “unlawful.”

(47) “Gradually Hitler became the idol of the German people and they then overthrew the Von Hindenburg government and Hitler became the new Fuhrer.”

No. Hindenburg never led a post-WWI government. He was a president – a head of state, not a head of government. Hindenburg beat Hitler in the 1932 presidential election, as a matter of fact. No one ever removed Hindenburg from office. After the Nazi electoral victory in November 1932, Hindenburg was forced to appoint Hitler as chancellor. A year later, Hindenburg died of natural causes and then Hitler usurped the office of the presidency, along with the chancellery.

(48) “And incidentally; "Mein Kampf" was actually a follow-up of Karl Marx's book: "A World Without Jews.”

No, it wasn’t. In A World Without Jews, Marx argues for the rejection of Judaism by Jews so that they will be more likely to join revolutionary movements. In Mein Kampf, Hitler argues for the elimination of Jews from European society altogether, on racial grounds.

(49) “We know all about the Hitler concentration-camps and the incineration of hundred of thousands of Jews. Not the 6,000,000 nor even the 600,000 claimed by the conspirators; but it was enough.”

I’m not going to bother to go into the details of this lie, but it’s a lie.

(50) “Do you know that a U.N. law has been passed to disarm all American citizens and to transfer all our armed forces to the U.N.? Such a law was secretly signed by 'saint' Jack Kennedy in 1961.”

Really? Forty-five years later we are engaged in a war that the U.N. patently rejected.

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Eric Jon Phelps vs. Texe Marrs email debate

Note by Me: I don't agree with everything in Calvinism. Dave Hunt, David Cloud, and others have made excellent work in dissenting with some doctrines of Calvinism.

By Timothy



From: Power of Prophecy
Sent: Thursday, December 28, 2006 9:15 AM
Subject: Constance Cumbey's Catholicism

Eric: I have never had the privilege of personally sharing with you, but having read your expose' on Constance Cumbey, I thought I would pass on my reflections to you. First, you are correct. Cumbey is a big defender of Roman Catholicism. She was a featured guest on Mother Angelica's TV program and has been a speaker along with priests and nuns at Catholic conferences, etc. I have been told she attends Catholic mass at a church in her local area but haven't verified that..

That makes total sense. She knows quite alot about the Jesuits of Detroit. Maybe she has been entertained at the University of Detroit or the Detroit Jesuit Community---the old backers of Jesuit Coadjutor Charles Coughlin.

Cumbey seems to take particular delight in bashing anyone who opposes Freemasonry and the Masonic Lodges. For example, she viciously attacked Gary Kah, author of Enroute to Global Occupation. It thus was no surprise to me that she also attacks you since you do a good job of exposing Vatican ties to the Lodge. Cumbey also attacked Dave Hunt, who is a long-time opponent of Catholicism.

I have serious reservations about Dave Hunt. He is a blatant opponent of Calvinism in both its doctrine and political history. He completely avoids the fact that it was the Calvinists of Germany, Holland, England and America who ended the Pope's Dark Ages and birthed the Modern Era with its political liberties. Dave also believes (or advocates) that 911 was committed by the Moslems, while denying the proveable facts leading to the conclusion that it was an inside job led by the American intelligence community---Knight of Malta DCI George J. Tenet specifically. Thus Hunt backs Bonesman Bush's "War on Terror."

I recall, if memory serves me correctly, that Cumbey once said she was afraid to look directly into the 700 Club's Pat Robertson's eyes because, fearing he was the antichrist 666, she was fearful she would lose her immortal soul. Now that is weird deluxe.

Makes sense, a "weird delux." I like that phrase! She is obviously an Arminian free-will Jesuitess feigning to oppose one of the Order's greatest shill's on TV---Pat Robertson who named the late SMOM J. Peter Grace as the godfather of his children.

Cumbey likes to label her chosen enemies as New Agers. In her warped and perverted mind, you expose the Vatican, so you, Eric, must be a New Ager! I, too, expose Roman Catholicism, so according to Cumbey, I am also a New Ager. The Pope and his boys must love that kind of twisted thinking. She uses such circuitous and distorted logic it is quite impractical to carry on a reasonable discussion with Cumbey, since she takes flying leaps of logic.

Indeed. She strikes me as a very bitter and angry woman. She attacks New Agers but never links the Vatican as being the source of the New (Dark) Age. She knows the link of Jesuit priest Tielhard de Chardin to the New Age Movement but never hones in on the Order, it being in tremendous power before the NAM. Cumbey also was terribly rude to Dr. William Grady, a Baptist with a Ph.D in history and author of several important books. He mentions his confrontation with her in How Satan Turned America Against God, Vol I.

Although Cumbey still has a few fans, mostly feminist types in my opinion, the second book she put out was so poorly done, so full of errors I believe she lost credibility. Today, she has no real audience and so, in my opinion, she is very envious of those who write books that do attract a following. That may be why she attacks Gary Kah and many others who are simply doing good works for the Lord. Envy is a powerful thing.

Pitiful. If she would abase herself and become teachable, she might be exhalted in due time.

If I am not mistaken Wikipedia has a reference to Cumbey, much of which appears to have been written by her. In it, I noted that she was supposedly raised as a Seventh Day Adventist. Perhaps Cumbey is an Ellen G.White feminist wannabe?

You know, that makes sense. And you know White copied extensively from d'Aubigne's masterpiece, The History of the Reformation.

Cumbey's support of Roman Catholicism and her vile attacks on people like Kah and other good men indicate that the devil is using her. It could even be possible that she is herself a covert New Ager. After all, Pope John Paul II was a closet New Ager.


I doubt that she is, but, after all, I have myself written many bestselling books exposing the New Age movement, yet Cumbey falsely accuses me of being a New Age plant. By her own logic, maybe she is a New Age infiltrator. Indeed, I think it is very curious that Cumbey has attacked people like me, Kah, Hunt, and Groothuis, all of whom had written Protestant Christian books exposing the New Age movement. It seems feasible that the Vatican wishes to coverup the fact that, at its core, Roman Catholicism is classic Babylonian New Age (see Hislop's The Two Babylons).

Agreed. Your reference to Hislop is quite right. The Jesuits never refuted that masterpiece.

Whether Cumbey is, in fact, a closet New Ager I do not know. Neither do I have definitive knowledge of her actual connection with the Jesuits, Opus Dei or others. I have not had sufficient time to research that. But clearly she is a Catholic sympathizer and defender.


Moreover, we can easily and sadly see Cumbey's unChristian fruits. We should pray for her because I definitely do not believe she is a Christian. Instead, in my opinion, she is a not so clever deceiver. And as far as her being brilliant, I sure haven't seen any evidence of that. I have been with her as co-speaker at two conferences and most people there told me she was dull and boring.

Her writing is very erudite; maybe her speaking is as you say, as I have never heard her. She obviously plays the part of an attack dog.

Her personality is grating and she is a selfish, me-oriented, prideful person. Again, there is a lack of Christian fruits.

I believe you.

Eric, you tried your best to be Christianly and gentlemanly in dealing with Constance Cumbey. But that is all wasted on her. People like Cumbey love it when people respond to their ridiculous accusations. Makes them feel important and bloats their ego. But, God needs you and me elsewhere, The field is white to harvest, so let us go out and fight the good fight of faith in service to our savior, Jesus Christ. The days truly are short.

Seems you are correct. Her attack was unprecedented coming from a "Christian." So, in this one instance I felt it necessary to expose her accordingly.

All God's Best,

Texe Marrs

Texe, I am concerned for you. Your ministry of previous years was a great blessing to me as you exposed Rome and the Jesuits and their Masonic agents. I have one of your old videos concering the Third Temple being built in Jerusalem with the Vatican behind the movement. It was wonderful, not an error could I find.

But over the last three years you have shifted your attack from the Papacy to the Jews in general. Your writing style in the Power of Prophecy as changed considerably. With a new thesis and style, I really wonder if indeed you truly author those articles rightly attacking the Masonic Labor Zionists but wrongly attacking all Jews in general. The rhetoric of the Power of Prophecy is identical with the Jesuit Order's continued attack on the Jews and Freemasonry set forth in their La Civilta Cattolica from 1880 throughout the 1930s. Ex-priest and brother in Christ Leo Lehmann explains in his Behind the Dictators (1942) that these very doctrines were enacted as policies of Hitler's Third Reich created by Bavarian Jesuits.

Further, you must know, being the Bible student that you are, that Jerusalem was built on five hills, and Rome was built on Seven---infamously known throughout the Empire. Your changing Revelation 17:18, in reference to "the great city" to being Jerusalem and not Rome is historically incorrect. (The "great city" of Revelation 11:8 is indeed Jerusalem as you declare.) This then leads the reader to believe that the Jews and Jerusalem are the world's problem and not the Jesuits and Rome.

No doubt that the Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists ruling Jerusalem and Israel (Rome's restored "Kingdom of Jerusalem") are agents for the Pope to the detriment of the Lord's beloved Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic people tied to the Abrahamic Covenant. These Masonic rulers of Jerusalem are predecessors of "the scornful men" of Isaian 28:14. They will enter into the "covenant with death" with "the prince that shall come" against their own racial brethren living in Jerusalem and throughout Israel.

Thus, we should always expose the evil Masonic Jews ruling Israel as nothing more than being abject pawns of Rome, the Pope's Court Jews. But we should always defend the Jewish people's God-given right to the land promised to the physical descendants of Abraham (Gen. 12 and 15), without obedience to the Mosaic Covenant as it has been "done away."

No doubt the American Jewish lobby in Washington is pro-Israel---as Israel is governed by the Pope's Masonic Labor Zionists. The lobby is also anti-American peoples in that the Jews in the lobby are all tied to Edward Cardinal Egan's Council on Foreign Relations. The Mossad is bad for America and Israeli Jews, even as is the Rome's CIA and its Mossad (created by the CIA) is bad for America and Israeli Jews.

So, my wayword brother, I exhort you to reconsider your attack, for attack the devil's kingdom we must. But if you generate Anti-Jewish fury in this nation and around the world, the risen Son of God will bring the curse of Genesis 12:1-3 upon you, something I wish upon no man. Please reconsider, repent and return to your former ways and I will once again defend you. Until such time, I am compelled to refer to you as a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric Jon Phelps


From: Power of Prophecy
To: Eric Jon Phelps
Sent: Monday, January 22, 2007 9:27 AM
Subject: Re: Constance Cumbey's Catholicism

Dear Eric:

Appreciate your response and your comments.

I understand you are a Baptist. I was saved and baptized in a King James Bible-believing Southern Baptist Church and remain a KJV, "old-fasioned" Gospel, blood-bought servant of Jesus!

Amen! So glad to hear of your faith in the Lord Jesus of the Reformation Bible for English-speaking peoples.

About the matter of whether the true enemy is Zionism or Catholicism, I worry lest we lose sight of the Gospel message and we be caught up in a dichotomous circle of deceit. Both the Zionist Jews—who despise Christ and His Word and continue to plot out a New World Order and a future "Jewish Messiah"—and the Vatican, with its Babylonian-age doctrines, are in opposition to God. The book of Revelation amply warns of the Synagogue of Satan.

Until it went out of print, my ministry offered your book, Vatican Assassins. So if I am a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor, wouldn't that perhaps make you one as well?

You have missed my point. I always attack the Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists and their deeds of blood from the time they were known as Sabbatian Frankists. No doubt they are of the Synagogue of Satan. But I have always blamed the Vatican in Rome as being the center of the devil's conspiracy for world government in Jerusalem. Living in "the times of the Gentiles" until the return of Christ, White Gentiles in command of the Jesuit Order (now ruling the Pope and his Hierarchy) rule the world---not the Masonic Jews deliberately positioned to take the blame for the deeds of the Order. Take Michael Chertoff for example. He is a full-blooded Jew heading the Department of Homeland (Romeland) Security. Yet the real master and creator of the DHS is the Jesuit and Knight of Malta John C. Gannon----a CIA officer for 24 years and given the highest civilian award by George Bush. The Jews are the front men; the Jesuits are their handlers. It is this distinction that you refuse to employ in your work for the last four years or so. You never did this in the past and I now ask you, "Why the change?"

In fact, that would be ridiculous and unChristian—guilt by association. I believe that is what Constance Cumbey does. She is far too quick to label people.

Texe, I am careful not to lay hands on any man suddenly, for good or evil.

I am in my 60s, Eric, and I find that over the years I have become more wise. Many brothers in Christ disagree with me on matters of escatology, etc., but, I do not rush to accuse them of nefarious, intentional conduct. I count them in Jesus' family. If they, or I, am wrong, I trust the Holy Ghost will fix that, if we truly seek His Way and His Truth. Meanwhile, I hold my judgement unless I have definitive proof of apostasy or betrayal.

I feel that you are not being candid with me. My friend Daryl Eberhart has kindly entreated you on this matter for quite some time. Bur your refusal to explain your departure from this most basic and critical doctrine demands our separation. The doctrine you now preach regarding the Jews is is pure Jesuitism. It incites rage against all Jews in general and not the few in service of the Vatican. Rage leads to acts of blood, and I fear that you will stand before the Lord as being chargeable for inciting this nation to curse the physical descendants of Abraham. You are a brilliant man thoroughly versed in the Word of God. I am no one to instruct you on such a basic Bible doctrine as the Abrahamic Covenant.

Knowing your brilliance, life experiences, knowledge of the Order and Rome, and Luke 21:24-27 ("the times of the Gentiles" ending with the return of Christ), I can only conclude that you know better. Therefore you must be in some sort of trouble and thus compromised, now under duress to be a vessel for Jesuit anti-Jewish fury. It pains me to think that you are a calculating and willing Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor. Either way, the end result is the same. Please, Texe, stop this fascist enraging of the nation against all Jews in general. This may be a "sin unto death" for you, and I pray that you may be recovered out of this "snare of the devil." You have fallen from your great work of the past. Please repent and return to your previous labors.

"He that covereth his sins shall not prosper; but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy." Prov. 28:13.

If you would admit your mistake and seek forgiveness from the Lord, I would be the first to defend you. Please know that I have considered myself in this matter, realizing full well I too could fall into great error such as this.

You are my friend. Please let me know if I can ever be of help.

All God's Best,
Texe Marrs

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric


My arguement is with his seeming inability to disconnect racial jews, (whatever that may mean), with Judaism, Freemasonry, Talmud and Kabbalah.

When Texe criticizes "Jews" he is referring to Judaism and not some "Jewish race".
Having said that, I want to be clear that I am not claiming that Texe is correct about everything. When he came to California in March of 2005, I confronted him about some errors he made, one of which was the fact that he did not mention that Chevalier Ramsay was the creator of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

-Mark Brewer


It's in the details. Such as saying that all four members of the Seinfeld cast are Jewish and practise the Kabbalah. Julia Louise Dreyfuss (Elaine) and Michael Richards (Kramer) are not Jewish. If he wants certain people to be Jewish, he just makes it up. Ben Stiller is a 'Jewish comedian', (Ben's father is Jewish, his mother is of Irish-Catholic descent), why not call him Irish?He says that Charlie Chaplin was 'born to Jewish parents'. What is that supposed to mean? Is he Jewish? Never mind that neither of his parents are Jewish.Not once is a celebrity featured in the book and called a 'white anglo saxon', but jews are pointed out every time.My argument is with his seeming inability to disconnect racial jews, (whatever that may mean), with Judaism, Freemasonry, Talmud and Kabbalah.



Recently, Marrs called Tony Alamo a Cypto-Jew. That's interesting, because Alamo never denied his Jewish heritage. A Cypto-Jew is someone who intentionally hides his Jewish heritage for an agenda. Tony even wrote a note to a rabbi calling himself Jewish and talking about the Vatican's murderous history agaisnt Jewish people. Texe almost seems to align Jews with mighty evil, but this isn't true. Even if someone is Jewish, that doesn't mean that someone is an enemy. Texe Marrs doesn't overtly say I hate Jews, but Texe does believe that the Jewish people rule the world alone. Texe Marrs is right that wicked Masonic Jews must be exposed, but the Vatican/Jesuits ought to be exposed as well. On occasion when he exposes the Vatican, he exposes Vatican 2 Catholicism. It's only now, when Texe is more keen on exposing pre-Vatican 2 Romanism. Texe talks about Communist, but he forgot that Engles taught Marx a lot of Communism. Communism itself originated from the Ancient Gentile Mystery Religions, Gentile Plato, Gentile Thomas More, Gentile Jesuits in the Communes of Paraguay all before Marx. He can talk about Bolsheviks, but it was the high level Freemasonry and the Vatican/Jesuits (like Hammer, Bishop Ropp, J. Peter Grace, and others) that rules that Revolution. Most of the original Boslheviks were killed by Stalin (including Trotsky). Stalin by the 1950's wanting to exterminate Jewish people. He can talk about Masonry, but Masonry's obelisk, the all seeing eye, the 2 pillars, JAH-BUL-ON, phoenix, etc. have nothing to do with Torah Judaism or all Jewish people. It's the almost collective blaming of Jewish people that's why many disagree with Marrs. I don't believe Marrs is the biggest error guy in the world though. Interesting links:

By Timothy



Hello Henry,
I find all your articles extemely interesting..However, at the moment you are focussing on Jews. While undoubtedly they are at the top of the pyramid...and we know who they are, please do not over look the very capstone of that pyramid..the Black Pope -Hans Pieter Kolvenbach who has just resigned as Jesuit General (the first one ever to do so). Maybe too many people became aware of his power and he has slunk off into the shadows to carry on his dastardly work. This is the REAL power and the Jewish Bankers do HIS bidding. Read 'Vatican Assassins' by Eric John Phelps.



Clifford Shack Replies:


People just don't get SabbateanFrankism. This huge ongoing conspiracy that united Jew and crypto-Jew since 1666 controls our little blue-green planet. Controlling the Jesuits was a piece of cake. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits was of Jewish descent. Loyola's lieutenant was of Jewish descent. The Jesuit leadership from the beginning was ripe for infiltration by the power-hungry Sabbateans. Who controls the Vatican Empire? Look to who can murder a pope (John Paul I)and get away with it.

The Cult via Freemasons overseeing Vatican policy. Read "In God's Name" for details. For God's sake, the Rothschilds restored the Pope to power after an uprising against the Vatican that they more than likely instigated.

Jesuits power over the world. Okay. Forget for a moment that the Jesuits are Sabbatean-Frankist at the pinnacle of their power structure. How powerful would the Jesuits/Vatican be without money. That quantified illusionary energy that the Cult cranks out from thin air. Jesuit world power. Give me a break. Smell the Hoummas!


My Response:

My response is to Cliff who made his views known in downplaying the Jesuit influence in the new world order. Makow didn't write the previous comment. Cliff made so many false comments that I don't know where to begin. First, people know all about Sabbeatean frankism since I've studied this issue for years. They were apostate Jewish people that reject the Torah and wanted to destroy mainstream Judaism. There is no evidence that these Frankists ruled the planet in 1666. Continents and tons of civilizations existed in the 4 corners of the Earth without any Frankist or European influence in that time. The Jesuits also wasn't controlled by the Frankists since they didn't invented them. Ignatius Loyola was a Gentile as there has been no conclusive evidence of him being Jewish. Jesuit Francis Xavier desired to either convert to rid the world of Muslims and Jewish people. The Jesuit order banned offically Jewish people from being apart of their order from the late 1500's until 1946. Who controls the Vatican Empire? It's the Jesuits who control that Empire, because they The People who murdered Pope John I were the Frankists, but the Freemasons and the Jesuits who his aims of getting rid of the Masons in the Catholic Church plus investigating the activities of the Jesuits (reported by author David A. Yallop, Eric Jon Phelps, John Daniel, and others).

Freemasonry doesn't oversee Vatican policy neither do the Frankists. Freemasonry existed from the ancient Mysteries created by Gentiles not Frankists. At least 2 Gentiles created modern Freemasonry in England called the Grand Lodge of England at 1717. The Frankists today are controlled by Freemasonry. The reason is that Freemasonry invented the modern arms of this pro-Frankist movement like the B'nai B'rith Lodge and members of the ADL. The Rothschilds didn't restore the Pope to power. Napeoleon, the Jesuits and others help restore the Pope to power because that was after the previous Pope issued a bull banning the Jesuit order.

Jesuits and the Vatican have power globally. Also, the Vatican have arms like the Knights of Malta, the Constintian Order, Opus Dei, Knights of Columbus (like Jeb Bush and Cathy L. Lanier, who is part of Homeland Security), and others with international power stronger than Jewish people. The Vatican is the richest religious entity in the world. The Knights of Malta, The Pilgrims, and others combined have more wealth than the Rothschilds. Also, the Rothschilds according to the Jewish encyclopedia is a funder for the Vatican Empire. The Vatican/Jesuit had tons of economic power before the Rothschilds came into big prominence in the 1800's. For example, they controlled most of Europe from the Middle Ages and beyond with their creation of the Knights Templar. Also, money based on nothing has no value. Paper money has little value. Material wealth (or wealth based in goods and services) are the true measures of power. The Vatican and the City of London have more of it than any religious or political entity on planet Earth. So Frankists power, give me a break. The Vatican also is working with the Saxe-Coburg Gotha bloodlines in charge of British Freemasonry (evidence on many the Grand Master Duke of Kent having Catholic relatives). As for the Federal Reserve, a lot of Jewish people are in it. That's true, yet many banks from different regions like NY mostly have non-Gentiles in it. In NY historically, many Jesuit trained or SMOMs have prominent roles in it.

We ought to expose evil Frankists, but they are no where near the power of the Vatican today. Not mention that Cliff Stack omitted tons of Knights of Malta with great international power. SMOM Alexander Haig is a honorary Chair of COSCO. Knight of Malta Joseph Edward Schmitz (who is a leader of Blackwater), Knight of Malta Steven Saxton (the head of Hollywood International), Knight of Malta Geoffrey T. Boisi (used to be part of Goldman Sachs and a member of the Trilateral Comission), SMOM Edward L. Hennessy, Jr. (the AlliedSignal Inc. (now Honeywell), chairman and CEO), and others. The Supreme Court is mostly Roman Catholic. They talk about the Neo-Cons. Most of the PNAC Neo-cons are CFR Gentiles. Jesuit-trained Generals and other companies were crucial in the execution in the Iraq War. The neo-cons are mainly puppets of the CFR, who created many policy papers advocating this terror war. The literature of Avro Manhattan, Eric Jon Phelps, Jack Chick, and other confirm this information. Now, this isn't blaming all Catholics or Jewish people for all evils. It's the explosure of these Elite groups with inordinate power in the world. I respect Sheila's bravery in exposing the truth about these things and Cliff is wrong on so many levels.

By Timothy


The reason I have overlooked Zagami until now is that he suggests Illuminati power resides in the Vatican with the Jesuits. I maintain that that the world central banking cartel, headed by the Rothschilds, calls the shots. They use Freemasons, Zionists, Jesuits, Vatican, Socialists, Liberals, Communists, Feminist and Gay activists, Neo Cons, all intelligence agencies, media, foundations etc. to exercise control. But it would be stupid to continue to overlook Zagami's invaluable testimony over an academic disagreement. I don't think Zagami lets the Zionists off the hook. He merely focuses on what he knows first-hand. -- Henry Makow

This is why I call Dr. Henry Makow a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor. With his vast education, to believe that a mere Jewish family could command the international assassination team known as the Jesuits commanding the pope's Vatican Empire is quite out of the question. He is no honest researcher. Thus, he must be just another MIchael Collins Piper, Webster Tarpley, Texe Marrs and a host of other "blame the Jews" neo-fascists.

What a waste of talent and ability.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric


The higly speculative & debatable 'most modern Jews are really Khazars & therefore not Jewish in blood & therefore not entitled to their birthright claims for their land' canard is trotted out endlessly as some kind of trump card by the likes of 'the Zionists rule the world' propagandists such as Rense. This crowd also refute (or ignore, unless its brought to their attention) Vatican/Jesuit/Knights of Malta ultimate dominance over proceedings & denying the Holocaust. It is very popular witgh Catholics for obvious reasons. What are more properly called the Labor Zionists who are controlled by a Papal-loyal Masonic & SMOM-controlled elite, who are descended from the heretical Jewish sects the Sabbataians & their successors the Frankists have no God but (the Papal) Caesar. It makes for very 'eureka moment' reading until you start to contemplate the diversionary agenda of its leading proponents, both within the fascist movement & many big names in the conspiracy media: whether Jeff Rense, David Icke (yup - a big proponent), open Jew-hater Daryl Bradford Smith & many more.

These proponents often refuse to distinguish between the 'Zionist' elites & the Jewish people & even when they do state that they do, you then read them a few lines later going 'the Jewish' Rothschilds, 'the Illuminati was set up by the Jews, 'the Marino Jews took over the Papacy', 'Weishaupt turned against the Jesuits & started working for the Jewish Rothschilds', etc, etc. No mention of Baron Knigge, the guy who boosted the ranks of the Bavarian Illuminati leaving over his anger that Weishaupt was a Jesuit agent, as the B.I. had been set up 3 years after the Papacy dissolved the Jesuits. No mention of the Oslo Accord in the early 1990's & "the Vatican Accord" that Jesuit-trained Vatican asset Shimon Peres snuck in handing over Temple Mount & much of the holy sites in Jerusalem to the Vatican. The hatred towards the Jewish religion & by the Jewish-born Sabbataians is never mentioned, nor matters such as Jacob Frank's deals with Rome. Ignored too is the DNA research supporting shared Jewish genetics which conflicts with the Khazar theory is never brought to the table.

This heavily-promoted theory stems from one guy: Arthur Koestler & his book 'the Thirteenth Tribe'. Koestler, who it seems beat & raped many women & persuaded his healthy wife to commit suicide with him, has a most curious & interesting background & his thoughts on Jewish culture were equally so, such as maintaining that all Jews should either migrate to Israel (this is pure Labor Zionist thinking) or drop their Jewish culture & that Jews in Israel should use not the Hebrew alphabet but the Roman! Hmmm.

Koestler had also spent 3 years on a kibbutz (communal rural work/accomodation system promoted by the Labor Zionists for decades in the 20th century & then moved to Germany for most of the '30's. The son of a father who made & sold radioactive 'health' soap, Koestler it seems was also bad for the health of many people & no doubt there is much mor to be said about him.

A quick inspection of the map in the Rense article will actually show that Georgia is actually not situated within the Khazarian borders shown.

Thanks -



Dear Niko,

Leo's assertion that then Labor Zionists and the Jesuits are equal alerted me to his double-speak. That claim is totally absurd and ludicrus. When you comprehend the ubiquitious powre of the Jesuit Order and then ncompare it with "the Zionists," it is tantamount to comparing a mouse with an elephant as to which animal weighs more. The Jesuit Order via its Dreyfus Affair in France created the Labor Zionist movement via Theodore Herzl who later had an audience with the pope in 1904.

Then Labor Zionists are just another tenacle of Rome's Jesuit Order ruling the world's governments, religions and banks via high-level Freemasonry and noble papal orders such as the Knights of Malta, St. Gregory and Constantine.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric


Dear Brother Eric:

The question I had was clarified by Troy, he explained the reasons why Leo in that interview referred the Zionists as equal to the Jesuits. Yes Leo has said many times that the ones that ruled the spiritual side of the nwo have pre-eminence over the material side which includes the KOM labor Zionists movement.

Brother changing the topic a little here, having studied a bit about biblical prophecy what can you share from your studies and research about the chapters of Ez 36 to 39?, is the current State of Israel a work of God or man?,

Israel is both a work of God and a work of the devil. The regathering of the beloved Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic people back to their land is a work of God (Exekiel 38:8). The government ruling the nation is a work of the devil, which work is permitted by God. These men ruling Jerusalem are the forerunners of the "scornful men" of Isaiah 28:14. These men will enter into a covenant with death of Isaiah 28:15, this being the same covenant of Daniel 9:27---the seven-year covenant with the final pope (the prince that shall come whose people are Roman). In order for the abomination of desolation to be set up in a Third Hebrew Temple by the coming risen pope---the Antichrist, there must be a nation of Israel in existence with a Jerusalem inhabited with Jews. Conversely, for the Lord Jesus Christ to personally return to save Jerusalem from her coming invading, raping Gentile armies as per Zechariah 12:9-10; 14:1-4 (thus fulfilling Acts 1:11---Christ physically returning to the Mt. of Olives), there must be a nation of Israel.

Thus, for the devil to fulfill his council and for the Lord Jesus to fulfill the council of His Father, there MUST BE a nation of Israel that when once brought back into existence, will never be destroyed. It will be saved in the end by the one "whom they pierced." Therefore I openly disagree with Barry Chamish who believes in the coming destruction of the nation of Israel. There will be war in Israel, but that nation cannot be destroyed and will not be destroyed as per the plan of the risen Son of God as well as per the plan of the Devil.

was this a prophecy of the end times fulfilled?, we know that God talks about regathering the children of Israel from the 4 corners of the earth to bring them back to their land in the last days, is this a sign of the last days or was something manipulated by man for the nwo purposes to prepare the way for the coming AC that will seat in the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem?, or is all this a sign that Jesus coming is at hand?,

As per above, the creation of Israel was a work of God via the Devil using his Jesuits directing the Knights of Malta and high level Freemasons. The racial Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites are being driven back to their land for two purposes:

1. Satan is driving them back to Israel in his final attempt to destroy them all at the hand of his coming risen pope---the future Wild Man-Beast (Horus-Set), the Antichrist, King of Babylon and destroyer of the Vatican Empire, including Rome.

2. The Lord Jesus Christ is using Satan and the kingdoms of this world to bring back his racial descendants of Abraham through Isaac throuth Jacob to bring them through "the time of Jacob's trouble" (Jeremiah 30:7) and to then deliver his beloved racial brethren against the united military powers of the world (Revelation 19:11-21; Isaiah 11:1-9; Joel 3:9-21).

how about Ez 38 and 39 do you see this war(invasion) by the Russians happenning anytime soon against Israel,?

No. It is clear by this prophecy that this Russian/Islamic invasion can only happen to an Israel that is regathered back to the land of promise (Genesis 15:18-21) enjoying a (false) peace with unwalled villages (Ezekiel 38:8). The only instrument which can bring Israel into a peaceful condition is the coming "covenant with death" of Isaiah 28:15,18 and Daniel 9:27. This false peace will last only three and one-half years for Israel (1260 days), a united Europe being her protector via this international peace treaty. It is towards the end of this first 1260-day period that Gog, Rosh (Russian and quite possibly a SMOM Romanov) prince of Meshech (Moscow) and Tubal (Tubolsk) will attack Israel to take a great spoil, including gold and silver (Ez. 38:13).

I maintain that this gold and silver (stolen from the nations) is the huge amount of precious metals donated from all the vaults of the pope's international banks to build and garnish the Third Hebrew Temple. The pope's New York branch of the Federal Reserve Bank has over 600,000 bold bars alone. The Russians, with her Sunni/Wahhabi Islamic brothers, will be coming to dismantle and steal all the wealth from this literal and earthly "temple of God" (Revelation 11:1-2) which temple will be the eighth wonder of the world. It is at this time the Lord Jesus Christ, to whom "all power has been given in heaven and earth" (Matt. 28:18), will destroy five sixths of the armies of Gog and "call for a sword" against the Russian host. I believe that sword will be the armies of a united Europe coming in defense of Israel as per the "covenant with death." This event is near the middle of the seven-year covenant (the seventieth week of years of Daniel) a few days before the end of the first 1260 days.

At about this time, the last and final pope, who confirmed this covenant with death with Israel and the world, will be killed. Satan will then bring him back to life to be the risen pope, the eighth king of Revelation 17:10, the Wild Beast of Revelation 13:3-10 who is a man (Rev. 13:18) also called "that man of sin" (II Thess. 2:3-4)---of which every pope is the forerunner. Thus, the prophetic myth of the death of Osiris being reborn as Horus and indwelt by Set will come to pass in reality. The Masonic legend of the murdered King-Priest of the third degree of Blue-Lodge Freemasonry, Hiram Abif, will come to pass. Hiram Abif (Osiris/the murdered pope) will be brought back to life as the Master Mason (Horus/the Antichrist) via the Lion's Grip of the Worshippful Master (Set/Satan). (This is all in my 2008 Conspiracy Conference Power Point now available for 20.00.)

The Beast/Man Antichrist will then kill the two prophets, Moses and Elijah, who had prophecied for 1260 days and will be raised from the dead three days and a half day after their murder by the Beast. He will then go to the temple of God in Jerusalem and demand to be worshipped as God for 42 months (II Thess. 2:3-4). The Man/Beast/Antichrist's Hebrew/Jewish False Prophet will set the image of the Antichrist in the temple to be worshipped by the world, which image will have the ability to speak and give the sentence of death to all who do not worship the Beast (Rev. 13:15). The method will be beheading (Rev. 20:4) and millions will die in this manner (Rev.7:9, 14). This explains the thousands of guillotines here in the US.

At this time the Antichrist will move his political and commercial capital from Rome to the rebuilt kingdom of Babylon with a rebuilt City of Babylon and will be known as the "King of Babylon" (Isa. 13:19-22; 14:4). This kingdom of a revived Babylon will include many cities (Jeremiah 51:43), the first of which is Dubai. It is from this rebuilt City of Babylon (after the present "urban renewal" in Iraq) the world economy will be directed. Babylon will issue the number (666), name (possibly Set or Bel) or mark of the Beast (possibly the hexagram) without which no man can buy or sell (Rev.13:17-18), the forerunner of this economic system being the pope's universal product code and and social security numbering system here in the Black Pope's "Holy Roman" Fourteenth Amendment, Corporate-Fascist, Socialist-Communist, American Empire.

At the end of the Great Tribulation, the Lord Jesus Christ will return: every human eye will see him. He will destroy the armies arrayed against his people in Israel, cast both the Gentile Wild Beast/Antichrist/King of Babylon and Hewbrew/Jewish False Prophet alive into the lake of fire where they will be tormented for eternity, and then institute the Kingdom of David sitting upon David's literal throne as promised (Luke 1:32).

how about possible conflicts between Ru and the US? can you provide some light into this topic?,would dearly appreciated.

As I outline in VAIII, there will be a Sino-Soviet-Moslem invasion of the American Empire sometime in the future. The preparations for this invasion are visible all around us. Their many "fifth columns" are everywhere while we Americans are being betrayed by the Jesuit Order's CFR-controlled American government every day and in every way. The American infrastructure owned by Rome is being moved out of the country and/or being sold off to foreigners, primarily China, Saudi Arabia and SMOMs in Europe. When the attack finally arrives, only the population will be destroyed, Rome cutting her loses by removing her valuable industrial plants years prior to the destruction.

Thank you Brother Eric.

In faith,


Sincerely in faith,
Brother Eric



This is a hard thread. Many people might not be able to even think about the ideas presented here, as they may be young in their own knowledge of the subversion of America, and not mature enough to venture into these ultra conspiratorial waters.

First of all, let me say, that I have always respected Eric Jon Phelps, and although I might judge some of his claims and things he says, I am not qualified to make any final judgments about Mr. Phelps.

Now, I would like to start out with biblical racism, and Eric Jon Phelps claims that God is the author of what Eric Jon Phelps teaches regarding "biblical racism." Nothing could be further from the truth. While God did indeed confuse the tongues at Babylon, and make many languages, while previously, there was only one, he did this to protect the peoples of his creation, if only for a short while.

There is no place in the bible which forbids the intermarrying of "races" as Moses wife was black, an Ethiopian. And Moses was the giver of law and the master-builder of Gods dispensation of law with the Hebrews.

One of the things which bothers me when listening to Eric Phelps, are his claims that he preaches this (Biblical Racism) because he believes it. And he rarely is ever at a loss to preach about biblical racism a little more. He seems extremely zealous of this 'racist' message. And yet it is not even a biblically correct doctrine. And yet, he also believes that Christ died for his sins, yet finds very little time, in comparison, preaching THAT truth. This is disturbing from an analytical point of view. Why is the concept of biblical racism so important to Eric Jon Phelps, while the gospel of Christ is so much less important to him?

It is a good question which deserves an answer. Why? Because Eric Jon Phelps mixing in of biblical racism with messages such as 911 and the subversion of America tend only to discredit his otherwise, fairly pristine and pure message about the Jesuits as being the center of these issues. He might have gotten twice as many people believing this message of Jesuit subversion, if not for this anchor he carries around with him. He discredits his own message.

Why would he want to do that? Why would he add something to his own message that would discredit his own message?

That's the 64,000 dollar question.

That's what this thread is about. While I will appreciate people giving their astute observations and own analysis in this thread, I would caution people from throwing around words like shill or agent or the like. As I would also caution people who are ignorant about scripture to refrain from too deep of an analysis, as how can anyone analyze something to which they themselves are ignorant?

So lets see where this goes, and where it ends.

Good first thread!


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Labor Zionist

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Originally Posted by Doghead View Post

Whatever the schismatic arguments here, the fact of the matter is that Bolshevism and Marxism are Jewish in origin- with 75% of the Bolsheviks (at least) of Jewish blood.

Judaism spawned illuminism and world banking, and that is a responsibility that the non-Zionist Jews must accept and help us overcome.

Thats where you are simply mistaken Doghead, and you need to see this truth as a believer. Marxism, and Bolshevism are "Babylonian in Oringins..." You need to take into account the Northern Kingdom of Israel, into Babylon as slaves in or around 568 BC...

And All that that implies....




Originally Posted by Doghead View Post

Whatever the schismatic arguments here, the fact of the matter is that Bolshevism and Marxism are Jewish in origin- with 75% of the Bolsheviks (at least) of Jewish blood.

Judaism spawned illuminism and world banking, and that is a responsibility that the non-Zionist Jews must accept and help us overcome.
If you repeat such spin do source everything. It is just that spin to deflect from the guilty. The Roman Church has been responsible for the wars and revolutions in Europe. The Jews have zero political power.

Fatima #2
"Soviet Russia would be converted to the Catholic Church."

Stalin was not a Jew at all! He was trained by Jesuits at an Orthodox college, and was raised Orthodox Christian before having his faith destroyed by the Marxist Jesuits.

Joseph Stalin, education
"He graduated first in his class and in 1892, at the age of 14, he was awarded a scholarship to the Georgian Orthodox Seminary of Tiflis (Tbilisi, Georgia). His mother wanted him to be a priest (even after he had become leader of the Soviet Union)."

Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin were all Grand Orient Freemason Illuminati Marxist (documented earlier), part of the conspiracy for world revolution.

The Order of the Illuminati is most certainly not Jewish, but was started by the Jesuits and Knights of Malta (former Templars), also documented and sourced earlier this thread.

Who financed the wars and revolutions?

The inner core elite of the Knights of Malta, the Pilgrim Society runs world financing today, just as they have f o r e v e r.

Who is the Pilgrim Society?

All the important members of the 1910 Jekyll Island meeting (where the Fed was established) were Pilgrims; Vanderlip, Strong, Warburg, Davison, Norton, and Aldrich. Senator Aldrich's closest ally in congress, Edward B. Vreeland, was a Pilgrim too, together with his brother. Vreeland helped Aldrich establish a privately owned central bank. Of course, J.P. Morgan, George F. Baker, John D. Rockefeller, and Jacob Schiff were members also.

Pilgrim-presidents of the New York Federal Reserve Bank cover the period from 1914 to 1979. The 4 presidents since then have not been members as far as we know, although that's probably because of a lack of recent data. Pilgrim-chairmen of the New York Federal Reserve cover almost the entire period from the 1920s up to 1990, so we can safely assume that the New York Federal Reserve Bank is owned by the Pilgrims. That's not that unusual, because New York itself is Pilgrims property.
checkout power member charts

Rothschild, papal banker

The Union Générale
It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Roths-childs that at the present time the latter are the guardians of the papal treasure.
-Encyclopedia Judaica

Russian Jewish community thriving after dark past
click video
Some revolution era footage, and Putin comments about past Jew persecution in Russia.
This agrees with gulag survivor written books, The First Guidebook to Prisons and Concentration Camps of the Soviet Union by:Avraham Shifrin

Revolutions Tyrants and Wars
Prof. Walter Veith
1 hr 36 min
Revolutions, Tyrants & Wars need finance and support in order to succeed. Who is behind the major conflagrations which have plagued mankind.

"Men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants."
-William Penn

Continuing Counter Reformation



And there you have it, the truth! Fleeting to some, and obvious to others, as it has always been...


___________ (I don't agree with Elijah Muhammad, but this link exposes links between some Muslims and Masons)

Information Galore




Official Story

John Hinckley Jr., in a deranged attempt to impress an actress that he was infatuated with, attempted to kill Ronald Reagan. An armed Hinckley took his chance when Reagan was leaving his hotel. He had a .22 loaded with devastator bullets. He fired six bullets. The first hit James Brady, the Press Secretary. The second hit a police officer. The third missed. The fourth hit a secret service agent. The fifth hit the glass of Reagan's limo. The sixth bullet bounced off the limo, hit Reagan's left armpit, and went into his lung.

What Really Happened?

George H.W Bush (Knight of Malta, Freemason, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Club, CFR, Trilateral Commission) was the main opponent of Ronald Reagan (Knight of Malta, Freemason, Bohemian Club) in both the game of staged politics and the game of real politics. The ones that go on behind the scenes. His main opponent for the 1980 GOP nomination was Ronald Reagan, and wanted to get into the public office faster.

Before becoming Vice President, Bush had been the CIA director under Gerald Ford (Knight of Malta, Freemason, Bohemian Club). He was already a high-ranking CIA official at the time of the Kennedy Assassination and was deeply involved. He was an enemy of Ronald Reagan and belonged to the Order of Skull and Bones, a powerful secret society that is known for it's impressive member list.

The family that provided the patsy (A mentally ill man named John Hinckley) had close links to the Bush family and had given large contributions to the Bush campaign. In addition, one of Bush's sons, Neil, was scheduled to dine with Hinckley's older brother the night after the shooting. His father was a director of World Vision, a CIA-linked "evangelical organization" that also had ties to John Lennon's supposed killer and the notorious "suicide cult" leader Jim Jones (a Jesuit).

The method used to control the patsy was "Project MKULTRA", which has been linked to the RFK assassination, the JFK Jr. 'crash', the Dunblane/Port-Arthur Massacres, the Columbine/Virginia-Tech massacres, and countless other shootings used to restrict freedoms. George H.W Bush, being a high-ranking CIA official involved in the CIA's darkest areas, was definitely familiar with the MKULTRA project.

Had the assassination been successful, everything would have already been set up for George H.W Bush to take presidency, due to a drill called Nine Lives that was scheduled to run the day after the shooting. The drill was based on the scenario of presidential succession.

Five hours after the shooting, before any real investigation could be done and before Hinckley had even been questioned, the "No Conspiracy" verdict was already given by a cabinet investigation controlled by George H.W Bush.

The law firm that defended Hinckley was run by Edward Bennett Williams, a member of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board under Gerald Ford and Reagan. Williams was trained by Jesuits at the College of the Holy Cross and Georgetown University. Both of these Jesuit institutions now have parts of their buildings named in his honor. He was also the national president of the Knights of Malta.

The Real Killers

John Hinckley was a distraction. This is just like the RFK assassination and the Bhutto assassination. With the RFK assassination, Sirhan got everyone's attention while the real shooters killed RFK. With the Bhutto assassination, a man with a handgun acted as the distraction while professional ISI/CIA snipers took out Bhutto.

Hinckley did not shoot Reagan. Not only was a crowd in his way, but secret service agents were wrestling him down as he fired. The bizarre trajectory of the bullet and the wound would make much more sense had the shot been fired from the "Bushy Knoll", an overhang above Reagan's limo. In fact, an initial report stated that at least one shot had been fired from the Bushy Knoll by a secret service agent.

However, Reagan's description of events seems to indicate that he was shot inside the limo. Reagan didn't know that he was hit when he was outside of the limo. He stated that the paralyzing pain hit him when he was inside the car. He described the pain as "I must say, it was the most paralyzing pain. I've described it as if someone had hit you with a hammer. But that sensation, it seemed to me, came after I was in the car,". He assumed that he was hurt by a secret service agent, Jerry Parr, landing on top of him. However, it seems unlikely that he didn't feel a bullet hit him, yet felt a man land on top of him.

The man known to be in the car with Reagan, who landed on top of him, was Jerry Parr. Some researchers have suggested that Parr was the true shooter. Parr joined the secret service in 1962, so he was an agent when Kennedy was killed. He was trained by Jesuits at Loyola University, where he received his master's degree in Pastoral Counseling.

The obvious question raised is.. "If the shooter was inside the limo, then why did witnesses not report a gunshot within the limo? Wouldn't everyone have noticed?". Well, first consider that Hinckley was acting as the distraction. There was total confusion. The following quote helps to answer this question:

"The shot that hit Reagan flattened against the limousine and struck Reagan under the left armpit, leaving a puncture wound so small that neither Reagan nor his doctors knew he had been hit...".

QUESTION: What kind of gun leaves a puncture wound so small that medical professionals miss it?

ANSWER: A gun that is designed to not attract attention.

The Main Suspect

George H.W Bush had a clear motive for wanting Reagan dead. It has already been established that they were enemies and that if the hit was successful, Bush presidency would have started in 1981.

George H.W Bush was deeply involved in the JFK assassination and was the director of the CIA under Gerald Ford. This gave him strong links to the MKULTRA project, which was the method used to control the patsy. Bush has been linked to Nazis, Watergate, Iran-Contra, Drugs, CIA Covert Ops, etc.

The family that provided the patsy had close links with the Bush family and had given large contributions to the Bush Campaign. Bush's son, Neil, was scheduled to meet with the patsy's older brother the day after the shooting.

The initial investigation, which suspiciously concluded "No Conspiracy" hours after the shooting, before any detailed investigation could be done and before Hinckley had been properly questioned, was headed by Bush.

The day after the shooting, a presidential succession exercise called "Nine Lives" was scheduled to run, which would have conveniently set up everything for Bush presidency.

So, George H.W Bush had a clear motive (Power grab, Taking out an enemy), a suspicious opportunity (The "Nine Lives" drill that simulated a presidential succession), a suspicious background (Prior involvement in covert ops, including another Presidential Assassination op known as the JFK assassination), the right connections (He was connected to the method used to control the patsy, MKULTRA, through his deep CIA background and it's already been established that he had close ties to the Hinckley family), and control over the initial investigation (Giving him the ability to exonerate himself through his own investigation).

Unlike Ronald Reagan, George H.W Bush is more than a simple stoogeaucrat. He is the Vatican-led NWO's dictator in the United States.

In 1993, George H.W Bush's term publicly ended but went on behind the scenes. Bill Clinton, a Jesuit-trained Freemason, was a fake President. George H.W Bush continued his term. Photographic evidence proves that Bill Clinton and George H.W Bush are close friends.

In 2001, Bill Clinton's term as fake President ended and George H.W Bush's son's began. On November 4, a new fake President will be chosen.







I googled;

nixon photos in dallas of 1963

Interesting reads I found;,1014.htm

Still reading.






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